Anno 2205


Update 2 для Anno 2205


- Fixed several states where the player's Command Ship could get lost.
- Fixed a bug that caused a black screen on startup.
- Fixed an issue where buildings’ output (energy, inhabitants, logistics, etc.) on arctic and moon regions was subtracted from the total count if these buildings were located outside of a shield radius or heat supply while switching between sectors.
Please note: It might happen that your total population, energy production or logistics balance is going to change dramatically depending on the number of buildings affected by this issue!
-Fixed a bug where residences disappeared while being promoted from Executives to Investors.
- Pressing ESC multiple times shouldn't break the corporation creation screen anymore.
- Fixed several random crashes when switching corporations or loading sectors.
- The statue on Viridian Coves can no longer be destroyed by attack drones.
- Fixed several bugs that led to a situation where players were not able to continue with their Sector Projects (drone not showing direction, resources not being picked up by ship, quest objects not spawning, etc.).
- Fixed several bugs that led to a situation where players were not able to complete optional quests because of a broken unloading/towing behavior.
- Construction preview now shows correct logistics values when placing a production building.
- Fixed several minor GUI issues on the Conflict Zone Debriefing screen.
- Fixed a bug where the logistics preview showed incorrect values when constructing a building.
- Onscreen feedback of energy buildings like Fusion Reactor and Gas Power - Station now reflects the proper energy sector balance.
- Adjusted the voting screen thresholds to properly reflect the actual results.
- Adjusted several Infotips.
- Audio: Some UI elements didn't always play a sound on activation - this should be fixed now.
- Audio: Fixed a bug where audio messages in videos didn't stop when the user switched to desktop.
- Audio: The Shield Generator now always plays a sound when being built/destroyed.

All of the above mentioned quest bug fixes should not only be fixed for future corporations but also retroactively for existing savegames.

New Features:
- Christmas is coming! Celebrate this year's holidays with special event quests and a new Christmas tree ornamental.
- Construction preview now lists all gains and costs for every building.
- Effects granted by modules can now be seen within the module object menu.
- Object menu of residences now features the total inhabitants, workforce supply, and generated revenue per building.

- We redesigned the trade route wizard to allow better access to this feature.
- Erasing upgraded residences now also grants a construction refund.
- Conflict zone mission reminder intervals increased to 1h15min.

- Loading processes are now faster and consume less memory.
- Implemented performance optimizations for Intel HD Graphics.
- Enhanced reflections (can be toggled in graphics settings).
- Seas now also have reflections.
- We beautified the sea foam.
- Several other performance optimizations.


  • Скопировать все файлы в корень установленной игры (пример: ''D:\Anno 2205"), setup.exe, setup-1.bin
  • Запустить файл "setup.exe", выбрать нужную папку, и нажать Install(установить), дождаться окончания установки...
  • Скопировать папку Bin в корень установленной игры(пример ''D:\Anno 2205", иначе игра попросту не запустится), запустить и играть.
  • Если Вы не установили Update 1, сделайте это перед установкой второго!
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