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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 27.05.2004

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Hints (English)

Easy Beans

In the entrance hall go to the dungeon and halfway down the stairs you will find a pot containing a bean. Hit the pot with Flipendo and go back out to the hourglasses and go back in and hit the pot again. Repeat this process until you have the desired amount of beans (max 250).

How to Get Fairy Wings

When you have to collect Fairy Wings as part of your homework assignment for Professor Snape you will get the chance to go to Hogsmeade (The Woods outside Hogwarts). When the fairies come out, use Hermione and cast the Flipendo spell (Knockback Jinx) and if you hit them then they will fall to the floor. You then have to use the Glacius spell and freeze the fairies, then walk over and pick them up.

How to Kill a Salamander

To kill a Salamander first use the Glacius spell to put out the fire on its back and to turn it icy and then shoot it with Flipendo (Knockback Jinx).

Find Lady Carmilla Sanguina of the Vampires Card Set

To find Lady Carmilla Sanguina of the Vampires Card Set, let Hermione use Glacius on the fire in the Gryffindor Common Room.

Find Goliath of the Giant Card Set

To find Goliath of the Giant Card Set, use Reparo on the broken vase on the sixth floor. It'll cheer up Glanmore Peaks.

Toasted Dragonflies

To get toasted dragonflies, look for the dragonflies over a pond in one of

Hogwarts courtyard. Then transfigure a draconifors Dragon statue and fly it into the swarm, breathing fire to toast them.

Flying Sea Horses

To find the Flying Sea horses, head for the boathouse by the lake outside

Hogwarts. Use the Carpe Ratractum spell to carefully pull them out of the water.

On the 6th floor the disused bathroom (Fred and George) there is a broken toilet with water all around it gat herminone to cast glacius on it and you will get a famous witches and wizards card.

Getting super flipendo and power-ups

If you get all the cards in a set, you get things like super flipendo (shoots 3

instead of 1) and super expelliarmus (shoots 3 back when 1 is fired at you). If you get all the cards for "Witches", Hermione gets more energy. You can get more cards by doing the following:

Go to Fred and Georges shop as Ron and buy stink pellets. They'll set you a challenge. You have to throw stink pellets into cups.

Better spells

Go to Fred and Georges unused bathroom (6th floor) as Hermione and walk left when you get to the shop. There you will see a floating piece of parchment. Get the info on it to get a book. You will then need some statues:

House Elf - On the second floor.

Sailor Person - Near Fred and George's shop.

Quidditch person - Right to the stairs coming down from the big staicase.

Gunhilda of Gorensmore - Next to the stairs in the hall.

Another big one on the second floor.

Another small one near the entrance to the Fat Ladys Corridor.

Hidden Challenge Sheilds

On the Glacius challenge (you play it as Harry) there are icey ramps that you slide down. At some points you will come to a split path (the ramp divides into two ramps). Whenever you come to a split the game will tempt you to take the left path by placing more valuable treats on it. Every time you take the path to your right, you will find a challenge shield!

For learning Humanjo spell

Go to the 7th floor and cast Flippendo at the dumbledore potrait. A pixie will appear from behind. Stun the pixie, and then visit Fred and George's Joke Shop.

Buy the Full Health retrieving Chocolate frog. Go to the 6th floor unused

toilet. There, eat the chocolate frog after losing some health. Then go to the ground floor statue and cast flippendo. Then Snape comes out automatically and teaches you the spell.

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