Crusader Kings


Crusader Kings v1.02


---- Changes done to 1.02 -------------------------------------------------------------------------

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- Fixed all reported and reproducable crashes.
- Fixed a bug in the character pruner which caused the scenarios to not load anymore.
- Wars with oneself should no longer be around after inheritances.
- Mercenary defects should no longer crash, but work properly.
- Advances are now saved per regiment.
- Fixed some minor problems with the eu2 converter.
- Fixed bug that caused children to be born with no culture
- Fixed a few memory leaks that happened while playing. (Some very huge ones.)
- Fixed a bug where you could not create titles if they were entirely given out to vassals.
- Fixed a bug with attrition not being calculated on all troops in an area.
- Made a minor optimisation at the arrival of a new day.

- You can no longer grant duke and king titles to anyone without a current demesne.
- You can now only grant titles to your vassals and courtiers.
- Now only christians can be appointed as bishops from create bishopry.
- You now lose the piety given when revoking the title of a bishopry.
- Removed the old "lose 1 badboy every four years" code.
- Characters unfit for command will no longer be assigned regiments to lead
- Random Cousin's appearance now more random (no more Clones)
- Random Cousin's attributes now always quite low (beeing inherited by a random cousin should be penalized)
- Random Cousin's now start with a negative prestige (-50) (beeing inherited by a random cousin should be penalized)
- Random Cousin's now has a finished adult education (of a poor variant).
- Pope now never assign Bishops in orthodox bishopries
- Regiments with sizeThere is now less badboy from enforcing a claim through defensive war.
- Tweaked badboy regain from piety to dependent on difficulty settings and a new formula.
- Characters should no longer get opposite traits from events.
- Papalcontroller is now determined as intended.
- Fixed the effect of Royal Posts.
- Reduced supportcost of religious structures.

- Added a button to disband an entire army.
- Fixed the usurp tooltips order.
- Fixed the x100 in the supportable troops tooltip.
- Fixed the name error on the Grand Shipyard.
- The correct modified build time is now shown in tooltips for a building.
- Fixed a problem with tooltips leaking through in the province view when siege is going on.
- Fixed the leaking through tooltips in the grant-title interface.
- Sliders can no longer move outside legal position
- Religion is now always considered first for the shape of CoA, so christian rulers will never get other looks.

* AI
- AI is less likely to revoke titles now, and will not revoke titles of his sons just to give them back again.
- Mongols should now be a tad bit more on the offensive.

- Added a "type = combat" condition which is true if the character is CURRENTLY commanding a regiment in a battle.
- Added a "type = siege" condition which is true if the character is CURRENTLY commanding a regiment in a siege.
- Added a "type = ai" condition which is true if the character is part of an AI realm.
- Added "ruler_gold/ruler_prestige/ruler_piety" conditions to province events.
- Added a "type = ai" condition which is true if the province is part of an AI realm.
- Added difficulty & aggressiveness condition to all types of events.
- Added a "type = badboy value = VAL" condition for character events.

- Fixed a few balance bugs among the events.
- Added a set of events for bankruptcies.
- Fixed a problem which caused quite a few trait events to not trigger.
- Eventeffect peace now works (fixes 'heathens splintered events')
- Added a large amount of new possible dynasties.
- Revised logics for advance spreads quite alot.
- Added a large amount of battle/command related events.
- Armies created from events should now get correct leader.
- Added age restriction to females starting education (must now be 5 years old)
- Added max age restriction for starting an education (no new education after 15 years old)
- Removed max age cap to finishing education - all will now finish (eventually)
- Added difficulty setting modifiers to the early childhood death event
- Added difficulty setting modifiers to the regular death event
- Fixed broken death-->sainthood event to make it possible for it to trigger.
- Enemy claimholders should now actually get claims from the event.

