Gangsters 2: Vendetta

Gangsters 2: Hints and Tips (English)


In this faq, we will discuss general tactics and any recommendations in tactics or solutions on certain levels.

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VER 1.25

I would like to thank Hyper Dyper D who has kindly helped me by supplying me more information on Gangsters 2 levels. There have been some updates in the level tips. Without this person's effort, we wouldn't have a completed faq of this game. So you should, like me, thank him for his efforts and time helping me make this FAQ.



When you're able to buy guns, always issue all members with Tommy guns. They are cheap and can waste massive groups of people quite quickly. Ignore silenced pistols and twin packs. They are absolute rubbish and no good in fights.

When you're able to buy cars, buy roadsters or armoured cars. Only if you're desperate will you need a sedan. An armoured car with a gangster with full muscle with Tommy guns can easily take on gangsters with the same kit but in a roadster quite easily one after the other and maybe both at the same time.


Set up all your illegal businesses as soon as you claim them. Also try and monitor any places that the rival gangs trash, as they will always go for these places. Giving you a idea where to defend and where to nail as many of their gangsters as you can.

Need a boost in cash? Try stealing cars from rival gangs and selling them. Some of them will sometimes drive outside your base, park them and go wandering off somewhere. Don't worry about your cars, they don't bother stealing your cars and the most they would do is steal back their own.

If you want to take over businesses without trashing them order your gangster to take the building. But when he/ she says something that will mean they trash the place (like wrecking time! Or let's trash this place). Instantly tell them to get out of the building and then walk back in and claim the place. The shop will be instantly be yours and function without problems. As for illegal businesses, kill the guy who runs it and then claim the site as yours.

Robbing banks are a very effective way of gaining cash with 0% APR. Remember depending on the time, only certain gangsters can rob banks. A safe cracker and bank robber can only rob banks but at different times. It's best that you use the bank robber in daylight and safe crackers at night. Also once it's robbed, hide in a local area and wait for the bank to be fixed and THEN REPEAT the process for unlimited cash flow!

When it comes to bribes, get a gangster who can persuade (like TUX) but what if someone is already bribing them? Not to worry, get your kidnapper and order him to kidnap the person from the building. If the person is thrown out of the building and is running for dear life, you should be influencing the person now. But be careful when it comes to police stations, you could be throwing out THE WHOLE STATION FULL OF COPS as well as the police chief and they won't care if they are under your influence. They will nail or arrest quite quickly.

In some cases, bribery is not needed, finding dirt on anyone will usually bring him or her to your side. Try brothels, casinos and speakeasys for evidence. Never illegal businesses where products are made or printing of fake cash or loan sharks.

When putting a specialist into the illegal business, buy anyone from the newspaper, they tend to be more or less the same. But some special ones will come along and you should consider hiring them regardless if you need them or not. This prevents good manpower going to waste and stopping them gaining money.


Tommy guns (when you ever get them) is the weapon of choice, it's the fastest drawing weapon, destructive and great in gun fights. All gangsters' can use the weapon skill fully. A rifle could be an alternative if you are a bit short of Tommy guns. But replace them as soon as you can.

When targeting people on foot, try targeting the gangster in the middle of the pack and let the team do all the work.

If you are a gangster with assassinate skill you can resolve battles easily, despite being on your own. Click on the assassinate button and click on the gangster (or his muscle) that you want dead. The trick here is that normally you have to clear all the muscle before you can get your hands on the gangster itself. With the assassinate feature you target the gangster first. Once he's dead, their muscle will desert and go back to where they came from.

In drive by situations, you can maximise all the amount of kills done. When driving towards a crowd, pause the game and target the closest person, now unpause it and watch their colour square underneath their feet will vanish as you shoot them. Now pause again. This means muscle or gangster is dead so target some one else and unpause the game. Repeat process. You can nail far more people this way then driving in real time to nail each person.

When you see cops around and they are not under your influence, kill them. They will become an annoyance to you when trying to do delicate things or doing street fights. But this is not a permanent solution. At a change of light, new cops will come along and replace them, but I do believe there's a limit to the number of people there. Kill the FBI as well because they can be just as much trouble as police under someone else's influence.

