Mobile Forces

Mobile Forces - коды


Horsey - Active cheat commands

(You need to enter this command in order to

use the other commands)

god - God mode

teamgod - God mode for your team members

Amphibious - Breathe Underwater

Fly - Fly Mode

Ghost - Walk through walls

Loaded - Get all weapons

SetTeam - Change Teams (Toggle with 0/1)

Invisible - Invisibility (Toggle with true/false)

KillPawns - Kill all computer controlled players

KillEnemy - Kill all enemies

KillCars - Explode all cars on the level

ExpireCars - Expire all cars on the level

ViewN - Change the camera view to the next player

ViewMe - Change the camera view back to normal

SetJumpZ - Sets the height you can jump

SetSpeed - Sets the speed you walk at

SetWeapons - Set the weapon for each team member to this type

(See summon description for weapon types)

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