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Beyond Good & Evil 2 TBA

Beyond Good & Evil 2 "Песня из трейлера на E3 2017"

Песня из трейлера

Исполнитель: Asian Dub Foundation
Название: Strong culture
Альбом: Facts & Fictions (1995)

Текст песни на английском

I grab the mic
To commence with the mic check
Supply rhymes, man you've never heard yet
You never thought an asian could do this
Well you're wrong
Wrong again
That's what I wanna be
All over the white world
Yes they'll remember me
Don't look at me as an innocent bystander
Because I'll scare you after dark ...

Master d adlib

Paki bashing
That's what I call fucking racism
And you can tell I'm a fucking paki lover
Day to day
Night to night
Persecution with a capital p
Racism with a capital r
Man I've seen your scar
I've seen your scar
You expect me to sympathise
The hell no!
You don't know the price that we're paying

Master d adlib

What you see is no mirage
Asian guys and girls comin large
Straight from the east
And coming like a beast
Guys who are very keen and showing ability
Tranquility, we have the audacity
Speaking out
'cos there's no doubt about that

Another critical rhyne make you wanna look
Observe it
It's like a comic book
Coming from the place
With the capital b
I'll let you guess-
No let me tell you:
The b and the a and the n and the g and the l and the a
With a word called desh
Sums up the country the word and the place called bangladesh
So you never contest
Yes you thought I couldn't do it
I'm not a black man
This time it's an asian
Some fear the white man
Some fear the ku klux klan
But they ain't up to no good
Brother brother, sister sister
Yes if your miss or if your mister
Listen to this rap
It's asian guys coming correct

Way back in the sixties
Our fathers, our mothers
They suffered a lot for us
They couldn't say much
They couldn't do much
'cos of the fear of getting beat up
But now it's the nineties
We're not babies no more
You know the score that we live for

Our fathers, our mothers
They brought us up to be tough
We don't stand for any bullshit
We don't give a damn
Even if you're superman
Strong culture is what you see in our eyes
Not just tough guys.

Master d adlib

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