Master of Orion (2016)


Master of Orion (2016) "Update 49.5"

Обновление 49,5:
v49.5 Patch Notes

     [AI] Исправление для: Искусственный интеллект, кажется, просят слишком много для перемирии, даже когда на проигравшей стороне войны
     [Аудитория] Исправлено: При нажатии на клавишу Enter несколько раз при открытии торгового стола блокирует вариант сделки принимает
     [Tooltips] Исправление для: Гражданский корабль строительство подсказке не отображается в очереди производства для определенных языков
     [Учебник] Исправление для: переключение все 3 колонистов производства вместо 1, когда советник просит выкуп фрегат ломает учебник поток
     [UX] Исправление для: Broken уведомлений из-за отсутствия информации в старых сохранений
     [UX] Исправлена: Игра может привести к сбою при двойном щелчке на побежденного гонки в окне Дипломатия
     [UX] Исправление для: виджет металлолома исчезает слишком быстро в управлении колонии


Update 49.5:
v48.3.2 Hotfix Note

- Fixed an issue that prevented saving the match in tutorial matches that were loaded from previous tutorial saves

v48.4.1 Patch Notes

It is no longer possible to play as a destroyed race in multiplayer by loading a save
Fixed an issue with corrupted save files that could prevent the main menu from loading
Fixed an exception when using TOBII and selecting a fleet
Fixed a crash caused by opening the in-game load screen after deleting all save files
Fixed an issue that displayed the last deleted save information after delating all save files
Fixed a crash during multiplayer games with custom races
Fix for a crash when playing the game with a touch enabled mouse
Fixed an endless turn processing loop caused by using the ESC key to exit any Espionage notification popup
Fix to properly handle invalid custom races
Fixed an issue that caused loss of conrol in Tactical Battles when fighting the Amoeba
Fixed "-1" victory chances when fleet is too powerful for target fleet
Fix for softlock when entering a planet at turn 3 in the Tutorial
Fix for an issue when the game tried to update an already destroyed ship
Added missing techtree tooltip icons
Fix for Tutorial hints not fitting the game area while game Interface is set to Russian
Fix for lobby crash issues related to player names
Fix for several issues in Empire Managment screen

Patch Notes v49.3


Added the option to rename a star system when colonizing first or when no other races have colonies in it
The first version of the Master of Orion Game Manual has been released in English. It can be accessed through your game library, or on the Master of Orion store page. Additional language support will be released at a later time.


Enabled extended empire heuristic with colonization information for better colonization decisions
Disabled over-conservative hostiles prediction of pirates in colonization rule so AIs don't stop colonizing for fear of non-existent pirates
AI will now better consider pirate settlements on all neighboring systems
Improved predicted hostiles firepower estimation in order to properly handle space pirates
AIs can now engage neutral fleets inside their empires (defensive engage)
Improved AIs defensive build-up and defensive war strategies
Improved estimation of hostiles presence by properly measuring incoming fleet ETAs
Improved pirates fleets spawning


Diplomacy: "Reminder/Support/Honor" events are now shown during Audiences

Ship Design

Improved auto-update logic to avoid generating more weapon slots than the ones defined by hull


Autocast for Specials is now off by default when taking control. It turns on automatically when choosing Cinematic camera and reverts to its last setting when re-taking control
Updated intros


Added new tooltip to colony widget
Added Colony Events icons to tooltips
Added color coding to Research, Production, Credits, and Food strings
Mouse Cursor is no hidden during the intro movies
The "Confirm" button in the Briefing screen now launches the simulated battle
Diplomacy: Added double-click support to race's thumbnails. Double-clicking on them now launch an audience with that race

Added double-click support to espionage missions selection
Inverted the order of parameters for sabotage report
Research: Added double-click support to nodes in the Techtree and Research Management screens
Strategy: New animation effect when splitting a fleet
Save Game: Extra info added to the save games including Big Bang Seed
Revamped tooltips texts to improve readability
Updated Colony Widget Tooltip style
Added more icons for tooltips


Several framerate optimizations
Fix for lag spike when zooming
The tech tree should now load faster the first time it is opened
Tactical: Optimized ships textures


Revamped stars' visuals to improve clarity

v49.4 Hotfix Notes

Fix for: Star Base tooltip says that multiple Doom Stars can be built in certain supported languages
Fix for: Defense Rating displays wrong

v49.5 Patch Notes

[AI] Fix for: The AI seems to ask for too much for a truce even when on the losing side of a war
[Audience] Fix for: Pressing the Enter key repeatedly when opening the trade table locks the accept deal option
[Tooltips] Fix for: Civilian ship construction tooltip not showing in the production queue for certain languages
[Tutorial] Fix for: switching all 3 colonists to production instead of 1 when the advisor asks to buyout the frigate breaks the tutorial flow
[UX] Fix for: Broken notifications due to missing information in old savegames
[UX] Fix for: The game can crash when double-clicking on a defeated race in the Diplomacy window
[UX] Fix for: The scrap widget disappears too fast in Colony Management

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