CSI: Dark Motives v1.1


Патч версии 1.1 для CSI: Dark Motives вносит в игру следующие изменения:
1) Fixed - Cannot finish Case 1 if you don't get the fingerprint from the pedestal until after interrogating Ackerman.

2) Fixed - Can get stuck in evidence viewer if right click during animation for last squirt of spray.

3) Fixed - Quitting to the Main Menu from a lab screen, the lab interface appears over the screen on reload.

4) Fixed - Difficulty settings get reset to Expert when hit Start Over on a "Normal" profile case.

5) Fixed - Greg is selectable in the interrogation room - can ask for hints.

6) Fixed - Tutorial - after finishing the lab, if you navigate away from the locations, then you are stuck and cannot reactivate the location tab.

7) Fixed - Generic and specific voice lines were overlapping for picture comparisons at the A/V machine in Case 5

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