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Warhammer: Mark of Chaos 14.11.2006

Патч 1,07 или Тактика не на словах!

Свершилось! На следующей недели выходит новый патч для стратегии Warhammer Mark Of Chaos который превнесет ТАКТИКУ в игру!!!
Вот список изменений, на инглише правда, но думаю все пойму (довольно просто):

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Patch 1.71 Release Notes

New Features
- Added new host options to multiplayer games:
Many new options are available for hosts of multiplayer games to allow for more customization in the game rules and types of battles. This was a highly requested feature and we agree it will make for some great multiplayer gaming.

- Friendly Fire
Possibly the most requested feature since the launch of Mark of Chaos, we now have a friendly fire option for multiplayer.

If enabled, Archers and Gunners will now cause damage to your own forces if they are in the target area. They will take damage proportionate to their distance from the center of the targeted enemy. Artillery and AOE magic spells will still cause damage to anything in the target area as before.

- No Hero
- No Siege
- No Mercenaries
Each of these options, if enabled, will omit these types of units from the army lists available for a multiplayer session. Custom armies will not be able to select these types of troops from the army editor in a game with these restrictions. Reinforcement battles will also omit these types of units from the reinforcement camps, thus they will not be available at all during a battle if restricted.

- No Items
Items like potions and magical equipment will not be made available to heroes before or during a battle if this restriction is enabled by the host.

- More units capture reinforcement and refill camps faster.
This was added so that more strategy is needed to capture and hold strategic points and reinforcements camps within battles. This makes it more difficult for single squads (like cavalry) to quickly capture resource points on a multiplayer map.

- Support for multiplayer clans.
Clan support is finally in: you can create, modify, promote/demote and track statistics for clans as well as individuals.

- Undo (right click) and reset options in the skill tree.
This is an option for both single and multiplayer, it allows a player to reassign points while in the skill tree for their hero. Once the skill tree is closed, the points spent cannot be undone.

- Ability to buy back items in shops that the player sold previously.
This makes buying and selling of items in the game more significant, you can repurchase sold items at a later time during the single player campaigns.

- Displaying cannon accuracy information.
Cannons can now level up and their accuracy will be improved with each new level. Accuracy information is displayed properly in the unit card info while in game and in the army creator prior to battle.

- Tooltips for all main menu buttons.
We added this to help clarify that there is a skirmish mode available in the game, accessible from the Multiplayer branch of the main menu.

- Enemy/Ally names are displayed in the army mouse-over tooltips.
For multiplayer games, this was needed to help differentiate friend from foe on mouseover.

- Custom Map Support:
Maps created by players can now be hosted more safely. You will see custom maps start showing up in the game lists for multiplayer now and if you have the map, you can play on it, if you do not have the map, the game will bring up a message to let you know that you need to go get this map before you can play on it.

- New Numbering System for Updates:
You will notice this is patch 1.71, we have modified the numbering system for patching and foreign builds to allow us to iterate more easily. The previous system was going to result in some very confusing numbering longterm, so patches and future builds of the game will follow the format of 1.71, 1.72 etc.


- Fixed a crash that occured when making a 4 player AI game custom setup on Internet.
- Fixed a bug where upgrades that are normally not available for certain units are purchasable at Reinforcement Camps.
- Fixed a bug where Level 1 Trolls purchased at Reinforcement Camps came out as Level 2.
- Fixed a bug that prevented melee units to attack moving enemy units properly.
- Fixed a bug where the resistance updates provided by certain items were not displayed properly.
- Fixed a bug where top-tier dueling skills did not function when used against an enemy hero in multiplayer.

Balance Changes
- Supernatural Resilience skill now decreases the attacker's chance to hit by 5% per level.
- Blessing of Asuryan spell - Mana cost decreased from 300 to 225, cooldown time decreased from 60 to 45 sec, lifetime increased from 20 to 30 sec, chance to hit increased from 15% to 20%, bonus per level decreased from 5% to +4%.
- Flames of the Phoenix spell - Chance to hit increased from 10% to 15%, duration decreased from 3 to 2 sec, bonus per level increased from 1 to 2 sec.
- Cloak of Warding now gives 10% shooting resist instead of 15%.
- Shield of Ptola now gives 10% shooting resist instead of 15%.
- Morrian Ring now gives 5% shooting resist instead of 10%.

Жду и надеюсь, что это правда!)) Да здраствует Warhammer!!!!!

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