If you are injured or your muscle looks in need of fixing, go to safe houses and your office till recovered. Or if you are no where near a safe house, just fire the weak muscle and hire new ones. Just make sure that you're close to a different muscle site that when doing this, as you'll just buy the same one if you stand near the same one you hired them from. Also wait a moment for them to move a fair distance or you would hire them again.

When entering offices with the lead gang leader, get a bomber to throw a bomb into their office and clear everyone out and then kill the boss that runs out. Its much safer then throwing everyone out as you could be killed in the process.

It should be important that you do as many objectives to help other gangs join forces with you to save time and money fighting them. Also provide a safe haven for you. Also the best gangsters will come to you for work. It's important that you hire them quickly, as they will help you in your mission.

If some mission state that you can make gangsters submit by taking most of their land, it's probably best to follow this route of action. This is because you can claim the territory much more easily and quickly with minimum of cost to you, where as if you killed the gangster quickly, you'll have to buy each grey bit of land that you didn't claim but wanted which is costly. But remember, before the gang leader is about to submit I suggest you nick every stray car that you can before you become allies. It would be a waste of resources if you don't.

If mini gangs begin to spawn (because the main leader is dead and there's gangsters left) its wise to do drive bys to clear them off as they will become a pain once they are free and roaming. Its best you target their leader who also comes out for walkies. No more then 2 cars should cover these little offices that spring up.

Hitmen are not particularly advised unless their success rate is around 75 percent and above. Anyone with 90% is definitely worth a buy.

Apart from one level, ignore what your advisor says when it comes to being wanted, they police are powerless to stop you and they rarely do raids on your place. Even if they did, you could easily kill them all.

When hiding in you base, place the aggression really high so they will instantly begin shooting anyone who throws them out.

Unless, you're in an armoured car or you have other gangsters long with you, you must not take on all the muscle at 2 or 3 close business sites as you might get killed in the process.

If possible try not to kill the muscle that patrol (the ones that walks around) certain areas, this muscle can be turned to your side, provided that you capture the district that their muscle site came from. Otherwise, it's pointless as there would still be plenty of reserves of muscle even if you killed everyone outside.

Never let muscle guard sites, you can't arm them as the enemy can on the last level and they can easily get over run by gangsters with anything better then a shot gun. Its better off that you get gangsters with muscle (if possible) to guard sites as gangsters are far better skilled then muscle and also gives them the opportunity to obtain better weapons to defend the site.

If you need to remove large crowds of people quickly and you're a bomber, throw some bombs to wipe out all/most of the enemy. You can also destroy tanks if you throw bombs at it. I have yet to find a way to destroy tanks in armoured cars.


Since I don't remember what the maps look like, I'll provide what I can when it comes to tips. Any pics of maps and I can give you even more tips on each level.


Right, first up swap your pistols for shotguns. Buy the shop and get that muscle. If you have any spare shotguns to buy, give them to the person who is going to take the muscle.

You should consider waiting for the Gang leader to leave his car and sell off a lot of the muscle before attempting an attack. If possible, steal his car so he can't use it against you. Just make sure you've got a decent plan of escape or you'll die trying to steal it.


Again, buy more shotguns and this time things will be a little harder as there's five of them in cars. You have a choice when doing this, either hide in a building and pick them off when they get out of their car or you single one after the other and send all your gangsters to blow away that one car. Buy all the muscle and give it to the best fighter.


Once you claim that site, defend it. They'll send gangsters to reclaim it. Make sure the person guarding it gets a full set of muscle and the best weapons. Always keep a close eye on that place unless you kill the gang leader and everyone deserts.

Just one thing, if you claim the brewery, make sure that the trucks are around because if you claim the site before the trucks comes back, you're screwed. As you won't be able to complete the mission.

If you want to take out the enemy gang leader, I suggest you bring 2 gangsters (making sure one of them is Louisiana) and throw a bomb to kill everyone inside the building. Once you see him coming out of the building make sure you concentrate all your firepower on him. Just aware of the fact that if you fail to kill him when he's running out of the safe house, make sure you are able to corner him as he'll become extremely frustrating to kill him from then on.


