Clive Barker's Undying

Clive Barker's Undying "Открытый дом для изучения"


OPEN_HOUSE_v_0.3.4 - "Открытый дом для изучения" (Создан для переноса на UE4)

Может быть кому-то интересно просто поработать с ним в редакторе. Или перенести в UE4 (На новое поколение Unreal).


With great difficulty, I glued the whole lock together. The lock constantly couldn't be reunited and fell apart in the editor, but after many attempts I managed to restore it in the form in which it should have been (in theory).

Now we can go through it and understand how it works!

I also motivated myself to do this so that later it could be moved somewhere else (maybe to some game, like a mod for another game already).

I almost got rid of loading the screen. There will be almost no downloads, unlike the original. A lot of work has been done. However, I want to note that you can sometimes fly (error) to the map (only for one, but this does not always happen!). Therefore, there will be no obstacles for walking in it!

Just maybe someone is interested in just working with it in the editor.

Дома Локации Карты Здания
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