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R.U.S.E. 07.09.2010

R.U.S.E. "Ruse SCBM 0.94D"

Мод добавляет карты из компании.
Изменяет экономику. 
Мод делает игру более сбалансированной.
Мод добавляет у нации "Германия" юнкерс. Или коротко немецкий самолет "Ju-87" с ракетами. Открывается он в 1945 году. Очень мощная штука!

Полное описание изменений на английском

SuperCrumpets Balance Mod: ----------------------------------------------------------- Known problems/bugs: Nuke shell FX doesnt display properly past 1.6km Somemaps broken for FFA/3teams Campaign maps imbalanced Fake Proto/AT base broken for UK/France/Russia AI stuff: Stuff to look into: To do list: update all campaign maps and balance depots: Balance Kasserine pass Depots add Elbe alternate horizontal layout V01 units that might need price/power changes: ----------------------------------------------------------- version 0.94 ----------------------------------------------------------- todo: add nuke bombers? ############################# Experimental Changes: HE/Arty Weapon Damage modifiers A1 x0.2 -> x0.3 A2 x0.1 -> x0.2 A3 x0.05 -> x0.1 A4 x0.025 -> x0.05 A5 x0.01 -> x0.025 ======================== Changes: Economy: Total War HQ $300 ->$400 General/misc: Time to go to move position 1.5->1.4 HP Regen Main 5->6 Timesincenodamageforregen 15->10 Infantry: All Inf Guns damage 8->12 Heavy Inf Build time 10s->6s Light-med inf rifles aoe radius 12m->8m Heavy-Elite inf guns aoe radius 18m->12m Level 1-3 250m Range MGs (30-50cal etc) aoe radius 12m ->8 Level 3-5 300m Range MGs (MG42 etc) aoe radius 18m ->12 Formations: distance between inf units 220->200 (seems to fix para drop bug) Artillery: TimeBetweenSalvo 5s->20s Shotspersalvo 1->4 800m arty dispersion 0.07 -> 0.18 1200m arty dispersion 0.11 -> 0.16 1600m arty dispersion 0.13 -> 0.14 2400m arty dispersion 0.16 -> 0.2 Rocket Launchers: Calliope AOE radius from 25m to 30m Wurfrahmen- Katyusha- OI AOE radius from 25m to 30m Unit turn times: Med tanks 2s Heavy Tanks 4s->3s adv Heavy tanks 6s->4s Super Pershing 4s->3s Super Heavy tanks 9s->6s Tank Destroyers 3-4s ADV Tank destroyers 5s Tank Turret Rotation speed M tanks 1.1 Heavy tanks 0.6 S heavy tanks 0.27->0.4 Aircraft: Experiment change: planes fly at half speed while idle Plane General: Space between planes in group 3000->1500 All Fighter/FB main guns Range 250->300m Bomber Turrets Range 250m->350m Turn Radius: Air recon: Idle 150m ->120m 540kph Fighter/bomber: idle 210m ->150m 630kph Fighter/bomber: idle 225m ->160m 720kph Fighter: idle 240m ->180m JU87: idle 225m ->150m Me262: idle 300m -> 225m Arado: idle: 300m ->225m Light bomber: idle 300m ->180m Heavy Bomber idle -> 200m Nation Prices: USA: Willys $10 -> $8 Greyhound $30 -> $25 AT M1 $8 -> $10 adv AT M5 $15 -> $12 Priest $35 -> $45 M40 $50 -> $65 Longtom $100-> $120 T95 $80 -> $85 P47 $32 -> $35 GER: kubelwagon $15 -> $12 sdkfz $25 Puma $40 -> $35 AT Pak36 $04 -> $05 adv AT Pak40 $20 -> $16 MAUS $90 -> $95 Haubitze75mm $15 -> $20 Haubitze150mm$50 -> $60 Morser $105-> $130 Stug $25 ->$35 Sturmtiger $55 ->$70 UK: acmk1 $30 -> $25 acmk2 $35 -> $30 AT 2pdr $8 -> $10 adv AT 17pdr $20 -> $16 Ary Bunker $25 -> $35 Sexton $30 -> $40 Howitzer87mm $25 -> $30 Howitzer140mm$40 -> $50 AVRE $45 -> $60 FRA: FR barracks $25 -> $20 H39 $15 -> $12 panhard $30 -> $25 ebr $40 -> $35 SAU40 $30 -> $35 AT 25mm $04 -> $05 Adv AT 47mm $15 -> $12 FCM F1 $90 -> $95 Cannon 75mm $10 -> $12 GPF 150mm $50 -> $50 ARL 40 $35 -> $45 ITA: autoblinda43 $30 -> $25 Cannon 75mm $15 -> $20 Obice 210mm $95 -> $110 M75 $20 -> $30 M105 $30 -> $40 RU: ba11 $20 AT 45mm $8 -> $10 adv at Zis3 $15 -> $12 IS3 $90 -> $95 Arty Bunker $25 -> $30 H Arty Bunker $45 -> $55 Pushka $40 -> $50 ISU 122 $25 -> $35 Gaubitsa203mm $100-> $125 JPN: kurogane $10 aov $30 OI $80 Type35 75mm $10 -> $12 KU-SE $20 -> $30 HA-TO $50 -> $60 ----------------------------------------------------------- version 0.93C ----------------------------------------------------------- Todothisversion: all ai - better rush defence Nerf italy? polish Air: rebalance gun range/accel/decel/alt&climbrate for new turn radius ============================================================================ Ideas/experiment changes: Nerf recon to force players to use more ruses Buff road speed bonus so roads actually matter alot. MAPS: Strongholds Turned into 4player map with 2 extra depots Depot income from $16/40s ->$12/30s Nukedepot income $20/30s ->$12/30s Admins $150 ->$200 Nukeadmins $300 -> HQs $220 ->$300 1942 HQs $300 ->$400 NukeHQs $400 -> General changes: more AI tweaks distance to auto retreat from 200m to 180m planes per airfield from 10 to 8 order distance to use roads from 500m to 400m Time to go to attack position from 2 to 2.2 Artillery: 800m arty dispersion 0.07 -> 0.1 1200m arty dispersion 0.11 -> 0.13 1600m arty dispersion 0.13 -> 0.16 2400m arty dispersion 0.16 -> 0.2 Unit speed/roadspeeds/speedbonus: light inf 28/50 ->28/60 (0.8->1.2) heavy inf 24/38 ->24/60 (0.5714286->1.5) para inf 28/51 ->28/60 (0.83->1.2) willy 47/61 -> greyhound 43/50 ->43/60 (0.16->0.4) kubel 47/61 -> sdkfz 39/49 ->39/60 (0.28->0.55) acmk1 31/40 ->31/60 (0.29->0.95) acmk2 36/50 ->36/60 (0.388->0.67) panhard 31/40 ->31/60 (0.29->0.95) ebr 39/50 ->39/60 (0.28->0.55) autoblinda40 36/44 ->36/60 (0.22->0.67) autoblinda43 39/50 ->39/60 (0.28->0.55) ba11 24/34 ->24/60 (0.41->1.5) kurogane 28/34 ->28/61 (0.21 -> 1.2) aov towed AT 24/44 ->24/60 (0.83->1.5) lightarty 24/44 ->24/60 (0.83->1.5) mediumarty 1.6 24/40 ->24/60 (0.66->1.5) heavy arty 2.4 24/36 ->24/60 (0.5 ->1.5) rocketarty trucks 24/44 ->24/60 (0.83->1.5) towed AA 24/44 ->24/60 (0.83->1.5) flak88 24/40 ->24/60 (0.66->1.5) Nukes 24/36 ->24/60 (0.5 ->1.5) M16 31/47 ->31/60 (0.52->0.95) Breda 90mm truck 31/44 ->31/60 (0.419->0.95) laffly 32/46 ->32/60 (0.468->0.9) ----------------------------------------------------------- version 0.93B ----------------------------------------------------------- ============================================================================= Ideas/experiment changes: Nerf recon to make gameplay more about decieving the enemy which was the original point of the game by making it harder to see exactly what is going on. make roads more important to give abit more depth to maps: increase roadspeedbonus by ?? ============================================================================== Building prices: US GER UK: Armour base $40->$35 FR ITA: armour base $20->$25 RU JPN ##################### Unit prices: USA: willys $6->$10 Greyhound $20->$30 T95 $90->$80 P47 $35->$32 Ger: kubelwagon $10->$15 sdkfz 222 $20->$25 Puma $30->$40 MAUS $100->$90 JU87 G2 $55->$50 UK: ACmk1 $22->$30 ACmk2 $30->$35 FR: Panhard $20->$30 EBR $35->$40 FCM F1 $100->$90 ITA: autoblinda40$15->$20 autoblinda43$20->$30 carro veloce $8->$10 carro M11 $10->$12 RU: BA11 $15->$20 ZSU AAA $20->$25 IS3 $100->$90 JPN: Kurogane $5->$10 A.O.V $20->$30 OI $90->$80 #################### backup Note:light inf 28/50 ->28/60 (0.8->1.2) Unit speed/roadspeeds/speedbonus: light inf 28/50 ->28/70 (0.8->1.5) heavy inf 24/38 ->24/60 (0.5714286->1.5) para inf 28/51 ->28/60 (0.83->1.2) willy 47/61 -> greyhound 43/50 -> kubel 47/61 -> sdkfz 39/49 -> acmk1 31/40 -> acmk2 36/50 -> panhard 31/40 -> ebr 39/50 -> autoblinda40 36/44 -> autoblinda43 39/50 -> ba11 24/34 -> kurogane 28/34 -> aov towed AT 24/44 ->24/60 (0.83->1.5) lightarty 24/44 -> mediumarty 1.6 24/40 -> heavy arty 2.4 24/36 -> rocketarty trucks 24/44 -> towed AA 24/44 ->24/60 (0.83->1.5) flak88 24/40 ->24/50 (0.66->1.1) M16 31/47 -> Breda 90mm truck 31/44 -> laffly 32/46 -> ----------------------------------------------------------- version 0.93A ----------------------------------------------------------- General: ----------- Depots from 5 trucks $5 each truck every 60s $25/convoy $25/min to 4 trucks $4 each truck every 40s $16/convoy $24/min ----------- AI tweaks Chipsize multiplier from 1,45,20000 to 1,45,17000 Nuke arty scalewithvisibility range coef from 4 to 6 and chipsize radius from 770 to 1800 and height from 200 to 600 Unit Prices: USA: MG nest from $20 to $15 Airborne from $15 to $12 GER: MG42 bunker from $20 to $15 Fallschirmjager from $15 to $12 UK: AT bunker from $30 to $25 Arty Bunker from $30 to $25 Paratroopers from $15 to $12 FR: Chasseurs-paras from $10 to $8 D520 from $20 to $25 ITA: Folgore from $15 to $12 RU: Heavy arty bunker from $50 to $45 Desantniki from $10 to $8 Yak3 from $20 to $25 JPN: AA: MAA turret rotation speed from .9 to .8 Air: Roll Rates: all air recon from 1 to 3 all light bombers from 1 to 2 all heavy bombers from 1 to 2 all para transports from 1 to 3 all basic fighters from 3 to 4 all basic fighter bombers from 2 to 3 all med fighters from 3 to 5 all med fighter bombers from 3 to 5 all adv fighters from 4 to 6 Me262 from 5 to 7 Arado234 from 2 to 4 Ju87s from 2 to 3 Turn Radius: every .2 for fighters is 30m from center or 60m from 1 side to opposite side of circle Plane turn Radius (V=Vanilla) Germany Ju87 VX1.8 to 1.5 Me109 Vx1.8 to 1.5 Me262 Vx2.2 to 2 HE111 vx2 Arado vx3 USA p40 vx1.6 to 1.4 p47 vx1.8 to 1.5 p51 vx2 to 1.6 B25 vx2 B17 vx2 FR MS406 vx1.6 to 1.4 D520 vx1.8 to 1.5 Guppy vx1.6 to 1.5 Amiot vx2 == ITA MC200 vx1.8 to 1.5 MC205 vx2 to 1.6 Sparviero vx1.8 to 1.5 P108vx2 UK Spitfire vx2 to 1.6 Hurricane vx1.6 to 1.4 Typhoon vx1.8 to 1.5 Welly vx2 lanc vx2 RU I16 vx1.5 to 1.4 Yak3 vx1.8 to 1.5 IL2 vx1.6 to 1.5 pe8 vx2 JPN A6m vx1.7 to 1.4 Shinden vx2 to 1.6 Suisei vx1.6 to 1.5 Renzan vx2 ============== Paratroopers: Para Plane note* transport planes take around 17 s to climb to alt 250m at pitchangle .25 All Transport planes: Altitude from 250m to 300m RadiusApproach from 150m to 100m RadiusApproachAttackGround from 150m to 80m All paratroopers recon range from 400m to 500m so they cant be ambushed in forests by other infantry AirRecon: detection range from 750m to 900m idle turn radius from 200m to 150m all turn radius values above 150m lowered to 150m ----------------------------------------------------------- version 0.92S ----------------------------------------------------------- MAPS: Monte cassino all depots updated! General: AI Tweaks and Tests overall Health regen from 4 to 5 time since no damage for regen from 20 to 15 Forest damage multiplier from .5 to .6 Forest detection cover bonus from 350m to 300m all ground recons -50m recon range and UK recon bunker from 1.1km to 1km Level 1-3 250m Range MGs (30-50cal etc) aoe radius from 16m to 12m Level 3-5 300m Range MGs (MG42 etc) aoe radius from 24m to 18m Formations: Space between air units from 1000 to 800 Space between infantry units from 200 to 220 Infantry max line length from 2700 to 3000 (about 330m/15units with 220 space) Economy: Depots from $50 to $60 in all standard gamemodes (to slow down the early-mid game eco without affecting mid-late game) Standard gamemodes start money from $300 to $250 Nuke mode start money from $800 to $500 Unit Prices: Ger: Marder from $20/15 to $20/20 FR: Laffly from $10 to $15 ITA: Semovente from $15 to $20 ----------------------------------------------------------- version 0.92R01 - Redo bc crashes ----------------------------------------------------------- Maps: Monte Cassino HQ start positions updated Economy: HQ/admin income from $20/min to $25/min (hq from $1/3s to $5/12s, depots spawn +1truck) this also means depots have more total money General/misc: AI tweaks - mainly less cheats and should be better at deciding when to attack All Tank destroyers with turret, Turret rotation speed from .17 to .5 Rocket arty: Calliope and Katyusha rockets damage from 300 to 350 Calliope AOE radius from 30m to 25m Wurfrahmen AOE radius from 60m to 45m katyusha AOE radius from 40m to 30m OI tank rocket aoe radius from 30m to 25m Nation unit prices/specific stats: USA: M16 aa from $15 to $18 Ger: MG bunker from $25 to $20 Morser from $110 to $105 Ju87g2 from $70 to $55 Arado from $50 to $55 FR: aa/at bunker from $20 to $25 ITA: P26 from $30 to $35 Lanciafiamme from $10 to $15 JPN: HO-RI from $65 to $60 A6m zero from $22 to $25 Air: Bombers bomb dispersion from .1 to .05 (to fix bomber damage vs HQ) All para planes turn radius from 300m to 150m and idle radius from 300m to 150m, takeoff distance from 400m to 250m ----------------------------------------------------------- version 0.91D ----------------------------------------------------------- General/misc: Chipsize multiplier from 1,50,20000 to 1,45,20000 All Tanks turret rotation increased by 60% AA guns turret rotation from .7 to .9 MAA guns turret rotation from .6 to .9 Bunker AA turret rotation from .6 to .8 FCM F1 AA turret rotation from .45 to .7 Economy: Nuke mode HQ/Admin income from $30/min to $40/min ($1 every 2s to $2 every 3s) Nation unit prices/stats: USA: AA bunker enabled in 1939 Super pershing enabled in total war Greyhound from $25 to $20 P47 from $30 to $35 GER: UK: Paras build time from 10s to 13s Typhoon from $50 to $45 FR: ITA: 90mm bunker from $50 to $45 Obice from $90 to $95 RU: airfield from $80 to $90 JPN: HO-RI from $55 to $65 OI from $80 to $90 Airfield from $70 to $80 ----------------------------------------------------------- version 0.91c ----------------------------------------------------------- General/misc: AI tweaks MorphtimetogotoAttackposition from 2.5 to 2 MorphtimetogotoMoveposition from 1.75 to 1.5 (most important is infantry will get back into their jeeps after combat faster!) FB dodge fixed by speeding up FB bombs 3x