This is very easy. All you need to do is set up the brewery as fast as you can. For now, bring the sedans or any roadsters and get 2 gangsters to drive across the bridge and mow the muscle guarding there. Claim the sites. If you want, heal up and claim all the land on the right site, which is mostly empty of guards.

Again, continue to claim the sites and team up to take on cars. "Steamboat" will attempt to flee so therefore you need to kill him as you get close to his office. So the best thing is to steal all his cars and send one or two gangsters to wait for him to go for a walk and kill him.

Claiming the required sites is easy and to cut off their lines of alcohol, simply capture it and set one up for yourself.


You'll be under pressure right at the start. Gangsters will begin roaming around in your areas and trashing them. So the plan here is to play a defensive game with most of the gangsters and send 2 gangsters with cars to get claiming and remove those undesirable enemy gangster cars (which are poorly armed).

There is an opportunity to get extra gangsters without looking for them in the paper. All you have to do is claim the following areas for them

To get "Nails" (the better of the 2 gangsters) take over the Department store.

To get "toothpick" take the gambling den.

Since both these sites are near each other, there is absolutely no reason for you not to get both of these gangsters quickly. Toothpick maybe some what substandard as a gangster, but you could always ask him to claim the sites whiles your top team go about their work of clearing the entrances and carve a safe corridor to "stoneface" Langham.

Langham will begin to flee near the end of the mission. So you better be ready or close by to kill him when he tries to make a break for it.


This one should be quite easy. Buy Tux bribe police chief and send several gangsters to hide in buildings close to the main bridge that that separates the 2 gangs (swap any spare ones in the office when those at work become weak). The attacks might not be frequent but they still happen and cause trouble.

Set up the illegal business in your area at the start quickly and buy that specialist. He's skills are invaluable when money is concerned in this level. Make sure he survives at all costs.

I would recommend taking on the blue gang as he's is weaker of the 2 and also speed up completing the level. Also would be the easiest way of setting up cash. Yellow is slightly more vicious and should be suggested that you tackle them last and kill the gang leader instead of subduing him.


Again, set up send some of your gangsters to sites close to the bridgeheads. Yellow won't attack you but never the less, if you start on them first they will.

It's recommended that you tackle the blue gang as he is the closest and easiest person close to your territory and you need some cash flowing soon so a sustainable base is established.

Pink gang has a lot of cheap cars you can steal. Take all and sell them.

Yellow has a tasty armoured car. Provided you see it unoccupied by their occupants outside their turf, nick it. Never takes the armoured car that is close in their turf, as it's not the easiest time.

Start by taking on blue, then pink and finally yellows. I would suggest take the first 2 territories and make them submit and bring armoured cars and a bomber to kill the last one. He's resources are too large to claim quickly.


The first thing we need to do is protect Flynn. He's important and the only person who's going to get him is the blue gang. Therefore you should ignore the pink one till last. Claiming sites will start off being a nightmare (especially near the factory area) as parking will be difficult and will leave you exposed. You should claim the brothels early, as they will be a problem that should quickly be removed.

Claiming the brothels is a challenge itself, but by selling any unwanted cars for better ones and getting those Tommy guns should help you prevail. Once you claim them, buy all the specialists but don't set them up till later on. As these sites will be where constant fighting occurs (especially around the loan shark area).

If you don't hire those specialists and you lose one of the brothels to blue gang (who'll sets one up again), be prepared to kill one of those top specialists that was once in your news paper. As they would be now under the payroll of the blue gang. It's just tragic to see such good resources going to waste.

Once you've claimed all of the blue gangs areas. Leave a gangster in a parked car outside his office and bleed him dry of all gangsters to make sure that he doesn't have the chance you trash your places or send people against Flynn. You might put one on both sides just in case they don't go the desired place.

When blue is subdued, now is the time to send all the remaining gangsters to steal the cars from blue and sell them for the better cars (if there are no decent cars to buy, sell the sedans and keep the roadsters.)

