Command & Conquer: Generals "Contra 009 Final Patch 1"

Патч для мода Contra 009 final

Contra 009 FINAL PATCH 1 Changelog:

Fixed errors:

- Cyrillic letters were not showing in the chats. Fixed.
- There were some errors in descriptions. Fixed.
- Mismatch error was sometimes triggered when Thor, Comanche, Raven and Helix were engaging paradropping infantry close to them. Fixed.
- Desert Cruiser had low mass, thus flied into the air when hit by shockwaves. Fixed.
- Hatf-III missile decal changes after selecting target. Fixed.
- Infantry Carpet Bombing decal gets smaller after selecting target. Fixed.
- Stinger Drop decal was too large. Fixed.
- Spartan plane's drop decal was using incorrect texture. Fixed.
- Seraph voice was not audible enough. Fixed.
- Hazael and Yan Wang voices were too loud. Fixed.
- Saturn's "ring around the rosies" voice line was too long. Fixed.
- MOAB upgrade buttons were still available. Fixed.
- Phobos and Dominator could gain experience from kills. Fixed.
- Some Cyber units did not receive experience levels from Data Upload. Fixed.
- Satellite Hack I and II used "S" hotkey, which makes Hackers stop hacking, Missile Cyborg used "M" hotkey which was not consistent with other Missile Defenders and some more hotkeys have been fixed.
- Tank general's ECM Tank used incorrect locomotor. Fixed.
- Cyber Nemesis, Harbinger and Vorta had evading pilots. Fixed.
- Ion Plant spawned a moving lightning on death. Fixed.
- GLA Demo Command Truck had High Explosive Payload cameo even though it did not benefit from it. Fixed.
- Data Upload destroyed allied building scaffoldings. Fixed.
- Cyber Gattling Defense System had bullets and muzzle flash appearing from an incorrect spot when attacking aircraft. Fixed.
- Some laser units had Solar Panel upgrade icons even though they were not affected by it. Fixed.
- Passengers did not come out when Technicals were destroyed. Fixed.
- Red square spot was visible near Salvage Plant in some conditions. Fixed.
- Civilian Tech Site structure had some bugs. Fixed.
- F-16XL often refused to fire on close targets because it had a minimum attack range. Fixed.
- The famous Quad Cannon scrap bug from ZH was fixed.
- Demo Scorpion grabbed salvage crate upgrade 4 times instead of 2. Fixed.
- Dolphin suicide planes brought less damage when retargeting. Fixed.
- Amphibious Troop Crawlers had water splash effects while standing still. Fixed.
- USA Amphibious Transport was immune to some weapons like Wyvern bombs and bombardment powers when on land. Fixed.
- Wyvern, Auroras, Dolphin, Pave Low and Luna did not deal damage to units on water. Fixed.
- Dark sky from Weather Device did not appear when enemy used it in the fog of war and did not fully disappear when player used it sometimes. Fixed.
- Cyber Strategy Center had 150% more health than other Strategy Centers. Fixed.
- Demo Palace had 33% more health than other Palaces. Fixed.
- Laser and Cyber Barracks, War Factories and Supply Drop Zones had 25% more health than other Barracks, War Factories and Supply Drop Zones. Fixed.
- Particle Cannons dealt slightly less damage than intended. Fixed.
- GLA AA Radar was capturable. Fixed.
- GLA AA Radar deployed by general's power was undetectable by radars and detectable by engineers. Fixed.
- When a tech structure which has respawned at least once is destroyed in the fog of war, player sees both the live and the debris model. Fixed.
- Karkadann used only one of the turrets when force firing. Fixed.
- CivilianHighrise01 and CivilianHighrise02 were not visible on snow maps. Fixed.
- Other minor fixes.

