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Planescape: Torment 10.12.1999

Пачт Planescape Torment 1.1

Readme for Planescape: Torment Version 1.1


Installation Instructions:


The next window will ask you to specify the

directory into which you wish to extract the

patch files. The installer will automatically

find the path in which you originally installed

Torment and set it as the default destination.

If for some reason you wish to install the

patch in some other directory, just enter

a different path.

Changes from Version 1.0 and Beta 1.1


Below is a list of some of the major fixes made

to Torment in this patch. Many other minor

problems were fixed as well. PLEASE NOTE:

There are some potential spoilers in this list.

Read with caution.

- A number of changes have been made in order

to fix the slowdown problems that have been

occurring. A broken resource servicing loop has

been fixed. An optimization has been made to

rectangle calculations for floater messages to

avoid doing it more often than necessary.

Finally, the capturing and releasing of resource

shares in the AI thread have been optimized.

- The disc swapping bug between CD2 and CD3

(and potentially others as well) has been fixed.

You should not be asked to provide more than

one CD during area transitions.

- After level 20, fighter's Attacks Per Round will

no longer drop to 1.

- The bug where a blank dialog box would pop

up when trying to advance levels has been fixed.

- A cutscene firing problem when first entering

the Dead Nations has been fixed.

- Numerous items that were improperly being sold

for 1cp have had their prices modified.

- Numerous infinite experience and/or copper

bugs were fixed.

- Numerous spells have been fixed in their

interactions with cutscenes as well as player

death and resurrection.

- A number of stats rolling over to 0 have been


- Lockup when leaving Ravel's Maze through

portal should be fixed.

- Interactions between and number of spells and

the Autopause function have been fixed.

- Dakkon is no longer able to equip any weapons

except for his Karach Blade.

- Many spell tweaks have been made.

- Numerous bugs concerning Lothar have been

fixed. He should no longer kill the player

inexplicably nor disappear.

- A problem with equipping a faction-specific

weapon while in multiple factions has been fixed.

- A fix has been applied for the problem of AI

turning off after application of the patch.

- A problem with swapping portraits causing loss

of tooltips has been fixed.

- The problem with mulitple stat bonuses not being

applied that was introduced in the beta patch has

been fixed (the Charisma bug).

*Possible Spoiler

- You should be able to Raise Dead with the

Divine Censer now.

*Possible Spoiler

- A problem with firing off the Fhjull betrayal

cutscene has been fixed.

*Possible Spoiler

- Bringing Morte to the Fortress after keeping

him out of your party for most of the game

should now allow the endgame movie to play


*Possible Spoiler

- Adahn's Dagger is no longer as fragile as it


*Possible Spoiler

- Mebbeth can now cast Remove Curse on

the player.

*Possible Spoiler

- Training in axes with Marquez will no longer

allow you to get past 5 in proficiency.

*Possible Spoiler

- Nordom's infinite dialog loop when helping

Mourns-for-Trees is fixed.

*Possible Spoiler

- A number of problems with Morte's kidnapping

cutscene have been fixed.

*Possible Spoiler

- It is now possible to get fake letters for Juliette

even if the Print Shop is closed to you.

*Possible Spoiler

- Lenny can no longer repeatedly train you as a


*Possible Spoiler

- The Transcendent One should no longer target

your dead companions.

*Possible Spoiler

- Annah's infinite dialog loop when talking to the

dead has been fixed.

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