When moving on to Pink, there are 2 things you can try. You can claim sites till you reach the desired target office and kill him or just drive to his office and mow the crowd outside his office and any other resistance. Toss bomb into office and kill gang leader If you intend to claim sites, don't claim the sites that have illegal business that are bordering the blue gangs once borderline, as he'll buy them. But the trick here is that you can easily claim them before he can put a specialist in.

"ANGEL" pops up in the newspaper once you've taken out the pink gang. She might not be much at first but never the less; an extra gangster is useful and she can be a choice to be one of the permanent gangsters in the game.

Once the pink gang is dead, kill blue to finish mission.


This is always been a topic of concern as many people can't do the first bit right. First up, buy "hands on" from the newspaper, and give him a set of muscle and arm him with as many Tommy guns you can afford possibly. Now, hire him some muscle get in the fastest car and drive to where the hostage is. Eliminate all guards and claim the site. The hostage will be thrown out, so kidnap him quickly. Once you've done this, pause the game and set up a hide out or safe house there and place him in there. Not only have you got the mayors brother safe without travelling back to your office, you've also created a sort of beachhead to start claiming Kitsen's turf.

Once you've captured the mayor's brother, be vigilant in your home turf, as they won't hesitate to send gangsters to trash your office or safe house in your area. Leave a gangster (2 muscle attachments should be fine) at these sites and send one to do some work now that you've got your prised car.

Once you're ready to get kitsen you'll need to bring all but one gangster to one side of the path leading to his office and the other side with a bomber. Now here is the trick: Bring all your gangsters with machine guns to start some suppressing fire and whiles they are distracted, get your bomber to lob a bomb into the large crowd to finish them all off. Send any one who is injured in the battle to flee and hire extra gangsters if you need more covering fire.


There's nothing hard about this level except for the start. Its best you prepare for an onslaught invasion from the enemy gangsters once you invade their territory. First up, bribe the police chief in your area. Now line the main road with gangsters with full muscle around junction points (not on the bridge leading to town as there's too many in one pack to handle at a time) be prepared to have another gangster near the whorehouse that is close to your office waiting there. Get one gangster into a car and drive down to anyone of the grocery stores close to one of in the purple gangs place. It's advised you take the one on the main road that isn't guarded. By now, all hells broken lose and you'll have to fight to protect your land. If you survive, take your gangster behind enemy territory to being taking each of the unguarded sites using stealth and hiding in other shops to dodge the gangsters that keep coming along. Slowly claim as many sites possible and taking the illegal business nearby muscle sites won't hurt either.

Once you've set up your operations, it's absolutely up to you how you complete the level. I find it more productive just to claim each site and kill all gang leaders. But if you can't be tossed, just get the store near the top.

"Speedy" in the newspaper would be useful in this level and would at least be a better gangster then those without special skills.

Armoured cars help a lot in this mission, as this will reduce death rates and allow you to take on other cars much more easily. Giving one to "speedy" would be wise idea.


The key thing you'll find is that money is a bit scarce and gangsters constantly harass you from somewhere. Not to worry, get one gangster to go and claim the sites on the left side of the map. Claim the sites that are relatively empty of anyone. Keep claiming as many of these sites as possible. By the end of it, you should have enough money to support yourself (only just). Begin moving onto guarded sites that are isolated or close to your areas.

Notice there's a bank in your area. Buy a safe cracker and rob the bank and claim the money at night. Since he's only a safe cracker, he would be no good at the morning as his skills are no use then. So keep him to do guard duty. Also arm him with a Tommy gun. This person will come in useful despite his lack of skill. A good member to choose as a permanent one.

The priests are a big help here, they can provide some much needed cash from them. So rid them of those brothels and once you've done it for one priest and get your free money. But beware though, once you've done that, the enemy will send gangsters against him and will need protection around the clock at times. Since there are 4 of them, there isn't much chance of protecting all of them. So if one dies, just set up illegal businesses in that area. But setting up any illegal businesses when the priests are still alive will cut off funding from them and the FBI and police raiding areas.

