Beyond Divinity


Beyond Divinity v1.47


Патч вносящий небольшой ряд исправлений, представленный ниже.
Bugfixes in v1.45 to 1.47
- Locked Chests now have a lockpicking level
- Fixed missing BF key in Act 3
- Fixed Skill points cheat (unlearn -save/load)
- Fixed Pickpocket cheat (ctrl-click stack)
- Fixed Vitality and Magic calculations when restarting the game
- Fixed possible loss of skill points when canceling in skill window
- Fixed quest bug in Act4 when Tax didn't want to give key anymore
- Fixed chests in Act4 that couldn't be opened
- Fixed disappearing BF traders in Act5
- Fixed NPC's hopping out of playfield as a result of pressing ALT-TAB
- Fixed some quest entries and XP in Act3
- Earthquake spell stops when being teleported
- Fixed "Too Heavy" Message Flood
- Requirements of items in Trade window now display properly
- Fixed an issue with Identify skill
- Fixed a crash related to unlearning a skill and switching characters
- Fixed the large stamina potions

Game enhancements
- When buying a lower skill level than already in skill list, highest level will remain
- Changed penalty of overweight: When overweight, the player can't move any longer, but is able to rearrange his inventory.

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