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Fallout: New Vegas 18.10.2010

Fallout: New Vegas "Неофициальный патч"

Фанатский проект для Fallout: New Vegas, который исправляет буквально огромное количество ошибок основной игры и всех вышедших дополнений. Совместная работа фанатов игры, представляет собой обширный сборник прямых исправлений игровых ошибок, багов и прочего без добавления или замены оригинальных функций игры.

Версия патча: 11.9.1


Список изменений, который был предоставлен к последней версии патча:

  • Fixed Pacer not returning from the Silver Rush if you decide to wander off with the Van Graff gear while he's talking to Simon.
  • Fixed issue with Silver Rush customers entering the door before they've finished talking.
  • Fixed error in VHDIntakeTowerLegionaryDespawnScript. Reported by KokoJacK1.
  • Fixed an issue with Ranger Station Charlie incrementing the upgraded radio stations counter twice. Reported by ledzepiv.
  • Fixed I Put Spell On You not giving you the objective to return to Curtis after failing to convince Hsu to accept your help because of your reputation. Reported by FunkyHS.
  • Fixed "in the in the trash can" typo and several topics that didn't go away after the quest is over.
  • Fixed Jacobstown's ending for Keene's death not playing. Reported by Spinsk.
  • Corrected Escaped Convicts in the Bison Steve and Primm being named inconsistently. Reported by RoyBatterian.
  • Gave Mick and Ralph's cell ownership to Ralph so he's the one that sells the junk instead of Mick. Suggested by RoyBatterian.
  • Tweaked Hanlon radio fix.
  • Fixed Authority Glasses clipping and distorting, by RoyBatterian.
  • Fixed vault sliding door texture having "101" on it, by RoyBatterian.
  • Fixed Rhonda despawning if you leave the storage building for 3 days without repairing her. This will not fix it if it's already happened.
  • Fixed T-51b Power Helmet not having the Hair biped flag. Reported by mysteriousman121.
  • Fixed Mister Holdout repeatedly greeting you if you're too well respected for his business when he first meets you. Reported by brony71.
  • Corrected weight of 1st Recon beret. Reported by brony71.
  • Corrected weights of Dirty Pre-War Parkstroller and Relaxedwear outfits. Reported by brony71.
  • Corrected 'Old Coot' BeardGoateeWide which was using the wrong texture set. Reported by brony71.
  • Corrected Legion Decanus helmets having the wrong world models and mixed up ranks. Reported by brony71.
  • Corrected mixed up male models for the Chained Prostitute Outfit and Exposed Prostitute Outfit. Reported by brony71.
  • Corrected icon for female Shabby Gambler Suit which was using the cowboy duster icon. Reported by brony71.
  • Corrected icons for female NCR trooper helmets. Reported by brony71.
  • Corrected icon for Lily's gauntlet.
  • Changed icon for the investigator's matchbook from the holotape icon to the more appropriate paper note icon.
  • Fixed missing [SUCCEEDED]/[FAILED] on speech check with Hoover Dam control room guard. Reported by AveryUncreativeusername.
  • Corrected "enhance(r) her flight" typo in player prompt with a Mini Boomer. Reported by rjd1922.
  • Corrected minor punctuation typos with Bruce Isaac and Ranger Milo. Reported by ledzepiv.
  • Fixed Julie Farkas "We also have" "We have also" dialogue mismatch. Reported by ledzepiv.
  • Fixed NCR hit squad not being in the NCR factions. Reported by TheWhiteCr0w.
  • Made NCR hit squad less likely to just stand around after speaking to you. Unfortunately, many of the leader's lines are invalid which is why the screen zooms in and out when you talk to her.
  • Fixed an NCR hit squad member spawning with a Ranger Helmet. Reported by ledzepiv.
  • Fixed Orris shooting the thugs sequence breaking if you pickpocketed him.
  • Fixed G.I Blues NCR troopers still asking for the password after giving you access to the food supply store. Also allowed the second trooper to use the speech check, and added them both to the NCR civilian dialogue faction to fix them having no voice lines afterwards.
  • Fixed Lucius having his Burned Man topic before you've heard about him. Reported by Jeremiahj17. Also fixed Caesar's Burned Man topic.
  • Changed Blade of the East to be repairable with Bumper Swords instead of Rebar Clubs. Reported by lexkun.
  • Fixed some missing words and dialogue mismatches with Pvt. Stone, Ringo, Comm Officer Lenk. and Apprentice Watkins. Reported by hook71.
  • Gave dogtags to General Oliver's guards. Reported by AVeryUncreativeUsername.
  • Fixed the disabled version of Victor in Goodsprings still showing a message and being unlootable if he's dead.
  • Fixed Nellis low intelligence surgery option only checking for 3 specific knives
  • Fixed Lucky 38 Mk I Securitrons not having the Allow PC Dialogue flag. Reported by ledzepiv.(Caravan Pack)
  • Fixed binoculars being at 99.9% condition when given to you at the start. Reported by friqnv.

Fallout New Vegas - Ultimate Edition
Русифицированные .esm

Установка: Через NNM или вручную - скопировать содержимое архива в папку "Data"

Корректный порядок загрузки сторонних модов:


YUP - Base Game + All DLC.esm
остальные файлы ESM, если необходимы
YUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).esp

Автор: Yukichigai

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Все работает, ребят. У меня ранее были вылеты при попытке войти в главное здание в Ниптоне. Сейчас вручную перенес файлы в Data, включил в лаунчере и все работает. Возможно проблема была в том, что игра лицензионная, а все dlc я скачивал отдельно.