AutoretreatDistance from 230m to 200m AutoretreatDistancecombat from 510m to 450m (recon might not stop themselves getting shot by 500mrange but should no longer stop themselves getting inrange to recon properly) dispersionmultiplier while moving from 3 to 2 seconds between 2 takeoffs and landings from .5s to .8s timetobestealthedafterreveal from 10s to 8s Building build time from 10s to 7s min build time from .6s to 1s (buggy unit collision when you have that many units coming out of bases that fast) Infantry: all inf Rifles Damage from 7 to 8 Light-medium weapons AOE radius from 15m to 12m Heavy-elite weapons AOE radius from 20m to 18m All grenades speed from 150 to 250 H inf grenades from 100dam to 150dam aoe from 5m to 8m Level 1-3 250m Range MGs (30-50cal etc) aoe radius from 20m to 16m Level 3-5 300m Range MGs (MG42 etc) aoe radius from 30m to 24m AA: light-med AA range from 650m to 600m Arty: all 800m-2.4km arty Reload time from 7s to 5s Unit/building prices: UK: sexton research cost from $25 to $50 140mm arty research cost from $50 to $25 Air: Air autoattack distance for fighters/FBs from 1100m to 900m Distance to fly after strafe before being able to move "Lengthattackup" from 500m to: 450kph plane to 125m 540kph plane to 150m 630kph plane to 175m 720kph plane to 200m 830kph plane to 230m ACCEL/DECEL: airrecon/bomber to 1500/1500 ME262 max decel from 500 to 1000 ADV fighters max decel from 1000 to 1500 All fighters/FBs Ground attack acceleration & Decel swapped except fighters accel from 32500 to 18000 fighters Decel from 26000 to 32500 Fighterbomber accel from 20800 to 15600 fighterbomber decel from 15600 to 20800 ----------------------------------------------------------- version 0.90b ----------------------------------------------------------- General/misc: AI tweaks - AI should be alot more aggressive now unit chip size modifier to 1,50,20000 some Formations made slightly tighter to improve collision detection. nukemode min build time from .6s to 1s units turn speed increased (for 180 turn): light inf/para from .5s to .15s med inf from .5s to .2s heavy inf from 1.5s to .4s sniper/flameinf from 1.5s to 1s note, tank destroyers in vanilla have around 4s to 6s turn time recons from x3 to x2 (average from 1.5s to 1s) light tanks from x3 to x2 med tanks from x3 to x2 heavysuper/Heavy tanks/protoheavy tanks from x2 to x1.5 (avg Sheavy from 12s to 9s, 6s to 4.5s for heavy) MAPS: Montecassino updated, 18 depots moved to north/northeast Economy: HQ from $200 to $220 and $300 in 1942 Nuke mode Depot from $80 to $60 Nuke mode Hq/admin income from $20/min to $30/min Nuke mode all Nuke bases from $400 to $300 Infantry: all grenades to 5s reload and aoe radius from 10m to 5m Assault guns: normal assault guns dam from 150 to 180 heavy assault guns reload time from 10s to 8s Rocket Arty: Calliope (30shotsalvo) price from $80 to $100 AOE radius from 40m to 30m sdkfz 251 Wurfrahmen (6shotsalvo) price from $50 to $60 damage from 1000 to 800 dispersion from .09 to .1 Katyusha (15shotsalvo) Price from $60 to $80 damage from 390 to 300 OI TANK Rocket Launcher (15shot salvo) reload time from 2min to 1min dam from 100 to 120 Unit/building prices: USA: Bofors from $10 to $12 Super Pershing from $70 to $65 Ger: 20mm aa from $10 to $12 King tiger from $80 to $75 JU87 G2 from $80 to $70 and strafe attack timebetween shots from .5s to .33s seigfried bunker from $55 to $50 UK: UKBofors from $12 to $15 UKProto base from $100 to $80 France: 25mmaa from $10 to $12 Maginot bunker from $50 to $45 Italy: 20mm breda AA from $12 to $15 Russia: 37mm AA from $10 to $12 JPN: Chi-Ri from $35 to $40 ---------------------- BUILD TIMES: INFANTRY: Para's to 10s Germ para to 12s Light inf&reconinf to 5s Medium inf to 6s Heavy inf to 10s Russian Heavy inf to 11s Konoe to 7s Sniper/fire to 15s RECON: Willy to 6s greyhound to 10s Kubelwagon to 6s SDKFZ to 12s Puma to 20s UK AC mk1 to 10s UK AC mk2 to 15s Panhard to 10s EBR to 20s Autoblinda 40 to 8s Autoblinda 43 to 12s BA-11 to 8s Kurogane to 6s A.O.V to 20s AA Guns: Bofors to 8s M16 to 12s M19 to 25s Flak20mm to 8s Flak 88mm to 20s Wirbelwind to 30s UK Bofors to 8s SKink to 30s Camel to 8s Breda20mm to 8s AA 90mm to 22s M15 to 25s Breda 90/53 to 25s AA37mm to 8s ZSU-37 to 15s Type 88 75 to 15s TA-SE to 30s ARTY: Priest to 15s M40 to 30s Longtom to 80s Calliope to 60s Haubitze 75 10s Haubitze 150 to 30s Morser to 80s Stug to 12s Sturmtiger to 30s Wurfrhamen to 40s Howitzer 87 to 10s Howitzer 140 to 20s Sexton to 20s AVRE to 30s cannon 75 10s cannon 155 30s ARL40 to 30s Cannon75 to 10s OBICE 210 to 70s M75 to 15s M105 to 30s PUSHKA to 30s ISU-122 to 15s GAUBITSA to 60s KATYUSHA to 40s Type-35 to 10s KU-SE to 15s HA-TO to 40s Tanks: Stuart to 6s Chaffee to 12s M3 Lee to 5s Sherman to 15s Pershing to 60s SuperPershing to 60s T95 to 90s Crocodile to 30s Panzer3 to 6s Panzer4 to 20s Panther to 30s Tiger to 60s King Tiger to 70s MAUS to 90s Vickers to 5s Cruiser to 6s Cromwell to 12s Matilda to 15s Churchill to 30s H39 to 5s S35 to 10s SAU40 to 20s B1 Bis to 15s ARL44 to 60s FCM F1 to 90s Carro Veloce to 4s Carro M11 to 6s Carro M13 to 5s Carro M15 to 15s P26 to 25s LanciaFiamme to 15s T26 to 6s T34 to 15s KV1 to 30s IS2 to 45s IS3 to 90s HA-GO to 4s Chi-HA to 10s Chi-NU to 15s Chi-Ri to 25s OI to 70s AT guns/TDS: M1 to 6s M5 to 12s Wolverine to 12s Jackson to 20s Pak36 to 5s Pak40 to 15s Marder to 15s Jagpanther to 25s AT 2 pdr to 6s AT 17 pdr to 15s Archer to 10s Firefly to 20s AT25mm to 5s AT47mm to 12s Laffly to 10s Lorraine to 20s AT47mm to 6s Semovente to 12s AT45mm to 6s AT76mm to 15s SU-85 to 10s SU-100 to 25s Type1 47mm to 6s HO-RU to 8s HO-RI to 30s Planes: AIR Recon: Grasshopper to 15s Storch to 20s Anson to 20s Potez to 20s CR42 Falco to 25s Niemen to 20s Susie to 25s P40 to 15s P47 to 20s P51 to 30s B25 to 15s B17 to 30s Me109 to 20s Me262 to 40s Ju87 to 20s Ju87G2 to 30s HE111 to 20s Arado234 to 40s Spitfire to 30s Hurricane to 15s Typhoon to 25s Wellington to 20s Lancaster to 30s MS406 to 15s D520 to 20s Guppy to 15s Amiot to 20s Mc200 to 18s Mc205v to 30s Sparviero to 15s P108 to 30s Ishak to 12s Yak3 to 20s IL2 to 25s Pe8 to 30s A6m2 Zero to 15s Shinden to 30s Suisei to 20s Renzan to 30s ----------------------------------------------------------- version 0.89a ----------------------------------------------------------- Economy/main buildings: HQ from $350 to $200 Admins from $200 to $150 Secondary HQ from $60 to $50 Nukemode Secondary HQ from $120 to $100 Depots from $100 to $80 General: Super Heavy Tanks HP from 500/300 to 500/400 (HP/RetreatHP) move order distance to use roads/turnaround from 750m to 500m nukemode timetostealth after reveal from 5s to 10s (somehow forgot to change that) time between