Silent Hunter 3 15.03.2005

Silent Hunter v1.1 US (Digital Distribution)


Патч изменяет меню карьеры, исправляет некоторые проблемы при игре по сети и также вносит ряд исправлений, касающихся графического исполнения игры.
Changes and Additions
1. Career menus were changed. "Continue Career" button was removed.
2. The "German Cross in Gold" will now be visible on crew.
3. Workaround for NVidia bug mentioned in the Readme (now it will be possible to switch on /off the particle systems using "Ctrl+P")
4. The career "Save& Exit" was modified: now it will be possible to save the game and "Exit to Menu" without adding unnecessary saved games.
5. The possibility to return to base from any situation while in a career patrol was changed. The sub will be able to return to base only if is undetected and at surface.
Changes and Fixes
1. The graphic artifacts that appeared on crew were removed
2. The crew that remains on watch while underwater was fixed
3. The multiplayer disconnection problems were fixed
4. Anti sub net in-game model was repaired
5. The ordnance units are now loaded in editor with the "savable" flag on
6. Several non-existent patrol destinations have been fixed.
7. Submarine's rudder disappears when destroyed
Multiplayer Issues
1. If you have activated your Personal Firewall (which is coming with SP2 on Windows XP) or other firewall software, you might encounter connection problems when starting in multiplayer mode for the first time. Your firewall software might block the game when connecting to other game servers or might block other players to connect to the server you’ve just created.
Therefore when running the game in multiplayer mode for the first time, be sure you allow the game to use the connection it needs by unblocking it from the firewall settings. Pay attention that in case your game is running in full screen, you will not be able to see the dialog box which the “Personal Firewall” is popping up right after entering in multiplayer sessions list, so you need to use the Alt+Tab keys to switch to this dialog box.
2. During multiplayer, even if the Silent Hunter III version 1.0 is compatible with the Silent Hunter III version 1.1, we highly recommend to play the game with the same server version.

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