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Age of Mythology: Retold 30.10.2002

Патч Age of Mythology: Extended Edition "Update 2.0.983487 (Hotfix 1, 2, 3)"

Hotfix #3
Tech Trees for Norse and Egyptian now show their new units (Bogsveigir and Khopesh Swordsman respectively).
Physician can no longer be tasked to attack.
Amphibious units can now walk over farms, ice and special road terrains.
AI's starting Ulfsark can now build houses on maps with a lot of herdables.
AI's starting Ulfsark can now scout properly.
Hotkeys for the Chinese Gods now have proper language entries.
Hotkeys for the Chinese Cataphract unit has been fixed.
Various history files that did not show up in other languages now display properly.
Various fixes in the language files.
Tale of the Dragon: Scenario 3: Monks can no longer be stopped by a single unit under certain circumstances.
Learn to Play: Scenario 2: No longer leads to instant defeat when skipping the cinematic.

Hotfix #2


  • Certain random map scripts should no longer inadvertently spawn Chinese units (Nomad, Team Migration, and Vindlandsaga).
  • Winning scenario 2 no longer skips to scenario 4.
  • Scenario 4 now properly ends when skipping the starting cinematic.
  • Scenario 8 no longer crashes when flying birds into the force field.
  • Various history files that did not show up in other languages now display properly.
  • Various localization issues have been addressed across all languages.
  • AI will now start fishing on Nomad maps if fish is available.
  • Minor additional AI improvements.

Mod Manager Improvements:

  • Mods no longer become scrambled when reloading assets.
  • Newly subscribed items should now appear at the top of the list by default.
  • A new dialog now appears on start up when a mod has been updated and requires restart.
  • Unsubscribing should now correctly function.
  • Modded taunts now function correctly.
  • Additional light settings are now supported.
  • Triggers are now supported.
  • Steam tags have been added for AI and Triggers.
  • Special thanks to Android for being instrumental in raising Mod Manager issues and helping to test that we fixed them!

Unit & Power Bug Fixes:

  • Nomad, Team Migration and Vinlandsaga no longer incorrectly spawn Chinese units.
  • Unbridled Anger can now be researched in the Chinese Barracks.
  • Reinforced Hull now properly applies to both Atlantean and Chinese Fire Ships.
  • Shennong now gets his wall upgrade discount for Stone Wall.
  • Fu Xi's immortal bonus now works correctly in all ages.
  • Bogsveigirs are now affected by Odin's health bonus.
  • Bogsveigir, Khopesh Swordsman, Shennong's Fire Lance and Sitting Tiger are now all affected by their relevant upgrades.
  • All wall upgrade availability bugs fixed.
  • Greek players advancing through Hermes can now access the Physician.
  • Physicians now display the command panel.
  • Physicians no longer walk into enemies when tasked to attack, but remain where they stand (max of 28 range).
  • Physicians are no longer classified as heroes.
  • Monks can now attack animals.
  • Monk conversion rates normalized in lightning (slightly faster than normal).
  • Chu Ko Nu can now garrison inside buildings.
  • Fire Lances can now garrison inside buildings.
  • Jiao-long description has been updated.
  • Azure Dragons can no longer attack Citizen Heroes with their special attack.
  • Khopesh swordsman now has proper icons.
  • War Salamanders have a proper selection circle.
  • Chinese Peasant limit in Lightning reduced from 80 to 25.
  • Immortals now attack ranged heroes with their ranged attack.
  • Immortals now have proper train sound for being a hero unit.
  • Ducks no longer sound like chicken when killed.
  • Onagers now have proper selection sounds.
  • Vermillion bird and Phoenix attack sounds no longer stack improperly.
  • Great Walls and Gates are now named correctly.
  • Inferno now blocks god powers in its range.
  • Inferno and Flames of Typhon no longer share the same icon.
  • Great Flood can no longer be controlled.
  • Walking Woods now works on DLC trees.
  • Hotkey for unit stance now work on civilians.
  • Hotkey for Greek Granaries has been added to the menu (G).
  • Hotkey for Garden has changed from G to U and the description now says "Build monument" rather than "Build granary".
  • Hotkey for Storage Pit has changed from M to G.

Balance Changes:

  • Physician attack removed. They no longer walk into enemies when tasked to attack, but remain where they stand (max of 28 range).
  • Physician speed reduced from 4.2 to 4.0.
  • Physician now counts as a hero rather than a human unit.
  • Scout Cavalry line of sight reduced from 9 to 8. Archaic age weakening changed from -70% damage to -80% damage.
  • Barrage can now damage Villagers and no longer starts battle music.
  • Vermilion Bird range reduced from 14 to 6. Minimum range of 2 implemented.
  • Vermilion Bird Tornado lifespan reduced from 10 to 5 seconds, AoE range reduced from 7 to 4, dps reduced from 20 hack/crush to 15 hack/10 crush, amount spawned reduced from 2 to 1.
  • Vermilion Bird special attack removed. Now the basic attack will spawn Firestorms. Basic attack animation length doubled.
  • Vermilion bird hit points increased from 650 to 700.
  • Vermilion bird now displays the DPS of the Firestorm.
  • War Salamander hack and pierce armor values reduced from 60 to 45%, hit points reduced from 650 to 600, damage reduced from 25 to 20. Food cost increased from 120 to 200.
  • Dragon Turtle special attack reworked. Does powerful splash damage and can be used on villagers.
  • Removed LoS effect of all upgrades on Wall Connectors.
  • Barrage god power no longer plays battle music and affects villagers.
  • Inferno god power blocks other god powers in range now.

Hotfix #1

  • Completing scenario 1 no longer skips scenario 2.
  • Solved scenario 3 becoming unwinnable -- was due to monk conversion.
  • Solved scenario 9 crashing at end.
  • Black Sea & River Styx are no longer marked as DLC only maps.
  • When playing as Loki, you'll no longer have problems with your hero units spawning Xmas themed units or Chinese units causing DLC
  • restricted dialogs popping up.
  • Custom languages work again, and it won't crash the launcher.
  • Herding Chinese animals no longer trigger the dlc restricted dialog in MP games.
  • Increased traitor usage for capturing Chinese units from 2 to 10 -- for people who like to use cheat codes, do be careful.
  • Walking Wood god power now works on the new DLC trees.
  • Minor balance changes -- this will break replays from 2.0.


  • Скопировать файлы в корень установленной игры (пример: ''D:\Age of Mythology"), setup.exe, setup-1.bin
  • Запустить файл "setup.exe", выбрать нужную папку, и нажать Install(установить), дождаться окончания установки...
  • Скопировать все остальные файлы из архива в корень установленной игры(пример ''D:\Age of Mythology", иначе игра попросту не запустится), запустить и играть.

Не запускается игра?
Лаунчер требует Visual Studio 2015 Redistributables для нормального запуска игры.

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