truck spawns in convoy from 1s to 1.2s building truck turn times from 3s to 2s Unitchip size multiplier from 1,60,24000 to 1,60,21000 Infantry Unit chip sizes change from 385 to Light inf 200 Medium inf 250 Heavy inf 300 Paras/special inf 350 Time limit table changed to: 10 15 20 25 30 45 60 90 Totalwar time per era in unlimited time from 30mins to 22.5mins (vanilla is 15mins) Ruses: Fake assault ruses make more fake units Ratio for infantry for Fake offensive from .7 to .5 Fakeoffensive min 6 - max 10 Fakeairassault min 5 - max 7 FakeTankassault min 4 - max 6 Nukemode Fakeoffensive min10 - max 14 Nukemode Fakeairassault min 6 - max 8 Nukemode FakeTankassault min 8 - max 12 Arty: all arty to 7s reload time Unitprices&specificstats: USA: willy from $8 to $6 Germany: SturmTiger from $50 to $55 Sdkfz 251 Wurfhramen Nuke mode research from $25 to $50 UK: Firefly from $40 to $35 ITA: Falco from $40 to $35 P108 from $25 to $30 and research from $25 to $50 JPN: Type 88 from $20 to $25 Air: aircraft guns from 200m range back up to 250m range as its effects were too powerful and more than expected plane auto attack air distance from 1.25km to 1.1km except ME262 ----------------------------------------------------------- version 0.88b ----------------------------------------------------------- Economy: Normalgamemodes start money increased from 250 to 300 Nuke mode start money from 1k to 800 45 sec for new ruse card admins from $400 to $300 HQ from $600 to $400 Nukes from $800 to $900 General: Admin HP from 750 to 500 AI Tweaks Retreat speed modifier from .5 to .75 Forestcoverbonus from 380m to 350m Infantry now stand infront of tanks in unit groups (trying to use tanks as meatshields for inf is as silly as using a queen as a meatshield for pawns.) Infantry: Heavy and elite infantry weapons AOE radius from 15m to 20m light/med inf turn time to .5s Hinf turn time to 1.5s Legionnares speed&turntime increased to light inf speed Sniper vision range from 400m to 550m Ruses: durations Blitz from 1min to 1min30s fanat from 30s to 45s terror from 1min30s to 2m Spy from 30s to 45s Arty: all arty to 8s reload time AVRE/Sturmtiger/M105 Assault gun damage from 340 to 450 and reload from 8s to 10s Dispersion 800m 0.1 to 0.07 1200m 0.14 to 0.11 1600m 0.16 to 0.13 2400m 0.2 to 0.16 Rocket Arty: Calliope (30shotsalvo) price from $60 to $80 damage from 120 to 300 Min range from 400m to 300m (to improve its behavior when attacking with main gun) sdkfz 251 (6shotsalvo) price from $35 to $50 damage from 520 to 1000 (can kill armour3 in 1salvo) Dispersion from .125 to .09 Katyusha (15shotsalvo) Price from $30 to $60 damage from 240 to 390 dispersion from .18 to .14 Unit Prices and specific stats: USA: Super Pershing to $70 speed to 58kph, turn time from 6s to 4.5s, research cost to $40 Jackson from $25 to $30 M40 back to $50 Germany: Sigfried bunker from $45 to $55 Panther from $40 to $45 Sturmtiger from $40 to $50 UK: AVRE from $40 to $45 Sexton from $35 to $30 Anson from $40 to $30 wellington from $30 to $25 and speed from 450kph to 350kph (so theres a good reason to pick both welly and lanc, welly for cost effective firepower and lanc for survivability. before the welly was totally pointless after getting lanc) France: Maginot Bunker from $40 to $50 Legionnares from $10 to $9 EBR from $25 to $35 ARL40 from $25 to $35 Italy: 90mm bunker from $40 to $50 Semovente M43 105 Assault gun armour lv back to 2 Russia: Il2 from $35 to $40 KV1 from $35 to $40 IS2 from $45 to $50 Nukemode IS3 research from $50 to $100 Japan: Flameinf to $15,flamethrower cant be used while moving, satchel charges range increased to 80m. reload time from 8s to 10s and Damage from 600 to 2000 Ha-go build time from 7s to 5s Chi-Ri from $30 to $35 BUild times: Light infantry from 8s to 6s Med infantry from 10s to 8s Heavy infantry from 16s to 12s Russian light inf to 9s and H inf to 18s B25 from 25s to 20s ------------ AIR: ------------ All fighters& fighterbombers ammo capacity doubled. All plane AA guns range from 230m to 200m climbrates/maxpitchangle (higher is faster but worse): Basic 540kph fighters/FB .32 med 630kph fighters/FB .3 Adv 720kph fighters .25 ME262 .2 Airrecon .25 lightbomber .25 medbomber .25 heavybomber .25 Arado .2 paratransport .25 --------------- Plane altitudes: Basic 540kph fighters/FB 65000/250m med 630kph fighters/FB 78000/300m Adv 720kph fighters/FB 91000/350m Me262 117000/450m Airrecon 104000/400m lightbomber 65000/250m medbomber 78000/300m heavybomber 91000/350m (Pe8 400m) Arado 91000/350m paratransport 65000/250m ---------------- Acceleration/decel: basic fighters/FB to 1800/4400 p40 MS406 guppy mc 200 Saetta Hurricane I16 il2 suisei med fighters/FB to 2400/3300 me109 P47 D520 sparviero Typhoon Yak3 a6m zero adv fighters/FB to 3600/1000 P51 mc 205 Veltro Spitfire Shinden Me262 to 3000/500 Arado to 2500/1000 Ju87's to 1500/4000 and Ground attack decel halved Airrecon/bombers/paraplane to 1000/800 ------------ Turn Radius: original turn radius varies for each plane with several parameters but is around 300m for a full circle while idling for most fighters. Plane turn Radius (V=Vanilla) Germany Storchvx2 Ju87 VX1.8 Me109 Vx1.8 Me262 Vx2.2 HE111 vx2 Arado vx3 USA Grasshopper vx2 p40 vx1.6 p47 vx1.8 p51 vx2 B25 vx2 B17 vx2 FR Potez vx2 MS406 vx1.6 D520 vx1.8 Guppy vx1.6 Amiot vx2 == ITA Falco vx2 MC200 vx1.8 MC205 vx2 Sparviero vx1.8 P108vx2 UK Anson vx2 Spitfire vx2 Hurricane vx1.6 Typhoon vx1.8 Welly vx2 lanc vx2 RU Niemen vx2 I16 vx1.5 Yak3 vx1.8 IL2 vx1.6 pe8 vx2 JPN susie vx2 A6m vx1.7 Shinden vx2 Suisei vx1.6 Renzan vx2 Allparaplanes allparameters to 300m/600mfull ----------------------------------------------------------- version 0.87 ----------------------------------------------------------- Test/experiments: ------------------------------------ to test: ------------------------------------- test Changes: All Planes Air to air guns Accuracy from 100% to null and angle dispersion to 10 (30 real) - broken still 100% acc?! All air to air guns range from 300m to 230m ====================================== ========================= AI tweaks Auto Retreat distance from 250m to 230m and combat retreat dist from 520m to 510m arty dispersion fixed (1.2km and 1.6km were wrong way around) arty reload time to 10s, 2.4km arty to 15s Bunkers: fragile bunkers hp from 750 to 500 resistant bunker hp from 1500 to 1000 V resistant bunker hp from 2500 to 2000 FR Bunker moved below HQ in menu Infantry: weapon damage from 5 to 7 JPN flamethrower inf satchels set to indirect weapon, can be thrown over things MGs: 250m MGs splash dam radius from 30m to 20m 300m MGs splash dam radius from 40m to 30m AT guns: light AT from $5 to $4 med AT guns from $10 to $8 adv at guns from $10 to $15 $15 AT guns from $15 to $20 Tanks: Proto Super Heavy tanks (armour5 500m range guns) HP from 400/200 to 500/300. pershing level gun takes 9hits to kill from 7hits T28/95 MAUS FCM F1 IS3 (maybe king tiger later) Nations building/unit prices and build times: USA: M3 Lee build time from 15s to 10s JacksonTD from $20 to $25 T95 from $80 to $90 P51 from $25 to $30 Germany: Panther from $35 to $40 MAUS from $120 to $100 Marder from $15/10 to $20/15 Jagpanther from $30 to $40 Ju87G2 from $60 to $80 research from $50 to $100 Me262 from $35 to $40 UK: ACmk1 recon from $20 to $22 Archer TD research time fixed (from 0 to 50s) Firefly Research price to $100 &$40 each Churchill gun back to 400m range, price to $40, research to $50, build time from 60s to 40s, year to 1942+ AT bunker from $20 to $30 Tank base from $30 to $40 AT base from $30 to $35, $25 to $30 in 1942 Spitfire from $20 to $25 Typhoon from $40 to $50 Lancaster from $30 to $35 France: H inf back to $10 with elite weapons and 350 pinned hp lorraine from $25 to $30 Italy: P26 from $25 to $30 Breda 90mm Truck from $25 to $30 semovente TD from $20 to $15 and armourlv back to 1 Mc205 Veltro from $25 to $30 Carro Veloce from $10 to $8 and build time from 10s to 5s Carro M11 build time from 8s to 10s carro M13 build time from 15s to 10s Carro M15 build time from 20s to 30s Russia: KV1 from $40 to $35 and $40 in 1939 IS2 from $35 to $45 IS3 from $90 to $100 SU100 from $25 to $35 Japan: A6m2 Zero from $25 to $22 Ho RI back to armour5 and from $30 to $55 OI from $70 to $80 and: Rocket launcher range from 0m to 800m, damage from 60 to 100, time between salvos from 10s to 120s. shootwhilemoving disabled Shinden from $30 to $35 Air: Para planes pinned HP from 400 to 300 (actually affects real HP as well, Tank para planes fixed now) me262 strafe guns fixed and do normal damage again Ju87 G2 AP cannons changed to damage type 7&100 dam/same damage as adv AT/pershing guns with 6shots Light Bombers Speed adjusted: B25 from 450kph to 500kph HE111 from 450kph to 500kph Amiot from 360kph to 400kph Acceleration/decel: basic fighters/FB to 1500/5200 p40 MS406 guppy mc 200 Saetta Hurricane I16 il2 suisei med fighters/FB to 2000/4000 me109 P47 D520 sparviero Typhoon Yak3 a6m zero adv fighters/FB to 3000/1000 P51 mc 205 Veltro Spitfire Shinden Me262 to 3000/500 Ju87's to 1000/4500 ----------------------------------------------------------- version 0.86E ----------------------------------------------------------- Changes: all gamemodes Time limits changed to 15m 20m 30m 40m 50m 60m 90m 120m doesntdisplayinmenuyet and Total war no time limit lasts 30mins each era HQ building can be built in 1942+ and price to $350 AI tweaks ADV AT gun ranges fixed-back to 500m Fake AT/Proto base ruses disabled since theyre broken for 3 nations. All Building Trucks turn time from 1s to 3s to stop fighter bomb dodge exploit UnitChipsizemult to 1,30,20000 Autoretreat distance from 200m to 250m AutoretreatDistanceTriggerincombat from 500m to 520m MAPS: Center of Gravity FFA mid players moved to side cities. Treason all players moved back and rurther apart to make FFA playable Units: UK: Churchill Tank to $75 research year 1945+ build time from 70sec to 60sec Outpost Bunker Vision Range from 1250m to 1100m Russia: Pe-8 from $35 to $30 Air: Air recon RetreatHP from 250 to 200 ----------------------------------------------------------- version 0.86c ----------------------------------------------------------- ==================================== TEST/EXPERIMENT CHANGES: game mode settings: Forest Cover Bonus from 300m to 380m (how much forest lowers recon distance, at 400m recon sees 500m in forests and only past forest edge from within 500m. can be ambushed by adv AT guns) BaseCamera.ndf TShakecameramanager set to disabled 6TIngameCameraMoverKeyboardTranslation forward,backward,up&down power all from 1 to 2 (faster camera movement) ==================================== Changes: ------------------------------ General: AI Tweaks AI gets alot more cheat money Secondary HQ price to Ј60/Ј120 Supply depot from Ј40 to Ј50 selection Unit chip force one stack reenabled (turns into a mess with alot of units and causes lag, not worth knowing exactly where theyll go) Formation horizontal lengths decreased to double their original value formation Distance between units increased for Planes, decreased for most other units groups of Units being unable to move close to certain objects mostly fixed for infantry Plane Radar icon ScaleWithVisibilityRange_Coef from 6 to 5 FFA colour black back to pink Nuke mode Time limit's changed to: 15m 20m 30m 45m 60m 90m 120m 180m doesnt display in menu yet ------------------------------- Ruses: NEW RUSES! Fake AT base Fake Proto Base both fully functional and can make Fake units normally Camo and radio silence Hotkeys auto moved to B and N Fake Building Ruses and Fake units Ruses length increased from 3mins to 5mins Reverted intel from 3mins to 5mins ------------------------------- Buildings and Bunkers: Bunker HP to fragile 750 resistant 1500 V resistant 2500 ITA 90mm bunker to resistant HP Airfields to 1500hp -------------------------------- MAPS: 2 "new" hidden operations enabled single player versions of coop operations added. Monte Cassino: updated HQ's All Depots from 30 to 40 total convoys Depots updated: 10/56 -------------------------------------------------- Game mode settings: -HP regen to .4 (plane regen at .2) -Timesince no damage normal&combat from 30s to 20s -Airfields max planes from 8 to 10 -Building build time from 5s to 10s -AutoretreatDistanceTriggerincombat from 550m to 500m -Timetobestealthedafterreveal from 20s to 10s -minorderdistancetouseroads from 1km to 750m -MorphTimeToGoToAttackPosition to 2.5sec -MorphTimeToGoToMovePosition to 1.75sec -------- Countries: US GER UK: Archer back to Ј25 research FR: ITA: RU: JPN: Type 88 75mm AT/AA to 550m range Infantry: all inf guns damage from 20 to 5 Inf gun AOE radius from 10m to 15m Satchel charges thrown at double speed Bazookas reload time from 2/3 sec to 7/8 sec AA guns: towed AA/ZSU from 750 to 650m range AA Turret rotation speed from 0.4 to 0.7 Armoured AA and Bunker AA rotation speed from 0.4 to .6 Arty: 2.4km arty to 1shot/10s 1200m arty Dispersion from .16 to .14 Nuke Arty Angle Dispersion to 0.15 AIR: JU87 G2 to Ј60, ground attack decel from 200ish kph to 300ish kph All fighters&fighterbombers Ground attack length from 500m/300m to 600m/500m for Bomb Fighterbombers and fighters 650m/500m for rocket fighter bombers ----------------------------------------------------------- version 0.85 ----------------------------------------------------------- =============================== Test/Experiment Changes: TEST MONEY ENABLED