Hunter: Call of the Wild "Update 1.2"



  • Changed default speeds for crouch and prone to be slower (use “run” keybind to move faster)
  • Crouching now correctly affects Animal AI
  • Balanced difficulty settings for photo missions
  • Balanced equipment prices in the in-game store
  • Fixed missions so they can be completed with the .270 Warden rifle
  • Fixed issue with “Big Coyote Tour” mission
  • Improved interactions of Points of Interest and Hunting Structures
  • Fixed distance requirement in Sommers mission “The Fox and the Scope” to 200 meters
  • Improved Sommer #2

  • Specified the region where to find the coyote in Vualez “The Werecoyote”

User Interface:

  • Improved feedback for noise in HUD
  • Various fixes for overflows, cutoffs and unlocalized strings
  • Fixed storage freezing when used
  • Harvest screen lists hit starting with 1 now
  • Player placed waypoints can now be seen from any distance
  • Fix for empty Mission Log when switching reserves
  • Fixed a bug where droppings would not correctly indicate time since creation and instead always show "just now" when investigated


  • Added female breathing and damage sounds for player character
  • Added sound for Headlamp when turning it on / off
  • Improvement of UI Mix
  • Improvement of Music Mix
  • Improvement of Bear mix
  • Added Jump sounds for main character
  • Changed rabbits/squirrel navigation sounds
  • Improve animal vegetation passthrough sounds


  • Removed spawn point outside of reserve
  • Various fixes for floating props in the world
  • Fixed issue with proning and looking through the terrain

In Progress
Nearing completion, to be released soon:

  • Adding Exit to Main Menu
  • Crashfix when starting the game
  • Performance improvements after having scanned multiple clues
  • Fix for disappearing animal clues
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