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Empire Earth 2 26.04.2005

Empire Earth 2 1.20 US

Патч версии 1.20 для американской версии игры вносит следующие изменения:
- New GameSpy lobby
- Added ladder and rankings system
- Added cut / paste functionality to in-game lobby
- Increased character buffer to accommodate longer chat messages for in-game lobby
- Added end-user scenario scripting system
- Added documentation / example for making scripted scenarios (located in Scripting Docs folder)
- Added bonus skirmish maps
- Added an option for a simplified hot key map
- CTRL+ALT+S will save the game
- Ctrl+Alt+Q – quit to main screen from anywhere
- Geography defaults to Random in skirmish setup
- Added Random options for Rivers, Forestation, and Elevation (all default to Random)
- Added an option to save favorite skirmish settings
- Added profanity chat filter
- Improved unit balance
- Animals provide more food
- Wall / tower sections can be selected more easily
- All selected Wall Connectors will now upgrade to Wall Towers when the upgrade is selected, within resource and territory limits
- Fixed bug with Attack Move where Ctrl+Right-Click with an enemy under the cursor was interpreted as an Attack order
- Fixed Helicopters getting stuck on bridges
- Fixed user's online name appearing as (null) to other players
- Fixed incorrect unit titles in stats across multiple epoch games
- Added epoch name to next epoch numerals
- Fixed dead animal reappearing / replaying animation
- Fixed team placement on continents
- Fixed HERCs firing sound / ammo type i
- Game won't launch game if everyone is set as an observer
- Updated art for modern Turkish infantry units
- De-intensified weather effects for better visual recognition of units and buildings
- Disabled scroll reset when new text is added to chat box
- Fixed citizens not continuing to hunt after harvesting an animal
- Improved pathing: units use roads more intelligently now
- Rams are now placed at the front of formations
- Mixed groups of ranged units and rams will no longer cause rams to spin in place when the group is ordered to attack
- Units ordered to attack move which are already attacking something will NOT STOP attacking their target
- Medics ordered to attack move with a group of combat units will now stop as soon as any unit can attack, and will heal their group members
- Improvements to AI building walls / roads
- AI units won't get stuck in Hold Position anymore
- Deathmatch improvement - AI won't autobuild warehouses
- AI won't try to build a wonder if they're under siege
- Fixed bug where AI would start construction of the same wonder multiple times
- AI deathmatch improvement: Devotes less citizens to wall buildings so as to get military buildings up faster
- AI deathmatch improvement: Upgrades units to veteran/elite more frequently

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