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Castle Strike 02.04.2004

Castle Strike v1.1 (English)

Castle Strike English Public Demo V1.1
This demo includes two levels.

1) Tutorial 2 will demonstrate the basics of the construction of both a castle
and the neighboring village. Castle Strike does not allow to build infinite
walls, instead the game tries to create a more historical picture with the main
military buildings inside the castle and and the economical buildings in the
village. So there is the extra task of protecting the village and the serfs.
Another change which might need some getting used to is the fact, that in Castle
Strike only a limited number of units are able to damage buildings, not to mention
tear down castle walls. Except for the siege weapons only the following units
are able to harm buildings:

- Shortbow or longbow men, if the fire arrow upgrade was researched, including
one hero, the - English Branwyn. Damage to buildings and siege engines, but
no walls.
- Zee German arsonist, carrying a torch to set fire to buildings, including
one German Hero, Alrich von Drachenfels (a bad guy... of course). Damage to
buildings only.
- Saboteur, a guy who plants bombs on buildings or siege engines.

2) A mission based on the last mission of the German campaign. It was slightly
changed, the movies (game engine) telling parts of the story were removed, instead
a short 'flight' over the scenario is displayed. The deadly harquebus shooter
and some of the larger siege engines are not available and:
!!!!!!!!!! the mission is playable in this demo with the easy difficulty only

Although larger numbers of enemy units might appear, they will harm your units
not as much as in the normal mode (HINT: the multi barreled gun does barely
harm buildings or machines, but is deadly against 'soft' targets) To win the
scenario you have to damage the enemy keep down to 1600 points and then send
one unit into it.

If you wonder why all the units except for Thorwald von Rabenhorst speak German...
this scenario plays in Germany, so the regular units and serfs speak their respective
language. Thorwald and his sister, the siblings of an old German noble family
get involved into the quarrels of the conflict between the French and the British
during the 100 Years War, so later on there will be more units of those two
nationalities. Only the Heroes and the narrator of the story will be localized.

So enjoy playing this demo of Castle Strike and we hope we caught your interest
to play more...

The Castle Strike team

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