Balance changes:

- Yan Wang range decreased by 10%. Ability to attack aircraft removed.
- Crop Duster health increased by 30%.
- Strategy Center S&D Battle Plan bonus reduced from 15% to 10%.
- Saturn minimum attack range decreased.
- Dragon Tank turret turns 50% faster (matches chassis turn rate now).
- Cyborg weapon range slightly decreased.
- Toxin Rebel weapon damage slightly decreased.
- Demo Rebel grenade throw rate slightly increased.
- Air Force, Laser and Super Weapon Ranger cost and build time decreased ($300 > $250), (3.0 s > 2.5 s).
- Demo Rebel cost increased ($300 > $350).
- Demo Rebel Biker cost and build time decreased ($450 > $400), (4.5 s > 4 s).
- Toxin Rebel Biker cost and build time decreased ($475 > $400), (4.75 s > 4 s).
- Stealth general's Rebel Biker weapon was too powerful. They use standard Rebel Biker weapon now (same as Assault and Demo).
- Bikers have 20% more resistance to small arms weapons.
- Cyber Dogs have 15% less resistance to small arms weapons.
- Nuke Tank Hunters cost $800 and are trained in 8 seconds (was $700 and 7 s).
- Strategy Center cannon damage decreased by 20%.
- Demo Quad AA mine damage decreased by 20%, range by 10%.
- Demo Scorpion mine damage increased by 15%.
- Aurora Alpha (Air Force general) damage decreased, but damage radius increased.
- Wyvern damage radius decreased, but damage increased.
- Dark Star cost and build time decreased ($900 > $600), (9 s > 6 s). Experience given to enemy decreased as well.
- Removed Terrorists from Demo Ambush and matched Rebel and RPG count with other ambushes.
- Tech Field Tactics Center health decreased (4000 > 2500).
- Laser Burton default and upgraded weapon made stronger. Lightsaber removed, returned knife.

Other changes:

- GLA Boss: Added Luna to command set. It is now buildable in Arms Dealer.
- Thor, Comanche, Raven and Helix can no longer engage paradropping infantry (while in the air). They also cannot attack Alshain anymore.
- Yan Wang's "harder, better, faster, stronger" and "childish engine noises" voices removed as they were too goofy.
- Added locomotor to Panic general's power. The panic areas will slowly move around.
- Removed Rangers spawning from destroyed Ion Plants.
- Nuke Tank Hunters now require Internet Center, but don't require Nuclear Ammo upgrade. The player can train the regular and Nuke Tank Hunters at the same time in Barracks.
- Demo Traps and Chemical Pumps are no longer selectable like units. They cannot be multi-selected, but they are not annoying when selecting Workers next to them.
- Demo scorpion had salvage visuals for both armor and weapon, but only armor upgrade worked. Weapon upgrade removed, now using only armor upgrade.
- New death animations for Thors, Ravens, Harbingers and Vortas.
- Nuclear Storm scaffolding starts off with 10% health.
- Uriel red light pulse effect size reduced.
- Heroic unit state bonuses changed. Rate of fire 130% > 120%. Damage 130% > 140%. Required to fix the Quad scrap bug mentioned.
- Infantry general's Artillery Training GP now affects Grenade Troop Crawlers too.
- Super Weapon general's defense cores are now affected by Defense Training.

Challenge mode:

