Worms: Armageddon

Worms Armageddon: Cheatcodes(English)


You can actually edit all the missions, including the training ones !

All you have to do is to open the *.wma files in your \Data\Missions in WordPad and tada ! you can edit all that you want.

For example, edit the round time at the training missions so now I can get Gold Medal for free !!! (you also have to edit the option EndGameWhenTurnEnds or something like that)


Hidden Option Requirements

To reveal the hidden options, you must complete a set task; one for each option. To activate a hidden option once it has been revealed, go to the Weapons options screen or the Game options screen and click on the star.


Laser sight: Complete mission 4

Jetpack: Complete mission 8

Fast walk: Complete mission 13

Invisibility (only works in net games):

Complete mission 16

Low gravity: Complete mission 20

Super Banana Bomb upgrade:

Complete mission 33

Aqua Sheep upgrade: Get Gold on

super sheep racing training

Longbow upgrade: Get Gold on

Euthanasia training

Shotgun upgrade: Get Gold on Rifle

Range training

Grenade upgrade: Get Gold on



Blood: Get Gold on Basic Training

Sheep mode: Get Gold on Crazy

Crates training

Invincible worms: Get Elite ranking

on Deathmatch

Indestructible landscape: Complete

mission 25


To get the "Full Wormage" game setup, you must get a Gold medal (and in the case of Deathmatch mode) and Elite ranking in everything!

Complete the following missions to unlock these cheat options:

Mission 4 = laser

Mission 8 = jetpack

Mission 13 = fast walk

Mission 16 = invisibility in net games

Mission 20 = low gravity

Mission 25 = indestructible landscape

Mission 33 = Super Banana Bomb power up

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