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Carrier Command: Gaea Mission 28.09.2012

Патч 1.03 для retail версии

Patch 1.03 Changelog
- Fixed startup shader cache problem (thanks to Species1571)
- Fixed walrus hook bug (Drop sometime caused walrus to capsize)
- Fixed incorrect cutscene playback after completing Thermopylae mission
- Fixed current objectives and waypoints on the Outpost in Gaea Mission campaign
- Strategy Game now ends after capturing all islands and destroying enemy carrier
- Enemy carrier no longer "disappears" after capturing all islands in Strategy game
- Enemy carrier now replenishes units it abandoned on the island during retreat
- Enemy units are no longer present on neutral and friendly islands
- Fixed crash in Gaea Mission on Taksaven
- Fixed Achievements Face Off, Titanic, Revenge Is Sweet.
- Fixed Stockpile is now correctly selected upon start of Strategy Campaign with only 1 starting island
- NEW - Island info now displays icons with relative production and mining "power" of selected island
- Fixed crash on application start on some machines ("Cannot load materials file materials/materials.h" bug)
- Fixed crash in Strategy campaign (Production Advisor)
- Enemy carrier/strategic AI improvements:
- production logic improved
- improved "Choose next island to attack" logic
- improved barque handling
- improved carrier repairs

- Removed panning while zooming in/out in strategy map.
- Added shortcut in Vulcan mission (1st mission of GAEA Mission)
- Ratio slider in strategy game is split into two parts - APA ISLANDS COUNT and UEC ISLANDS COUNT.
- Removed tutorial notice dialog in strategy campaign.
- ID numbers of enemy carrier units are no longer displayed on the map.
- Enemy carrier will not run away when the player arrives to defend his island
- Enemy carrier units are undocking properly
- The stockpile relocation time now depends on the distance between islands
- Arrow keys are now bindable in Controls options
- HMHD missile will be transferred from stockpile onto carrier correctly.
- "V" key will stop the carrier but not instantly.
- Island stop blinking exactly when the enemy stops the attack on the island.
- Fixed random crash after any carrier destruction.
- Cutscene with Aurora will be played only once.
- Marshes upgrade can be found every time.
- Coolant container will not disappear after island is captured.
- Removed tutorial hints on Arachnid when recapturing island from APA in chapter 3.
- Cutscene of sinking enemy carrier will always be played when the enemy carrier is destroyed
- Fixed pathfinder island data
- Improved walrus pathfinding on wild terrain

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