When guarding the priests, choose those that are the closest to enemy territory. The others will have to wait. Once you've claimed enough land, find choke points to guard instead. But the best tactic is to only claim as fast as you can before they send people to kill them.


At the start of the level, hire a gangster with the assassinate skill and drive him close to a site next to the bank. Now be prepared, your territory will be over run and you won't have much hope other then to fight them off and claim as much land as possible to curb your loss of income. They every so often bring cars to attack you, nick them and sell them away to have a boost in cash.

To get our target, will require timing and luck. Forget claiming any sites on the other side of town. Instead send a single armoured car with a fast driver skill and give him lots of muscle and drive and park close to where he parks his car. The trick here is to kill him when he's going towards the casino or leaving it. This is no simple feat.

Those soldiers can pack a punch and if you get caught up with some of them in yellow areas, kill them without hesitation. Just don't drive into blues turf and get caught up with the tanks.


Bring a spy and a robber for this mission as they come in handy. Now go to illegal businesses such as speakeasies and whorehouses. Especially those close to the river, and spy on them. They should be filled with info that could help you. There's information that could convince the 2 smaller gangs to your side as well. So be on the look out for them.

Its worth while to claim all the breweries first and then kill the enemy gang leader as "SWEETHEART" is a gangster with Multi skills (Fast driver and bomber skills) can be found in the newspaper. It's highly suggested that you hire her and keep her as a permanent member of your team. She might not be any good, now that the missions almost over, but never the less, kit her out with all those Tommy guns (or the best you can) for the next mission.

A recommended tactic when claiming the breweries and distillers is to park close to the office and shoot all the guards that come out of the office until nobody is left to stop you. But if you're short on time, leave cars to block all escape routes whiles other gangsters claim all the areas. Move in on the gang leader later.


Time to take out "tornado" shank. Again, be prepared for assaults on your area, as they will continue non-stop until you curb the other gangsters.

Since the FBI has a shoot to kill policy, impose one of your own on the FBI.

The bank will have to be your source of income near the start, as the businesses you have will not stay untouched for long. They will trash any areas with illegal businesses (especially the printing press near the bank) and the illegal businesses near the bottom of your turf. They will sometimes make a move at your office as well.


This level is one of the most annoying levels there could be. First up, bring a gangster with the skill to persuade into blue gang's area and persuade the courts to set their gang leader free. This has to be done with some care and speed, as the muscle on the way will shoot you and it could go horribly wrong if there's a slip up.

Don't bother trying to claim the blue gangs lands, they'll claim them back just as quickly as you took them and you could take considerable beatings before the battle has finished. But once you've got his alliance go and get a cheap bank robber or safe cracker and go to the bank in his area. Provide this gangster a sedan and park outside the bank and when he is able to take money, do so. When he can't just wait outside till he can. Repeat process for some income.

Buy a gangster and arm this person with a shotgun and hide in a grocery store that's leading into the yellow gang's area. It helps as the yellow gang brings in a couple of gangsters to trash your sites every so often and when you least expect it. They could trash almost everything if you're not quick enough to kill them.

The central area where the yellow gang and your borders meet up can be a problem. As there is an armoured car that patrols up and down that road and he'll come every so often to drive in your areas and could nail specialists going to work.

If you take the card sharp and set a business up, buy the top specialist in that level. Just make sure he gets there safely as a roaming car killed my specialist when I played it.

The yellow gang doesn't have to be killed if you want to complete the mission, as there's simply far too much to take. So the plan is to take as much land leading to the site and stay in an isolated area and wait for them. Bring a lot of gangsters when doing this as they will get away and things get hot when they get back in their cars. When they are out their cars nail them quickly and everyone should have armoured cars to ensure that we can out weigh the odds. If one arrives or something, wait for him to park his car and nail him. If that's not possible, kill that person in their car and wait for the other one if the other ones late.

If both of them are inside the Casino, park your armoured cars in front of their cars or close by them and Wait and kill them. If you have assassins or spare gangsters, bring them close to the entrance of the casino and make sure they are looking at the doorways at all times and if you have a bomber handy throw a bomb into the casino and kill them all. Just make sure your people are no where near it when this happens or you'll wipe out your own men.


