A Year Of Rain


A Year Of Rain "OST"

Кол-во / длительность треков: 26 / 55:03


Трек лист:

01_House of Storm
02_Call of the Fox
03_Impending Danger
04_Prepare for War
05_Corruption of Power
06_Southern Shores
07_Thirsty Sands
08_Dune Wanderers
09_Hunt as One
10_The Long March
11_Far Fields
12_A Land Made of Bones
13_Echo Glades
14_A Short Respite
15_Remnant of the Past
17_The Pale Banner
18_Desiccated Forest
19_No Place for the Living
20_Dust Stalkers
21_Of Monsters & Men
22_Calm Before the Storm
23_Broken Bonds
24_From Death, Life
25_I'll Find You on the Other Side
26_Sergeant's Song

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