options menu use golden chip dependencieschain to null original class/instance 16:80-doesnt enable goldchip =============================== AA Guns Dispersion from 0 to 0.1 ACC moveAcc AOE range 10m ============================ ------------------------ Changes: AI Tweaks Spacebar Event Camera speed massively increased, max cam alt increased. more events stored and for 1min instead of 30sec ------ Ruses: Blitz back to 50% speed boost ---------- Nuke Arty: Ј800 each Build time from 60sec to 600s Splash damage radius from 125M to 300M (from center,600m Full) Damage from 18,000 to 2Million Range from 1.6km to 3km min range from 650m to 1.5km ROF from 1shot/2mins to 1shot/5mins Angle dispersion from 0.1 to 0.08 Shell speed from 55000 to 40000 Notes on Nukes: Takes around 25sec to reach target at full range Has Bug that makes shells invisible when fired past 1.8km range --------- Infantry: Inf guns: 10m AOE radius angle dispersion Pistol/light 0.2 med 0.2 heavy/elite 0.2 pistols double damage Acc pistols/light 90% medium 80% heavy/elite 70% Accwhilemoving 70% pistols/light 60% med 50% heavy/elite Paras 500hp 400retreathp Sniper cant shoot while moving Tunitbehaviordescriptor changes (closer tighter unit formations to make clearer where each individual inf is in big blobs) Dispersionmax from 620 to 420 SoldatsDistanceMin from 500 to 300 Dispersion from 500 to 300 Firingunitratio from 0.6 to 0.8 --------------------------------- AIR: Air recon price from +100% to +50%ish (prices are all rounded up or down) Air recon FM: circling radius from 250m to 200m moving turn radius from 300m to 250m Roll accel from 1 to 1.5 Air recon HP from 300/200 to 500/250 Para planes HP from 200/200 to 300/300 Bombers: Light bombers HP from 400/200 to Heavy bombers Hp from 400/200 to Airfields from +100% cost to +50% US 120 to 90 GER 100 to 75 UK 80 to 60 FR 130 to 100 ITA 110 to 80 RU 120 to 90 lowered again to 80 JPN 90 to 70 ---------- FM tweaks: Plane turn Radius (V=Vanilla) Germany Ju87 VX2.4 Me109Vx2.2 Me262Vx2.7 He111Vx2.5 AradoVx4.5 USA p40vx2 p47vx2.3 p51vx2.5 B25vx2.5 B17vx2.8 FR MS406vx2 D520 vx2.2 Guppyvx2.2 Amiotvx2.5 ITA MC200 vx2.2 MC205 vx2.5 Sparviero vx2.3 P108 vx2.8 UK Spitfire vx2.5 Hurricane vx2 Typhoon vx2.3 Welly vx2.6 Lancaster vx2.8 RU I16 vx 2 Yak3 vx 2.2 IL2 vx 2.2 PE8 vx 2.8 JPN A6m vx2.2 Shinden vx2.5 Suisei vx2.3 Renzan vx3 ---------------------- BUILD TIMES: INFANTRY: Para's to 15sec Light inf&reconinf to 8s Medium inf to 10s Heavy inf 5s to 16s Russian Light inf to 6s Russian Heavy inf to 15s Sniper/fire to 20s RECON: Willy to 8s greyhound to 15s Kubelwagon to 10s SDKFZ to 20s Puma to 30s UK AC mk1 to 15s UK AC mk2 to 25s Panhard to 15s EBR to 25s Autoblinda 40 to 10s Autoblinda 43 to 15s BA-11 stay at 10s Kurogane to 10s A.O.V to 20s AIR Recon: Grasshopper to 20s Storch to 30s Anson to 20s Potez to 30s CR42 Falco to 25s Niemen to 20s Susie to 25s AA Guns: Bofors to 10s M16 to 15s M19 to 30s Flak20mm to 10s Flak 88mm to 30s Wirbelwind to 40s UK Bofors to 10s SKink to 50s Camel to 8s Breda20mm to 10s AA 90mm to 30s M15 to 30s Breda 90/53 to 25s AA37mm to 8s ZSU-37 to 20s Type 88 75 to 25s TA-SE to 50s ARTY: Priest to 25s M40 to 50s Longtom to 90s Calliope to 120s Haubitze 75 10s Haubitze 150 to 40s Morser to 80s Stug to 20s Sturmtiger to 40s Wurfrhamen to 60s Howitzer 87 to 15s Howitzer 140 to 25s Sexton to 25s AVRE to 30s cannon 75 10s cannon 155 30s ARL40 to 30s Cannon75 to 15s OBICE 210 to 90s M75 to 20s M105 to 30s PUSHKA to 30s ISU-122 to 20s GAUBITSA to 80s KATYUSHA to 60s Type-35 to 15s KU-SE to 20s HA-TO to 40s Tanks: Stuart to 10s Chaffee to 20s M3 Lee to 15s Sherman to 30s Pershing to 80s SuperPershing to 85s T95 to120s Crocodile to 60s Panzer3 to 10s Panzer4 to 40s Panther to 60s Tiger to 90s King Tiger to120s MAUS to150s Vickers to 15s Cruiser to 12s Cromwell to 35s Matilda to 20s Churchill to 70s H39 to 15s S35 to 25s SAU40 to 40s B1 Bis to 30s ARL44 to 90s FCM F1 to120s Carro Veloce to 10s Carro M11 to 8s Carro M13 to 15s Carro M15 to 20s P26 to 40s LanciaFiamme to 20s T26 to 10s T34 to 30s KV1 to 40s IS2 to 60s IS3 to 90s HA-GO to 7s Chi-HA to 15s Chi-NU to 25s Chi-Ri to 35s OI to 90s AT guns/TDS: M1 to 10s M5 to 20s Wolverine to 15s Jackson to 25s Pak36 to 8s Pak40 to 20s Marder to 25s Jagpanther to 35s AT 2 pdr to 10s AT 17 pdr to 20s Archer to 20s Firefly to 25s AT25mm to 10s AT47mm to 20s Laffly to 15s Lorraine to 25s AT47mm to 10s Semovente to 20s AT45mm to 10s AT76mm to 20s SU-85 to 20s SU-100 to 40s Type1 47mm to 8s HO-RU to 15s HO-RI to 30s Planes: P40 to 20s P47 to 30s P51 to 35s B25 to 25s B17 to 45s Me109 to 30s Me262 to 60s Ju87 to 30s Ju87G2 to 50s HE111 to 30s Arado234 to 60s Spitfire to 40s Hurricane to 25s Typhoon to 40s Wellington to 30s Lancaster to 50s MS406 to 25s D520 to 35s Guppy to 25s Amiot to 30s Mc200 to 25s Mc205v to 35s Sparviero to 30s P108 to 40s Ishak to 12s Yak3 to 22s IL2 to 30s Pe8 to 30s A6m2 Zero to 25s Shinden to 40s Suisei to 30s Renzan to 50s ------------------------------------- BothGamemodes: reverse distance from 150m to 250m Combat Reverse Distance 550m MorphTimeToGoToAttackPosition to 3sec MorphTimeToGoToMovePosition to 2sec Min Build time from 1 to 0.6secs 30sec before HP regen Min order distance to use road 70m to 1KM Combatzone radius 100m to 1km Autoenterforestdistance from 50m to 20m Time between each supply truck to 1.2sec (affects how many trucks a plane strafing run can destroy with splash dam) --------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- version 0.84 ----------------------------------------------------------- ------------- Test/experiment Changes: INFANTRY: Light inf to Ј3 Calliope rockets damage 60 to 120 Wurframen dam 375 to 520 Katyusha dam 105 to 240 -------------------------- changes: -------------------------- Turret Rotation speed halved for All armed Recons,Tanks and Tank destroyers AA Rotate speed lowered 20% Arty 5sec reload Admin 750hp morphtimetogotoattack&move position from 1.25 to .1 - less input lag/more responsive units General Nation Changes: USA: Super pershing enabled - UK: Lanc Ј50 research AT bunker enabled in 1939 Proto Base Ј100 Churchill to Armour Base Ј50 research 1942+ Ј45 each Firefly Ј130 research Ј30 each - JPN: Chi Ri Ј75 research AT bunker from 42+ - Unit&building prices: USA: Super pershing to Ј65 UK: Bofors Ј12 ITA: 20mm breda to Ј12 ----------- Gamemodes: -HQ/admin gives Ј1 every 3sec (Ј20/min) Normal: HP regen to 4 60sec for Ruse Nuke Mode: 40sec for ruse HP regen to 1 Depot 4 trucks Ј5 every 30secs Secondary HQ Ј100 Time limit min to 15min max to 2hours (doesnt show in menu.) ----------- -------------- Planes Recon planes to 300hp Fighter Guns 300m range Me262 large cal Ground attack MG's Ground