Nasty one this. You could save money by stealing the brown gangs armoured cars and using them for your cause. Just remember that you only have one shot at this and what you get in the first snatch is what you get and they will wage war on you soon after.

There's a gangster in the newspaper that has lots of good skills but he's absolutely rubbish in all areas. Hire him/ her near the end of the level as he'll be invaluable asset to the team.

When doing your attack into the island, bring all gangsters with armoured cars and muscle to attack one of the entrances. The key threat in this area are the roaming armoured cars so gang up on them and if none of the cars round the pack can't take pot shots at the armoured car, shoot the muscle that comes running down to shoot at you. Switch targets when your gangster is able to shoot at the armoured car. Don't drive too deep into enemy territory at the start or you'll be wiped out quite easily.

If you are able to get to the purple gang leaders office, have no regrets to send several armoured cars with full muscle and Tommy guns to wipe them clean. There are plenty of potential gangsters who could leave the office to take back what you so badly worked for. Restrict them to guarding their office. You could throw a bomb into the office but the rate that they throw out gangsters to guard the office is far too quick to make the task easy.


It seems pointless to say it now but its recommended that you bring 2 kidnappers or at least one into the level (Make sure they have decent guns) all action in this level must not be done by the kidnapper, we need their wanted levels low. Therefore, all fighting and guarding will have to be done by someone else. Use them only to kidnap key people and nothing more. But if he's become wanted or you have 2 by all means use one of them to kill.

This one will require not only speed, but also a lot of brutal frontline action. The bookkeeper is the main concern here. Forget claiming all the land on the side where the bookkeeper and the FBI are in the town as its too time consuming. Claim all of it on your side and the land leading to the bookkeeper.

There are these people who are walking around with patrols of muscle and they hold a lot of cash. So kill everything that isn't yours we need this money to buy fast cars and decent bodywork.

When kidnapping the priest, remove all the policemen outside his church and claim any sites surrounding the church. Then make the kidnap. This will prevent distractions from anybody from happening. But kidnapping the priest should be done early as nothing can stop a hitman from coming along to kill the priest. If you have the resources to spare or you need to heal up, go to the hideout that he's hanging out to heal.

If you've only got one kidnapper, then the plan might be a little harder. Especially if you want to do all objectives, so here's the plan, since you've only got one and he's going to get wanted by taking the priest or the accountant, you might as well send him out to do some work. Kidnap the priest and take him back home for safety. Kidnap the bookkeeper and take him back home. You can't walk into the FBI place easily as you're wanted. So get yourself arrested and when he's not wanted and is travelling to court, ambush the truck and get him out. Make sure he can get back and take the bookkeeper out of the hide out (buy him some weapons as well he'll need to replace them) and send him into the FBI place. To make things easier get a fast driver speed things up and not get wanted on the way getting into the FBI place.

When sending your gangster with the bookkeeper into the FBI, clear all surrounding areas with muscle, we don't want any screw-ups because of your gangster's aggression, love of fighting or enemy gangsters harassing you. Keep cars on roads to make sure they can guard the area and ensure your gangster can get to the FBI peacefully.


There's going to be massive assault on your land by numerous gangsters, so bring all gangsters and pack as many of them into cars (especially fast drivers). A bomber, assassins and anyone left over should go on foot, as we need their abilities and all the manpower we can get. To curb numbers. Send the gangsters in cars first (Especially those who have full muscle hired) and distract the crowd that comes down the road (If anyone is hurt or down to one or two muscle drive away). Now bring the ones on foot. The Assassin targeting any gangsters that are highly dangerous, running up the road or the cars aren't shooting. Now bring the bomber to throw a bomb into the crowd and kill them all. Once that's sorted bring any healthy gangsters in cars to mop up the last remaining gangsters that have dispersed.

You'll notice that there is an empty plot in your area, don't bother with it, its not yours and you can get at it. It's for Flynn who is trying to flee his area, which should get over run.