* Changed the scenario start data to 25th december 1066 (the coronation of William the Bastard)
* Apulia
- Fixed the Hauteville families:
- Added the wives of Tancred
- Added a brother and nephew of the Guiscard, both named Serlo
- Corrected the Guiscard's wife and children
- Added Roger's wife/corrected children
- Added the Guiscard's sister, married to Richard of Aversa
- Added marriages for above
* Capua
- Fixed the Aversa dynasty of Capua:
- Added Richard of Aversa's son and wife
- Corrected his father and brother
- Removed a couple of redundant (dead) cousins.
- Added marriages for above
* Salerno
- Moved William of Principate and Roger to Apulia
- Added the Lombard prince Gisulf as brother of Sigelgaita, and their parents.
- Added marriages for above
- Changed election laws to semi-salic
* France:
- Rework entirely the vassality setup
- Added historically correct Counts for:
Evreux, Nevers & Auxerre, Forez, Bolougne
- Added ancestry, wives and children for the above
- Several minor data updates
- Changed Flanders to a Duchy
- Added the Duchy of Burgundy to France.
- New county of Bourbon, vassal of Duchy of Bourgogne
- Macon is now vassal of Bourgogne
- Count of Nevers is now vassal of Bourgogne
(remaining provinces in the Duchy remian part of the Empire as direct vassals of the King)
* Duchy of Anjou
- The Count of Anjou is now the Duke of Anjou
- New Count in Vendфme
- Touraine is now longer a bishopric. Corrected ruler
* Duchy of Poitiers-Aquitaine
- Poitiers is now the capital of Duchy of Poitiers-Aquitaine
- New county in Thouars
- Saintonge is now Poitiers's
- Corrected Angoulкme's ruler
- Albret is now Poitiers's
- Labourd is now Poitier's
- Corrected Bearn ruler
- Corrected Armagnac ruler
- Corrected Agen ruler
- New County in Pйrigord
- Auvergne is no longer a Duchy but a vassal county of Poitiers
- Corrected Limousin ruler
- Bourges is now a bishopric vassal of Poitiers
* Duchy of Toulouse
- Rouergue is now part of the demise of Duke of Toulouse
- Corrected Foix ruler
- Montpellier is now part of Carcassonne
- Corrected Carcassonne ruler
- Rouergue is now demesne of Duke of Toulouse
- Gйvaudan is now vassal of Toulouse
* Duchy of Champagne
- Chartres is now demesne of Champagne
- New county of Sens
- Reims is now a bishopric vassal of Champagne
- Vexin is now part of County of Amiens
- Corrected ruler of Amiens
- Corrected ruler of Vermandois
* Brittany:
- Made the Duke independent and the Count of Lйon his vassal.
- Added/updated the Counts of Rennes, Penthievre and Lйon
- Added ancestry, wives and children for the above where missing
* Germany
- Made Heinrich the Salian, Duke of Franconia, King of Germany, Italy and Burgundy
- Deleted the copies of him and family.
- Restructured the Duchies, so Germany now consits of the following Duchies
Upper Lorraine,Lower Lorraine, Saxony, Franconia, Swabia, Bavaria, Thuringia, Meissen
Brandenburg, Austria, Kдrnten, Verona, Milan, Provence
- Made the vassals for these Duchies more logical
- Added the Duchy of Tuscany to Germany
- Added Historically correct counts or Dukes (or expanded the existing families) for
Austria, Nurnberg, Kдrnten, Verona, Briesgau, Nordgau, Sundgau, Upper Lorraine
Tuscany, Verdun, Besancon, Geneva, Aargau, St Gallen, Bavaria, Pfalz, Laustiz
Wiemar, Meissen, Munster, Anhalt, Thuringia
* The Low Countries
- Holland and West Freisland now ruled by Bishop of Sticht
- Zeeland ruled by Dirk of Holland (dynasty moved to 79)
- Breda now ruled by duke of Lower Lorraine (county never existed but ownership can not clearly be given to surrounding rulers)
- Gent now ruled by Robert the Flanders
* Spain:
- Added the Kigndom of Galacia.
- Rewroked the Protugal set up.
- El Cid is now quite a bit better.
- Expanded characters.
* 1066 Bug Fixes:
- No more 0,0,0,0 characters.
- The children of the King of Denamrk now have the same Dynasty as their father.
- The child of the Duke of the Western Isles is now the same dynasty as his father.
- The Duke of Meissen is no Longer Swedish.
- Fixed the tags for the Duchy of Krakow.
- Removed the Duchy of Stiermark, solving that problem.
- Added hill forts to provinces which had small castles.
- The Duchy of Mar is one again creatable.

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