Crazy Machines 3


Crazy Machines 3 "Update 1.2.0, 1.2.6"

Here is our full changelog for version 1.2.0

new campaign "Mini Games" with 6 interactive levels including leaderboards and 18 new achievements
3 new interactive machine templates
23 new parts
20 new elements
2 new materials
1 new sky
2 new color filters
additional music
added keyboard shortcuts 1-6 for machine cameras
balancing: linear damper chip got an updated damping behaviour to be more effective when used on an element with active forces
bugfix: torque element is now applied correctly according to its current orientation
bugfix: fixed Part Editor grid shader transparency
bugfix: fixed manual machine camera field of view on different screen aspect ratios

Includes everything from 1.2.0 -> 1.2.6


Here is our full changelog for version 1.2.5

Improvement: glass rendering
Improvement: lit particle effects
Improvement: depth of field with transparent objects
Improvement: optimized rendering performance
Improvement: arrangement of workshop machines and parts in main menu optimized
Improvement: added new buttons in main menu to open list of best machines or newest machines or trending parts
Improvement: fancy new tile for minigames campaign
Bugfix: fixed the shortcut elimination in the machine 'There will be light'

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