Silent Hunter 3 15.03.2005

Silent Hunter v1.3 (EU (Digital Distribution))


Патч, вносящий в игру ряд улучшений.
Now external camera is linked to the U-boat using “,” and “.”
• New order for Chief Engineer - Periscope depth
• Torpedo tube ready message and voice is now active
• View to heading order implemented using key “-“
• Head to view order implemented using key “=”
• Fixes a bug where the oxygen was not replenished using snorkel
• Fixes some bugs to dials in command and sonar room that display wrong information
• A new advance plotting mode is available (thanks to Akifumi ”Jiim” Nojima)
• Fixed a bug to the waypoint plotting system
• The crush depth for all submarines has been corrected
• Submarine damage model has been improved
• Now Liverpool and Firth of Clyde are in the correct position
• T II torpedo range bas been corrected
• Type XXI torpedo loading speed had been corrected
• More radio messages from BdU had been added
• Escorts ASW attack methods have been improved
• Escorts spawning issue was solved. Now the convoys will be better protected.
• Navigation tutorial issue solved: there are no more sudden explosions on boats
• Gramophone issue was solved: it will be available now while the in-game music was switched OFF.
• Side of the detected ships is no longer revealed by radar or sonar
• UZO view by night was improved
• N-Vidia workaround was improved. First time when the user (with N-Vidia) uses UZO the spray bug will appear. If the user uses Ctrl+P that option will be stored in the main.cfg file and will not be necessary to switch off again that particle system (cause the main.cfg will be updated). The Ctrl+P now is linked only with the particle system from the sub so the other particles in the game will not be affected. When you will exit to free camera or any other view the particle system from the sub will be automatically restarted and the player will not have any issues related to it. After this the player can enter/exit UZO station without any other worries about Ctrl+P.
We didn't make this ON by default because there are the users of ATI cards that have no need of this workaround.
The N-Vidia users can also add in the main.cfg in video section, this line:
• Un-checking the event camera in video settings now disables it regardless of the setting in the realism menu. The "no event camera" option in that menu is grayed out to reflect this.

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