And Yet It Moves


Патч And Yet It Moves! v 1.1.5


Changes since version 1.1.1:

1.1.5 - rev. 5558a
fixed an other occurence of the black screen bug, both on mac and pc
starting in windowed mode as default now
showing a dialog that introduces the fullscreen mode on second windowed startup
actual game version now shown in the main menu
fixed a bug where the game crashed while shutting down

1.1.4 - rev. 5504a
fixed a bug where the screen stayed black at startup on macs

1.1.3 - rev. 5710
fixed a problem appearing on Macs with case sensitive file systems
polished icon
setting graphic settings to medium as default for the App Store version

1.1.2 - rev. 5696
achievements also available in demo
pointing out doable achievements in demo
fixed broken achievement: Cheater
changed output directory of console.log to the user folder

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