Age of Wonders


AoW Shadow Magic v1.3


FIXES in v1.3:


-When a city with an opposite alignment to your wizard is conquered, you no
longer become neutral automatically.
-Incarnates who possess units in a conquered good-aligned city now no longer
have bad morale or rebel.
-The AI no longer moves stacks of units on and off magic items endlessly when
Item Teleportation is Off.


-Resurrect now works both on friendly and enemy units again.

CHANGES in v1.3:


-The Average Town Setting in the RMG now starts without a Siege Workshop.


-Animate Corpse now gives back 50% (was 25%) of the former units' hits.


-Archon Charioteer now has Holy Strike on Silver medal.
-Archon Saint now has Cost 170 (was 150), Move 24 (was 28).
-Dark Elf Executioner now has Cave Crawling.
-Dark Elf Longbow now has Cost 35.
-Dark Elf Shade now has DAM 8 (was 6), DEF 10 (was 9), Death Protection, Death
Immunity on Silver medal.
-Dark Elf Spider Queen now has DEF 9 (was 10).
-Draconian Crusher now has DEF 8 (was 7).
-Draconian Slither now has RES 8 (was 5), Move 32 (was 28), Forestry, Markmanship
I, II on Silver medal and III on Gold medal.
-Draconian Elder now has Leadership I on Silver medal and II on Gold medal.
-Draconian Flyer now has Charge.
-Draconian Red Dragon has Vision III on Silver medal and Vision IV on Gold medal.
-Dwarf Gargoyle now has Magic Strike.
-Elf Treeman now has Cost 140 (was 150).
-Elf Longbowman now has Cost 35 (was 40).
-Elf Fairy Dragon now has Vision III on Silver medal and Vision IV on Gold medal.
-Frostling Frostwitch now has Cost 80 (was 90).
-Frostling Mammoth Rider now has Move 32 (was 30) and Cost 170 (was 180).
-Halfling Rogue now has Move 28 (was 24), ATT 8 (was 7).
-Human Swashbuckler now has Move 28 (was 24).
-Human Herbalist now has Poison Immunity at Silver.
-Human Knight now has DEF 12 (was 11).
-Nomad Djinn now has DEF 8 (was 7) and Move 32 (was 30).
-Nomad Pit Guard now has Move 32 (was 30).
-Nomad Slaver now has Hits 18 (was 14).
-Orc Abomination now has Forestry.
-Orc Shaman now has RES 12 (was 10), Death Protection, Poison Protection and
Death and Poison Immunity on silver medal.
-Orc Warlord now has Cost 190 (was 200).
-Orc Glutton now has RES 14 (was 12) and Death Immunity at Silver medal.
-Shadow Demon Bombard now has Cost 45 (was 50).
-Shadow Demon Skimmer now has Cost 110 (was 120).
-Shadow Demon Haverster now has Cost 170 (was 180).
-Shadow Demon Brain now has True Seeing.
-Shadow Demon Lord no longer has Holy Weakness.
-Syron Lightning Catcher now has Cost 50 (was 55)
-Syron Rider now has Swimming, Vision I on Silver medal, Vision II on Gold medal.
-Syron Shadow Runner now has Cost 100 (was 120), Move 32 (was 28), ATT 10 (was
9), RES 8 (was 6) and no longer has Vision.
-Syron Changeling now has Cost 120 (was 150) and Phase.
-Syron Warrior now has Cost 180 (was 190) and ATT 13 (was 12).
-Syron Forceship now has Static Shield, Hits 30 (was 26) and no longer has Fire
-Tigran Prowler now has Charge and First Strike on Silver medal.
-Tigran Cat Master now has Cost 80 (was 90).
-Tigran Manticore now has Charge.
-Tigran Sphinx now has Drain Will at Silver medal.
-Undead Death Knight now has Unholy Champion at Silver medal.
-Undead Vampire now has Regeneration and no longer Fire weakness.
-Undead Necromancer now has Cost 150 (was 140), Drain Will, Dispel Magic, Markmanship
I, II on Silver medal and III on Gold medal.
-Undead Dread Reaper now has Pass Wall and no longer has Magic Protection on
Silver medal.

-Air Elemental now has ATT 13 (was 12), DAM 9 (was 8) and Lightning Immunity.
-Bone Dragon now has Hits 20 (was 22) and Dam 8 (was 9).
-Ice Dragon now has Vision III at Silver medal and Vision IV at Gold medal.
-Water Dancer now has DEF 9 (was 10).


-Pixie Dust now has ATT 16 (was 15).
-Grasp now has DAM 15 (was 10).


-Banish Summonend now has ATT 15 (was 12) and DAM 15 (was 12)
-Call of the Forest now has Upkeep 30 (was 50).
-Healing now has Cost 11 (was 12).
-Phoenix now has Research Cost 400 (was 380).
-Purifying Water now has Cost 80 (was 100) and Upkeep 15 (was 20).
-Recall Hero now has Cost 40 (was 50).
-Rot now has Cost 8 (was 10).

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