- Loading screen now plays an ambient sound.
- Yan Wang could be built unlimited amount of times after the Nuclear Ammo upgrade. Fixed.
- Challenge as Air Force general ends after 9th mission (mission against Tank general). Fixed.
- The player now has a $5000 starting cash bonus on all difficulties when playing as any GLA or Nuke in all the missions.
- Air Force Challenge: AI had too many Dark Star (stealth detecting) planes. Fixed.
- Air Force Challenge: Player had $30k starting cash on all difficulties unlike other missions which made Normal and Hard modes too easy. Fixed.
- Air Force Challenge: The nearest wood tower to the west will now be garrisoned. The combat zone will be guarded by 4 Comanches.
- Super Weapon Challenge: She will start using Zone Capture (defense drop) power only if she is losing.
- Super Weapon Challenge: Centurions could get stuck near shores. Fixed.
- Laser Challenge: Game sometimes crashed when Particle Cannon was being fired. Fixed.
- Cybernetic Challenge: New speech for Ironhand.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Improved intro cinematics.
- USA Boss Challenge: EMP Towers are now limited to 1.
- USA Boss Challenge: Leonidas got stuck when spawning from the east side. Fixed.
- USA Boss Challenge: Added missing water reflections on some water areas.
- USA Boss Challenge: The Battleship tilts slightly from the water and no longer titls from shockwaves.
- USA Boss Challenge: He used Ironhand's portrait. Fixed.
- Nuke Challenge: Yan Wang will now go active after Nuclear Storm is destroyed, and will be rebuilt.
- Infantry Challenge: Increased number of infantry in civilian structures and fixed a bunker team.
- Flame Challenge: Decreased lava damage in some places.
- China Boss Challenge: Cinematic camera removed when special enemy hordes arrive.
- China Boss Challenge: The player couldn't build any of her super weapons if he already had one. Fixed.
- China Boss Challenge: The last base got activated if the player destroyed an Artillery Platform or some of the Gattling Cannons. Fixed.
- China Boss Challenge: One of the TV Station strings was missing. Fixed.
- China Boss Challenge: Slightly decreased units in big attack teams.
- Assault Challenge: AI will now use Recycling power.
- Assault Challenge: AI will now use GPS Scrambler properly and target his own units instead of player's.
- Assault Challenge: AI will no longer try to use Emergency Repair. It didn't work properly.
- Assault Challenge: AI used Anthrax Bomb only once. Fixed.
- Assault Challenge: AI used Sneak Attack even if the tunnels were empty. Fixed.
- Assault Challenge: Karkadanns will become active if the player becomes a big threat.
- Assault Challenge: Fixed some problems with teams.
- Toxin Challenge: AI did not use Wasps. Fixed.
- Demo Challenge: There was extreme performance slowdown at the end which even caused the mission not to end sometimes. Fixed.
- Demo Challenge: Intro speech had some problems. Fixed.
- Demo Challenge: A Demo Trap Group was visible. Fixed.
- Demo Challenge: AI ran out of money. Fixed.
- Demo Challenge: Zipper teams did not work. Fixed.
- Stealth Challenge: The two Stinger Soldiers in the north village were unselectable (bug since vanilla ZH). Fixed.
- GLA Boss Challenge: The player could build unlimited amount of Desert Cruisers. Fixed.
- GLA Boss Challenge: If player had a Palace built, he could not build GLA Boss Palace and vice versa. Fixed.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Shaitan Cannon counted towards super weapon limit, thus the player could not build one if he had a super weapon and vice versa. Fixed.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Added missing garrisons to Palaces.
- GLA Boss Challenge: The last AI base now has a changing amount of super weapons depending on difficulty.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Zipper teams did not work. Fixed.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Fixed some pathfinding issues.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Added some missing speech.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Nerfed AI general's powers.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Fixed problems with some teams and added radars around the map.

Skirmish AI:

- Initially all AIs start with no XP bonus. Depending on enemy progress, AI bonus will increase if AI falls behind on Hard and Insane. That way the enemy will not be stuck at rank 1 (case when facing 7 Insanes usually ends up in player destroying rank 1 AI bases using rank 5 stuff). It is still cheating, but a controlled one. AI will have less chance to outrank you, but more chance to catch up.
- AI did not research EMP Warheads upgrade. Fixed.
- GLA Assault, Demo and Toxin AI will get more buildings Camo-Netted and do it more often.
- AI will build one more War Factory if player starts with a lot of cash.
- AI Bixies will now return to base if the dropped tanks are destroyed.


- Tournament City map loads slowly or doesn't load at all. Fixed.
- Forgotten Forest had a badly positioned water reflection object on the river. Fixed.
- Natural Threats and Cold Territory had low supplies in supply docks. Fixed.

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