Chrome v1.1.3.0 v2 (European English Only)


Изменения :
- Code optimization to make game run faster (both singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay)

Multiplayer Changes

* The All-Seeing Eye support was added.
* New maps: Autobahn, Deadlock, Chillout, TreasureIsland2, Carbius, Skirmish, Battledust2, Soilent2 were added.
* New vehicles: ArmoBeatle Mark 4 and Speeder were added.
* Console commands to manage the server were added ? complete command list with description available at
* Vehicle physics was improved.
* Player tags were added.
* Players in vehicles identification was added.
* Vehicles indicators on map was added.
* Additional anti-cheating protections were implemented.
* Connection problems icon was added.
* Additional map settings e.g. Vehicle auto-return time were added
* Messages informing about connection with Master Server after clicking 'Refresh List' were added.
* Option not allowing enemy players to get into the vehicle under your control was added.
* Running Chrome.exe with various parameters e.g. player profile is now possible.
* Player physics was improved.
* Game stability was improved e.g. player disconnecting from server problem was resolved.
* Network saturation was descreased.
* Other minor bug fixes.

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