NOLF2 v1.2 Take Two


Список изменений:
* Added Deathmatch support.
* Added Dedicated Server support.
* Fixed the Angry Kitty so it can now be shot to detonate.
* Armed Angry kitties are now much more noticeable.
* Added SCMD system for remote server maintenance.
* Changed the color of player chat from white to yellow for better visability.
* Updated input code to handle both gamepad and joystick devices under DirectInput 8.1
* Players should no longer lose thier animations when they die while leaning.
* Player Vehicles will now get removed properly when the level ends.
* Hitting F8 for screenshot will no longer count as "any key".
* Fixed a bug where you could send empty chat messages.
* Fixed the bug that caused the player to play damage FX after they had died while taking special damage.
* Changed server directory listing for internet games to only show the current maps file title, not the full path.
* Adding the same coop mission to the same campaign twice will no longer result in an incompletable level.
* Fixed a bug where objects in certain levels would appear in the wrong place on some systems.
* AmmoBoxes will now dissapear whenever any ammo is removed from them, and then respawn after the specified time with full ammo.
* Fixed a 3d sound issue where select and deselect sounds on weapons would play as if they were coming from the other players.
* Fixed player respawn points to reduce players spawning on top of one another.
* Fixed a bug where weapons would sometimes fail to fire if the fire key was pressed, released and then pressed again too quickly.
* Fixed an issue with the keyboard configuration where assigning some keys would cause others to become unassigned.
* Fixed player hit detection so that players crouched under geometry cannot be killed by shooting above thier heads.
* Tweaked the range of certain weapon sounds.

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