attack MG's AOE from 20m to 25&30m FM tweaks: planes circle at full speed Plane turn Radius (V=Vanilla) Germany Ju87 VX3.2 Me109Vx2.4 Me262Vx3.2 He111Vx3 AradoVx6 USA p40vx2 p47vx2.6 p51vx2.8 B25vx3 B17vx5 FR MS406vx2 D520 vx2.4 Guppyvx2.6 Amiotvx3 ITA MC200 vx2.4 MC205 vx2.8 Sparviero vx2.6 P108 vx4 UK Spitfire vx2.8 Hurricane vx2 Typhoon vx2.6 Welly vx4 Lancaster vx5 RU I16 vx 2 Yak3 vx 2.4 IL2 vx 2.6 PE8 vx 5 JPN A6m vx2.4 Shinden vx2.8 Suisei vx2.6 Renzan vx5.5 Heavy bombers idle turn radius capped at 500m --------------- --------------- MISC: Plane Radar icon size increased ScaleWithVisibilityRange_Coef from 4 to 6 No units replace their basic counterpart anymore except Super Pershing Wider Max Formations Tformationconstantes"LargeurLigne" from 4000 to 6000 Inf jeep turn speed doubled Ai Tweaks -------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- version 0.83 ----------------------------------------------------------- TESTS FM update p40 vanilla X2 p47 vanilla X2.4 p51 Vanilla X2.8 me262 vanilla X3.2 engaged 260000 to 124800 engage 65000 to 41600 apprengage 65000 to 74880 appr&apprattkgrnd 117000 to 104000 Lengthupattack from 300m to 400m rollaccel from 4 to 2 All Fighters/Fighterbombers Looping accel to 20% looping decel X10 ---------- MAP CHANGES ---------- Dday rewardid set to null it shouldnt need Uplay reward to unlock now but im unable to test it. Dday Team3 HQ moved 3teams enabled for all 6player maps Ardennes map Name changed to seige of bastogne bastogne HQs moved a bridge too far HQ spawns moved -------- Changes: -------- infantry turn times (180) light 1s medium 1s heavy 2s para 1s inf transport jeep 2s originals all inf 0.01 transports 0.4 Inf weapons splash damage & angle dispersion: pistols 23m AOE AD 0.12 light weapons 23m AOE AD 0.12 med weapons 23m AOE AD 0.12 heavy weapons 23m AOE AD 0.12 elite weapons 23m AOE AD 0.12 90% acc while moving MG's splash damage 250m MGs 30m AOE 1AD 300m MGs 40m AOE 1AD ----------------- --- UK: firefly Ј35 Outpost 1km to 1.25km detectionbase &Ј15 --- Jap: konoe Ј4 --- FR: Sau40 Ј30 B1 Bis Ј30 in 1939 H inf Ј8 --- ITA: Autoblinda to Ј15 upgraded no longer a replacement -- planes Accel to 20% for all Decel 10% for para plane recon plane bombers Fighter guns to 250m range bomber turrets to 300m -Todo turn radius & altitude tweaked P51 P47 rollratiospeed tests p51 0.1 to 0.9 plane auto air attack from 1km to 1.25km -- AI tweaks Ruse card info updated blitz to 1m spy 30s ---- Originalmodesettings ---- EnemyPlanRevealTime to 15 secs 13 TempsPulseDecryptagePause from 1.5 to 5 16 TempsPulseDecryptageFadeOut from 2 to 15 ---- Nukemodesettings ---- Ј1000 start money depot gives Ј10 per truck 4 trucks Ј40 every 1mins for Ј40/min Admins enabled Nuke mode prices HQ Ј600 admin Ј400 Depot Ј100 Nuke bases to Ј400 HP regen to 4 Blitz to 25% boost MultiplicateurDegatInfligeParLeJoueur_facile/Moyen/difficile to 2 TEST MultiplicateurSeuilPinnedEtMort all dividedby 10 bothseemdisabled ----------------------------------------------------------- version 0.82 ----------------------------------------------------------- more ai tweaks Arty AOE radius doubled back to vanilla Arty ROF from 4shots/20sec to 1/10sec Rocket arty timebetweensalvo's from 20sec to 60sec Calliope 80sec Rocket arty 50% more damage Calliope 40 to 60 Katyusha 70 to 105 Wurf 250 to 375 Admins to 1500hp from 250hp rocket FBs 1/3rd dispersion ---------------------------- Planes and Air ---------------------------- Double Airfield cost &Hp to 2000 air recon 200hp all double price Light,medium &heavy quad mg aa guns (dps 18/23/28)range 550m to 750 ----------- FM tweaks ----------- planes halved turn radius while idle (circling) half idle speed Fighters Fighter bombers bombers Air recons lowered by 50m all planes 10% acceleration ----- RUSES ----- Durations: Blitz 1m fanat 30s terror 1m fake base fake units general/armour/air spy 30s decrypt 2m radiosilence 3m camo 3m revertintel 3m ------------------- GDconstant changes ------------------- original ------------------- timebetween2landings to .5s Fake air assault Ruse min&max fakes +1 should maybe make germany make more than fake stukas RatioMultiplicateurPinnedProtectionForet 0.6 to 0.5 Start money to 250 DistancePourDeclencherMarcheArriere 26000 to 39000 /100m 150m DistancePourDeclencherMarcheArriereEnCombat 130000 to 143000 /500m 550m TimeToBeStealthedAfterReveal 10 to 20s ---- TEST ---- RegenerationPinnedHorsCombat 10 to 3 disabled shoottokill AA FacteurRegenerationPinnedAvion 0.75 to 0.5 -------------------------------------------------------------- Nuke mode -------------------------------------------------------------- Ruses: 5 start ruses 30sec for ruse -------------- timebetween2landings to .5s Dispersion for shooter while moving from 1.25 to 4 Fake air assault Ruse min&max fakes +1 should maybe make germany make more than fake stukas RatioMultiplicateurPinnedProtectionForet 0.6 to 0.5 Start money to 250 DistancePourDeclencherMarcheArriere 26000 to 39000 /100m 150m DistancePourDeclencherMarcheArriereEnCombat 130000 to 143000 /500m 550m TimeToBeStealthedAfterReveal 10 to 20s ---- TEST ---- RegenerationPinnedHorsCombat 10 to 5 WaitingTimeToFocusTargetWithMainOrientationWhenShootable from 2 >6 Disabled shoottokillAA FacteurRegenerationPinnedAvion 0.75 to 0.5 ----------------------------------------------------------- version 0.8 ----------------------------------------------------------- CAMPAIGN MAPS ADDED TO MULTIPLAYER, PREVIEW VERSIONS SO DONT COMPLAIN ABOUT BALANCE. Supply trucks 4 trucks per convoy Ј5 each 60sec between convoy for Ј20 every 60s 500-600 per depot Nuke mode = Ј10 per truck All nukes to Ј300 Nukes half ROF to 1shot every 2mins all ruses half duration Ruse points for ruse halved to 30 Pawndrawer force1stack turned off Dispersion for shooter while moving from 1.25 to 3 timebetween2landings to 1.2s PLANES: plane ghost altitude to 80,000 ALTITUDES: default alt 52k all para planes alt 70k all basic fighters 70k all med fighters 80k all adv fighters 90k Me262 104k Arado 104k all fighter bombers 70k all adv fighter bombers 80k all Recon planes 120k all light bombers 70k all heavy bombers 90k MAX PITCH ANGLE (affects climb rate) Recon planes 0.12 para planes 0.12 basic fighters 0.14 med fighters 0.16 adv fighters 0.18 Me262 0.2 Arado 0.16 Fighterbombers 0.14 adv fighterbombers 0.16 light bomber 0.13 heavy bomber 0.11 Speed stats no longer a complete lie speedfakefactor from 18 to 11 weaponfakefactor is 10 btw black and pink swapped: original pink #EDB5FFFF black #212121FF new black #000000ff N ------------------------------------------------------------ Version 0.75 ------------------------------------------------------------ AI easy mode settings to hard