Dead Island Riptide Helper [Редактирование настроек]

Dead Island Riptide Helper это программа для редактирование настроек игры, без необходимости редактировать файлы.
История изменений:
Changelog – 1.4
Added: Disable sun shadows. Can significantly improve performance, but at the expense of removing almost all shadows.
Added: Boost NPC volume. Increases speech volume from 0.5 to 0.95.
Added: Rebind Charge key. By default this is “R”; using this option allows it to be rebound to any alphanumeric key.

Changelog – 1.31
Fixed: An issue with weapon refraction.

Changelog – 1.3
Added: Disable distant blur. Removes the blurring effect applied to distance objects and terrain.
Added: Disable dust clouds option.
Fixed: A bug with disabling weapon refraction that could cause a black screen when indoors.
Fixed: A few issues with the disable bloom option.

Changelog – 1.21
Added: Kill “Berkelium” background process. This is started automatically with Dead Island: Riptide; enabling this option terminates it as soon as it starts. This process can cause performance issues and terminating it seems to have no effect on the game.

Changelog – 1.2
Added: Disable event logging. Prevents writes to Dead Island: Riptide’s log folder, which can improve loading times.
Added: Rebind throw special. Operates the same way as other rebind options.
Added: Enable SMAA (Sub-pixel Morphological Anti-Aliasing). Requires administrative rights / elevated privileges if the game is installed in the Program Files directory or other protected system folder. Functionality is courtesy of Andrej Dudenhefner’s injectSMAA.

Changelog – 1.1
Fixed: An issue with the DWM black screen fix.
Added: Unbind mousewheel from weapon selection.
Added: Rebind firearm melee. Operates the same way as the rebind Use key option.

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