Flynn will need your help getting away. So an armed escort or a buffer zone created should be useful. The cops in his area aren't under his influence. Either kill the ones on foot or bribe the police chief there. But be warned you could be throwing out a lot of people.

Once Flynn gets to safety, "FLAMES" will be in the newspaper. He is highly useful as he has both Bomber and assassination skill and they both come in handy for the next 2 levels. Keep him as one of your permanent members.

There are some warehouses full of all sorts of goods, so bring a robber (of any kind) into the level. He'll be able to steal the items in the warehouse and the evidence to convince the judge and DA. Just make sure you rob the place before you claim it.

The rogue gang won't be much a threat, but as a secondary objective, you might as well kill him. Also notice that this gang has only a couple of cars. Which include 2 armoured cars as well. With this in mind, save money by stealing their armoured cars and selling off the other cars that might be hanging around.

Once you're strong enough and stable to buy armoured cars (or you've stolen some) and the big weapons, split your gangsters in half and tell them to go in different directions to gain ground and removing the undesirable gang leaders. Make sure you've got a gangster with a bomber skill in each of the groups. It won't hurt at this point to buy more people to help, as this would make the killing spree even faster.

Kill the impostor priest in the level with a Hitman. There's no other way in doing this. So do this near the end of the level when you've got the cash to spend.

Killing Constantine's father is easy enough (provided you've destroyed everyone surrounding his areas and killed all the gang leaders), just kill the gangsters guarding his site. Bring 2 gangsters (making sure one of them is a bomber) hide one round the corner to cut off his escape and use the other to throw a bomb through his window killing everyone except Constantine's father. When he's outside, shoot him down like a dog that he is and complete mission.


A nasty and very time consuming level. The main issues here are the gangsters that guard each site as well as the muscle there and the large pack of assassins/gangsters that attack on the main road leading out of your area on the side near the start of the level. Bring all gangsters you can spare and all assassins to wait for them to come along the main road.

It is highly suggested that you use assassins as they are very useful in claiming sites or you'll take serious beatings trying to relieve and take sites without them. The more assassins you can get, the faster they claim land before the assassins begin to come along.

The tip here to clear these sites is to assassinate the gangster guarding there with the ordinary muscle and then leg it. That will remove the threat of the gangster and his Tommy gun welding muscle. Dodge any patrolling muscle is useful tactic so that they don't hinder escape. But to do this, you need to have good timing. If you need help to escape try hiding in buildings. Once they have been sorted, just mow down the muscle guarding it and walk in and claim the site. The guarding muscle shouldn't really put too many beating into your gangster (provided he has some muscle to accompany him) as you'll hit them first before they hit you.

Once you reach their office, make sure you have the whole force of gangsters in armoured cars (Buy more cars and gangsters if you have to!) and full muscle to begin to assault it. As one person gets weak take them out and make sure you can park and stock up on muscle. Continue till crowd is destroyed or only a few remain (Always give each gangster a target. If one person from the crowd dies, tell them to switch to another target quickly). You need this amount of people to clear the front entrance of the base because they will send people out very quickly to protect the office. You could just throw a bomb at the crowd and then retire so that it makes the job easier, but the bomber on his own will be killed and you run the risk of the or going up in smokes if you let your cars provide covering fire.

After they spawn out at a lower rate (a couple at a time), It's important that you leave several gangsters with full muscle and armoured cars to clear the entrance of their office as that is still active to send out gangsters to harass or guard the office. If you are able to plug up the surge of gangsters from here, the chances are your sites would be much safer. Remember to swap people doing this job so those on duty can heal. Hire extra gangsters if you have to just to stop this surge of people. Don't forget this is a real challenge and it won't be easy all the way.

If the office is absolutely run dry of gangsters, send in a weak gangster to throw out all the specialists and kill them all! (this is not only entertaining but helps weaker gangsters to improve killing people).

The police chiefs will have to be kidnapped to b persuaded. A charmer would be arrested before anything could happen. Make sure that you have cleared the outside of the office and saved your progress or things can get messy, as there's always (although not often) a chance that your kidnapper will throw all the police out as well as the police chief and pay dearly for it.