mode med to hard+ hard to hard++ ju87 G2 bigger to make it easy to tell diff between it and normal ju87 units turn times lowered: recons x3 light tanks x3 med tanksx3 heavysuper/Heavy tanks/protoheavy tanks:x2 all planes Flight model tweaked all planes takeoff speed half of top speed HQ buildable just bc i felt like it at Ј300 fighter/fighterbomber auto attack to 1km planes see 1.5km spitfire tests auto attack 1.2km test 10x max decel 10% loopingaccel 100xloopingdecel ground attack decel 26000 to 39000 more AI tweaks Distance between units: Arty to 550 planes to 850 from 500 recon to 500 AA guns to 500 Units: UK Sexton to Ј35 Germ Maus Ј100 500HP 300hp retreat hp to make it worthwhile over just making King tiger JPN TD HO ri Ј30 HA To Ј50 OI to Ј70 --------------------------------------------------------- version 0.7 --------------------------------------------------------- FFA ADDED TO ALL MAPS maps with broken FFA (not enough hq spawns) Guns and tulips (2ppl only) Nuke winter 2 scrum (turns into the border FFA) twilight turns into 1vs1 vesuvio 1vs1 djebel 1vs1 ------------------------------------------------------- all AI profiles improved, mostly Regular Blitz (best 1vs1 ai) Turtle ------------------------------------------------------ horizontal line formation increased by 2x to remove pointless micro for all units AT gun distance between units to 400 Infantry: inf are now alot easier to micro Infantry distance between units from 150 to 250 Light inf and heavy inf speeds swapped light faster in combat and can sometimes escape heavy inf paras fast as light in combat and outrun heavy inf 1040 1560 8 & 12 kph for combat speeds ----------------------------------------------------------- planes: planes can see 2km away instead of 800m planes auto attack other planes from 1.5km away FBs auto attack ground targets 1km away all fighters and fighter bombers have half their turn radius while attacking planes ------------------------------------------------------------ Other: all AA guns .5 rotate speed from 3.5 MAA 4 sec turn time from 1 sec UK&ITA AA to Ј10 more AI tweaks biggest diff is AI will actually make decent amount of inf More ADV units no longer replace their basic counterpart most ADV Tank destroyers no longer replace Basic TD UK arty bunker has 1500 hp Germ Morser to Ј110 ITA Obice to Ј90 90mm Bunker to 3000hp semovente 105 25 (adv assault gun) upgraded to armour 3 and no longer replace basic bc it was a literally useless unit and no reason to upgrade to it JPN Chi nu no longer replace Chi ha TaSe Ј30 ----------------------------------------------------------- RUSES: Spy lasts 2min propaganda 3min DOESNT SHOW IN MENU YET ----------------------------------------------- Game modes: P51 from 1945+ only ----------------------------------------------- gdconstanteoriginal changes SeuilDecrocheDCA 100 to 150 seconds between 2 takeoffs from 3 to 1 Blitz nerfed to 25% speed boost, doesnt display in Ruse description. (Blitzaccelratio 1.5 to 1.25) start money to 225 60 army value for ruse from 50 (original 70) ----------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ Vr 0.5 ------------------------------------------------------------ Main: (tiaprofile/128) AI tweak testing: Consider stack as one enemy turned off w Ruses: 3 starting ruses Planes: All Bomb FBs groundattackdelay from .5s to 1.5s Should be impossible to dodge them now. reflex attack distance from 600m to 1km, 2km for me262 109 and 262 only atm radius Engaged: turn radius while being chased in combat radius Engage: turn into enemy after merge/headon Radius Approach Engage: moving towards enemy plane to attack Radius Approach: normal movement ALL TEST VALUES Plane Turn Radius meters: standard all para planes 300m US: grasshopper: 350 P40 300 P51 400 P47 350 B25 350 B17 400 Ger: storch 350 262 500m me109 350m stuka 400 (same for G2) ju52 para 300 He111 350 Arado 550 UK: anson 350m Spitfire 350 hurricane 300 Typhoon 350 Wellington 400 Lancaster 400 Italy: Falco 350 Mc200 350 Mc205 400 Sparviero 350 P108 400 Russia: niemen R10 350 I16 300 Yak3 350 Il2 350 PE8 400 France: Potez 350 MS406 300 D520 350 Guppy 300 amiot 350 Japan: Susie 350 Zero 300 Shinden 400 suisei 300 Renzan 400 Roll rates Recon&bombers 1 basic fighters 2 med Fighters 3 adv fighters 4 USA: Super pershing disabled as ppl cant get it or DDay map anymore so its imba having a unit for only some ppl. Sherman Calliope Ј60 FR H inf to Ј7 -------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- VR 0.2: ------------------------------------------------------------- Start Money to 300 test Admin Price doubled to 200 500m range Heavy tanks price up by 50%ish good luck trying to admin spam in FFA now all arty/assault guns 50% splash damage radius Heavy arty no longer replaces light arty after research 2.4km Proto arty and Nuke arty double cost except Italy obice Infantry: Heavy inf no longer replaces light inf after research, heavy inf costs Ј6 light inf cost Ј4 this means light inf actually have a role ingame now since you can have 1 inf in 3 places for the same price as 2 heavies in 2 places which makes them better for harassment. Bunkers: Bunker Building Health: All Fragile bunkers 1000hp from 250 all resistant bunkers to 2000hp from 750 all Very resistant bunkers to 3000hp from 1500/2000 Bunker Unit Health same as above ITA 90mm bunker gets 4000 HP USA: Willy Ј10 Pershing 28kph Ј60 S pershing Ј70 T90 Ј80 Japan: OI tank Rocketlauncher 0 range Ј80 HO RI TD armour 4 a6m2 Zero Ј25 630kph Great Britain: Recon bunker Ј10 AT bunker adv AT gun & resistant hp Tank base: Recon MK1 Ј20 Cruiser Ј15 Cromwell Ј25 research Matilda Ј20 AT base : Archer no researh Proto: Churchill gun shoot IS2 ammo/450m range Skink No research Ј40 France: B1 Bis Ј25 ARl44: Ј65 FCM:Ј100 Germany: Tiger Ј60 King Tiger: Ј80 75 research no longer replace/req tiger ITALY: Semovente TD armour 2 Russia: IS3 Ј90

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Мод не мой. Создатель мода "SuperCrumpets"


Обожаю эту игру, в течении 3 лет ждал моды, спасибо большое за мод)


Дмитрий Доценко И Я собираюсь еще выкладывать моды которые нахожу на сайт


icecold9911 Карты , карты, много много карт!!!!! давай больше карт - нам с друзьями уже приелись карты на 8 игроков (2 карты всего)


Scaba2007 Так этот мод добавляет карты из кампании,а они очень огромные и на 8 игроков


icecold9911 нам нужны просто карты, а не мод

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vektor4 И так. Во первых "SuperCrumpets" еще с 2015 разрабатывал мод (Это на данный момент последняя версия). Во вторых "SuperCrumpets" залил на известный сайт модов для Европы. В третье я в осенью пытался и написали что не достаточно информации. Еще-раз попробовал и опубликовался.