And Yet It Moves


Патч And Yet It Moves v1.1.1


Патч для тех, у кого игра от Broken Rules

* tweaked script performance in general
* improved performance of pulsating objects
* some pulsating objects pull the player now
* deleted a lot of unused sounds
* smoother player movement on scaling objects
* improved general performance of collision callbacks
* general performance improvement of time critic situations
* fixed various bugs
* the Performance -> Show all Decoration Layers option is not available any more
* added tenseness sounds in key situations
* added submenu for the playmodes Journey and Speed Run… watch out for more in the future
* adapted the hint images
* menu background is more beautiful - showing the shaded game scene now
* extended the credits sections
* new broken rules logo
* added some missing localizations
* first steam on mac release
* first linux release
* only one score per user is shown in the highscores
* filtering speedruns with ghosts possible
* only saving the top 1000 ghosts

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