America's Army


America's Army v2.2.1


Патч наряду со стандартными исправлениями вносит улучшения, отключающие DevMode команды и добавляющие файл pbweb.exe в папку pb для самостоятельно апдейта.
- Updated SF Hospital: Removed M9 from standard loadouts
- Updated SF CSAR: Assault spawnpoints returned to original position
- Updated SF Oasis map: Gameplay balance tweaks
- Fixed training issues in the following training missions: MOUT, M24, and U.S. Weapons
- 'pbweb.exe' added to 'pb' folder for manually updating PB client and server versions
- America's Army registered trademark symbol added to various in-game AA logo graphics
- Default demo added for demo/kiosk mode feature
- Adjustment to disable DevMode commands
- New PB code (scans additional files)
- Change to prevent admins from retrieving players passwords via PB screenshots
- Fixed '-1' server kick exploit

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