Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege "Патч v5.3"

Из папки Update, скинуть всё содержимое в корневую папку с игрой. Устанавить по верх v5.2
Для разархивации требуется 2 ГБ ОЗУ


Пауза в пользовательском Лобби.

Во время фазы выбора оператора. Мы добавили кнопку «Пауза» для пользовательского интерфейса, который позволит хосту-игроку организовавшему лобби, приостановить таймер до матча, на этапе выбора оператора. Чтобы использовать эту функцию, хосту нужно будет нажать клавишу [End]/[Start+D-Pad Up], чтобы остановить таймер. Нажмите кнопку еще раз, чтобы возобновить таймер.

Pause Button in Custom Lobby During Operator Selection Phase

We have added a Pause button to the UI that will allow the host of a Player-hosted lobby to pause the match during the Operator Selection phase.

To utilize this functionality, the host will need to press [End]/[Start+D-Pad Up] to stop the timer. Press the button again to resume the timer.


  • Fixed –Barricade pieces remain stuck in place if hit from a perpendicular angle.
  • Fixed –In rare instances, a drone is able to use a dead Attacker’s shield to move the Defuser.
  • Fixed –When deploying a reinforced wall, it is possible to pass through the reinforcement.
  • Fixed –Muzzle brake also hides the flash for side arms.
  • Fixed –When a shield user goes prone while attempting to use an observational tool (drone), the shield will stay equipped while prone.
  • Fixed –In some cases, clipping would cause an Operator’s shield to disappear. This would allow the Operator to be shot through their shield.



  • Fixed –Dropping from any height while holding a breaching charge will make her sidearm invisible.


  • Fixed –Shotgun pellet impacts do not remain on Tachanka’s LMG Shield.
  • Fixed –After destroying the LMG Shield, it will reappear for a few frames.


  • Fixed –Getting kills with Hibana will not count towards and SAT Weekly Challenge.


  • Fixed –Getting kills with Echo will not count towards and SAT Weekly Challenge.
  • Fixed –Yokai drones will sometimes hit an invisible wall when jumping through door ways.
  • Fixed –Yokai drones will sometimes hit an invisible wall when jumping in 2F Geisha Room on Skyscraper.


  • Fixed –Cluster Charges destroy gadgets without destroying breakable floors.


  • Fixed –Black Eye’s remain floating in mid-air when thrown at a broken barricade.


  • Fixed –When a trap is placed on an elevated surface, it will trigger even without vaulting onto it.


  • Fixed –Corrupted animation when equipping a second rifle shield after the first was destroyed.


  • Fixed –Sound effects from her Shock Drone’s taser does not propagate as intended.


  • Fixed –In some instances, Jager’s Magpie devices do not react to Hibana’s pellets.


  • Fixed –Player’s controller will not vibrate when killed by an EDD.

Game Mode


  • Fixed –Players are unable to see who has the Defuser, drop it, or pick it up on Favela.


  • Fixed –Hostage is not able to be revived if the Hostage goes DBNO and clips with the Kitchen Table.

Tactical Realism

  • Fixed –Operators with “launcher gadgets” (Hibana and Ash) do not have feedback when reloading.

Spectator Camera

  • Fixed –When a spectator joins a match in progress, they will not be able to see Tachanka’s LMG Shield.
  • Fixed –Following a player outside, they player can sometimes become invisible to the Spectator.

Level Design

Bartlett University

  • Fixed –Missing camera in Vista Hallway.
  • Fixed –Tachanka has invisible bullet collision at the entrance of 1F Lobby.

Kafe Dostoyevsky

  • Fixed –Users remain stuck in a vaulting animation after vaulting through the 2F Back Stairs window.


  • Fixed –Operators are able to vault through wooden panels and clip inside of a wall.

User Experience

  • Fixed –The shield on Tachanka’s LMG is offset during Kill Cam replays.
  • Fixed –The shield on Tachanka’s LMG is not visible in Support Mode after switching between Tachanka and another Operator.
  • Fixed –Dud range on Hibana’s X-Kairos launcher is still visible for other players, even after it has been turned off.
  • Fixed –Melee kills are displayed as headshots in the kill feed.
  • Fixed –Bandit’s Shock Wire kills are displayed as headshots in the kill feed.
  • Fixed –Kill Camera will sometimes pass through walls.
  • Fixed –In some instances, Operators appear to have raptor legs in the Kill Cam.
  • Fixed –When a player is kicked from a Casual match, they are still able to rejoin it.
  • Fixed –When a player is kicked from a Ranked match, they are able to rejoin the same match if it is still running after their 15 minute ban is
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