Tyranny "Update"

Quest Fixes:
- Hostile characters in Duskwatch will no longer become invincible.
- Cut-scene will correctly trigger when killing the Voices of Nerat.
- Bleden Mark will correctly appear in Ashweald if the player returns the Magebane Helm to Eldian.
- It is no longer possible to have insufficient Power to cast the final Edict on the North.
- "At Any Cost" correctly updates if everyone at Jagged Maw Shrine is killed.
- Stonestalker Tribe no longer attacks the player during the Rite of Blood.

Gameplay Fixes:
- Weapons in the 3rd and 4th weapon slots (from the Bandoleer Player Talent) will no longer be removed when traveling.
- Bonuses applied by consumables will now consistently apply the correct bonus and respect their duration.
- Fixed an issue where corpses would appear in places that they could not be looted from.
- The Sunset Spire is now accessible in Act 3 even if the party did not go to Lethian's Crossing during Act 2.
- Re-entering Sentinel Stand Keep will always place the party at the correct entrance now.
- Companions left at the Spire will no longer gain stacks of Armor.
- Dead soldiers will not initiate dialog with player if they visit the "Oldwalls Breach" in Act 3.
- Fat Ulsten's corpse will no longer fade out, leaving it available to loot.
- Companions will no longer re-gain starting abilities that have been upgraded via other talents, this will also fix some issues of companions tracking talent points spent incorrectly.
- Companions can now be switched when at the Infirmary Spire Upgrade.
- The "Stand Together, Stand Tall" ability no longer disappears on level transition.
- The Spire Forge's upgrade UI now correctly displays damage types for thrown weapons, such as Lantry's Quill.
- Eb now falls over dead if the Fatebinder chooses to execute her at the end of Act 1.
- Progress bars at the Spire Forge upgrade should now progress correctly.

Programming fixes:
- Logging in to your Paradox account on Linux should now work as expected.
- The Reputation Menu Hotkey (R) can now be bound to a user defined key. This also addresses the issue of assigned 'R' to a different key, giving it two functionalities.

Text Fixes:
- Addressed multiple reputation changes whose reasons for change were not correctly displayed.
- Reputation Menu spacing updates correctly when changing languages for the first time.
- Many typos found by the community have been addressed throughout the game.
- Localized names for the Fragments of the Voices of Nerat have been updated.
- Localized names for all items created by Kenrick now display correctly in all languages.

Custom Banners (Windows):
Some players have noticed that their custom player portraits are not appearing in game after this patch. As part of this patch, we updated the windows file structure and changed the location these files must be in to appear in game. This change only affected the windows version of the game, Linux and Mac were unaffected.

Former Portrait Location: Tyranny\Tyranny_Data\data\art\gui\portraits
New Portrait Location: Tyranny\Data\data\art\gui\portraits?

If you move your Custom Portrait images to the new folder and relaunch the game, the portraits should appear again in game. We are sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.

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