Hidden & Dangerous 2 v1.02


V1.02 Patch readme. Notes and notice of improvements included in the patch:


* Please visit:
england.take2games.com/... to check if your server will allow client
CD-key validation. Please visit this site if
you are receiving errors when trying to connect or if you are not able to connect
at all.
* The winning team in Occupation mode is no longer only determined by the number
of points but also by the complete occupation of a map.
* Objectives are no longer completed when the point limit is reached.
* Fixed - crash caused by quick disconnecting and reconnecting.
* Fixed - crash caused by throwing a defensive grenade and then disconnecting.

* Fixed - bug involving First Aid kits usage on client computers.
* Fixed issues involving CD validation for players using the same name.
* New message box is shown when it is not possible to validate the CD key.
* A folder name is no longer used for a map name in the internet game.
* The Listplayers command functionality has been improved.
* Different language versions on server and client computers no longer cause

all styles of internet games to be displayed only as Deathmatch.
* CZ4_MP map spawn points have been fixed.
* The CD key validation system has been improved by using the UDP protocol.

* Fixed invisible players.
* The kickplayer playername command has been fixed.
* Fixed spawn zones becoming inactive on maps before they should.
* The VIP player is no longer incorrectly assigned to non VIP players
* The VIP player is no longer inappropriately shown on the map of the server
computer when another multiplayer mission is loaded.
* Mission items are no longer invisible on client computers for the first round
of multiplayer games.
* The "Restore internet servers" command has been fixed.
* The Axis tank in Operation Nomad: Whiskey Bar has been fixed so that it can
now turn.


* A bug involving changing the pose to stand whilst in the tactical map has
been fixed.
* A bug relating to displaying the Crosshair information for using a vehicle
and then switching to the tactical mode has been fixed.
* Various problems with team commands menu have been fixed.
* The roll-menu for the Junkers 88 has been fixed.
* Various problems in first-person view while switching items have been fixed.

* Fixed - crash when destroying the aircraft parts boxes in Burma 1, then loading
the game and destroying them again.
* Fixed - crash involving the motorcycle being destroyed.
* Player AI stealth bar now reacts when throwing grenades or shooting.
* Fixed - crash bug involving spotting a dead dog after loading a save game.

* The crosshair for tank machineguns has now been disabled.
* Fixed - crash involving loading a game after throwing a grenade.
* Various key mapping problems on some configurations have been fixed.
* Soldiers no longer get stuck in some objects or walls when trying to go round
* Fixed - issues relating to equipping new soldiers in the reinforcements menu
have been fixed.
* Fixed - occasional crash when exiting the soldier equipment menu.
* Records in Diary have been fixed.
* Agent Salters dialogue synchronisation in Operation Challenger: Estate Agent
has been fixed.
* A problem related to not completing the mechanics objective in Operation Nomad:
Guests has been fixed.
* Sygurds cottage dialogue synchronisation in Operation Snowball: Rendezvous
has been fixed.
* The Mission Failed cutscene in Operation Challenger: Babes in the Wood has
been fixed.
* Fixed issues relating to displaying enemy soldiers when in Tactical Mode.

* Fixed issues relating to the SAS soldiers sight in tactical mode has been
* Other minor issues have been fixed
* The calculations of the visibility meter have been improved.

Other improvements:

* Game Pause notification added.
* Enemy dispersion in medium difficulty has been increased.
* Enemies are now more human in their bazooka handling ability.
* New default keyboard settings (WASD) have been added.
* Multiplayer: Medics (players with higher FIRST AID skill greater than 50%)

can see other team mates health status.
* Singleplayer: SAS soldiers can now heal themselves (dependent on the Medic
skill rating).

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