There's a particular gangster with assassination skill and fast driver skill. Buy him and get him to do some work like claiming sites. He should also be given the treat of killing all those specialists.

If are able to kill the special gangster in the secondary objective, there's a Hitman you can buy. Depending on your situation you can instantly hire him and tell him to kill the gang leader. He'll always be successful when doing this, or you can just tell him to kill right at the last moment when all sites except his safe house and office are left or once you've done all objectives except to kill the gang leader.

[New temperance prt1]

There are several things you must do first. Bring all your gangsters to that little side entrance close to the factories. There will always be people coming down that pathway. Bring all assassins and any spare gangsters who aren't doing anything. You must always keep watch of this area as your gangsters can't react as early as you can and also they might run across the street to claim those sites and they could be killed by the nasty armoured car. Do not relieve most of these gangsters unless you've got resources to claim the road on the opposite side (or you need to heal people). Once that side of the bridge is claimed, leave a car to patrol there whiles any other gangsters need to heal or buy a new car to join the claiming.

One gangster in a roadster at the start, the other cars you have at the start are important to transport injured people away from the pathway that most of the gangsters will be guarding. Claim one site at a time and if possible heal up after each muscle you kill, as those muscle with Tommy guns will blow your men to pieces. Its best to give the claiming sites job to gangster with spy skills, as the person can spy on illegal sites whiles they claim them it'll bring up dirt that can provide you very important info to help you (In this level there's a lot of dirt to be found). Oh, and don't claim the speakeasy close to the mayors office, there's stuff we need to nick there when you discover it. As soon as you are able to afford a armoured car, get one continue the claiming (sell the current car if you have to)

If you discover the information and stolen it and given it to the proper people, Constantine will flee. As a result, he'll lose power over the army and the threat is destroyed. However, that would mean that you have to take on the new objectives crippling any chances of you actually making a quick finish in this game.

The sooner you can get the army to switch sides before you claim the other half of new temperance (where Constantine's office is located), the easier it'll be to claim their sites.

The 2 gang leaders out of town will decline Constantine's offer if certain parts of their proposed land have been taken. Therefore, claiming land should be done as quickly as possible. It's quite easy to claim the first gang leaders proposed areas, but the second one may require a speed. But if you're too late to stop him arriving, not to worry, as he'll still not quite established and therefore he can be contained. Send a load of cars to park outside his office and kill his gangsters and the gang leader as well (throw a bomb into office and kill him when he flees)

The FBI will constantly raid this one certain area, claim the site but by all means, but don't set up illegal business there.

When you've got a lot of land and close to claiming half of the city (which results in both gangsters leaving), you could try to send in lots of fast gangsters to do drive bys when Constantine goes out to meet the gang leader bosses. But it's highly risky and the point score will look very ugly when you do it.

The police and priests are under Constantine's influence. As mentioned, they pose a threat to you so we need them persuaded and we need to do this the quickest way we know: Kidnapping them and when they run away, they'll be under your influence.

The island with the priest is worth helping, as that tiny area will convert to your side once you begin claiming parts of his land. This will save you time to claim each site. But if he dies or you doing something he doesn't like then the sites will revert back to Constantine.

If Constantine escapes, new objectives have been set. Forget claiming the other half of town, which hasn't got the 2 buildings as its now pointless to do so. Once you've taken them, its time to move onto the final battle with Constantine...

[New temperance prt2]

Finally, if you don't manage to kill him in the city, you'll have to kill him here. Buy all the cars and fit the fastest drivers and Joey Bane in them. Now head out to his site (anyone who hasn't got a car should set off on foot and clear all the gangsters or muscle around), Constantine is at the back of the casino with 2 muscle. Drive past the gangsters at the front Nail the first muscle to make Constantine ignore his armoured car and begin running down. Drive away and leave the rest of the cars to nail the other people or converge on Constantine (if you want the first gangster could carry on fighting till they die but it's not nice). Remember that this guy can take a lot of beatings so the more people with Tommy guns shooting at him the better. Once he's dead the mission's over and you own the state. Admire your empire.

Kegmiester (a.k.a Johnway lee and Spoonbeast)