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Return to Castle Wolfenstein 20.11.2001

OSP Wolf 0.83

Бета версия 0.83 модификации OSP Tournament mod для Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
список изменений:
0.83 - 19 Mar 03
- Fix: Mouse sensitivity issues with multiview
- Fix: Player view won't snap randomly after coming out of a pause
- Fix: Several internal UI fixups
- Fix: Zoomed with binocs and switching weapons will no longer stop the sway
- Fix: Weapon dropping while scoped with a sniper-rifle issues
- Fix: Leaning/water exploits to get around weapon warmup times (panzer/venom)
- Fix: Grenade explode on touch from dead players (thx Bani!)
- Fix: Team locks follow on team swaps (voted or next round)
- Fix: "zombied" players for slow-loading clients on map change (thx Bani!)
- Fix: RT / respawn message were partially overlapping
- Fix: Invisible flamethrower flames (thx Bani!)
- Fix: Random weirdo player model leans (thx Bani!)
- Fix: Server crashing exploit
- Update: All alternate language UI
- Add: Macintosh build + installer (thanks CannonFodder!)
- Add: Server-side configurable centerview toggle (server_allowCenterview)
- Add: vote_allow_centerview (server-side toggling of centerview voting option)
- Add: callvote centerview - allows toggling the client "centerview" command on/off
Remember, even if the vote for this option is disabled, you can always issue: \callvote centerview (with no parameters) to see the current server setting. This applies to ANY callvote option :p

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