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Mount & Blade Warband ''Prophesy of Pendor 3.9.2 (RUS)"

Описание и инструкции

Для игры необходима Mount & Blade Warband 1.172

Установка: распаковать архив в папку Modules. Русификатор встроен в мод и не требует установки.

Сохранения с предыдущих версий не совместимы!

Идет 354 год от основания Пендора. Раздробленные земли Пендора не управлялись единоличным правителем уже несколько поколений. То, что когда-то было поводом для гордости, теперь погружено в мифы и рассказывается как детские сказки на ночь. Тем немее, жива надежда на исполнение пророчества. Пророчества о герое, который прибудет из-за моря и объединит лордов Пендора под одним правителем и снова принесет мир и процветание этой разрушенной, раздираемой войнами земле. Но все не так просто, как кажется, есть множество противоборствующих сил, преследующих свои цели в этом мире, и эпическое противостояние между ними вот-вот начнется.

Возьми свой и включи свое воображение, чтобы принять вызов пророчества, конечно же, если хватит смелости!

  • Хорошо продуманные культуры, армии и конфликты
  • Уникальная предыстория и расширенная система генерации персонажа
  • Легкий фэнтезийный сеттинг
  • Новый боевой ИИ
  • Расширенная и детализованная экономическая система
  • Глубокое погружение
  • Рыцарские ордена – готовые, динамические, кастомные
  • Минорные фракции со своими героями
  • Больше ивентов
  • Больше квестов
  • Динамическая система слухов
  • Увеличенное число компаньонов
  • Озвученные диалоги
  • Улучшенная система управления своим королевством
  • Множество новых и уникальных предметов экипировки
  • Расширенные условия победы
  • Модификация создана, чтобы бросить тебе вызов – подходит для опытных игроков
1. The "hold F1 flag" can't be used together with advanced formations (jkl; like shieldwall), otherwise selected soldiers MAY start to move backward to the edge of the map. With "advanced formations" use mini-map, "hold this position" and "advance/fall back ten paces" to move groups around. POP's default (build-in Warband's) formations work fine.
2. The new garrisons/prisoners hotkeys - on very very rare occasions, due to improper usage by players (e.g. tries to move stacks that consist 1 soldier), may produce unexplained errors. It have never happened in my or betatesters games, but 2 players somehow managed to break it. It may be due to old game engine.

1. NPCs' Custom Minor Orders
- expanded safety checks for armor pieces
- knights will be properly divided into infantry, archers and cavalry during order creation
2. Player's Custom Knighthood Order
-  accessing page or changing the order/knight/sergeant name won't reset knight's gender to male
- on rare occasions minimum upgrade cost (1k) and time (1 day) wasn't applied
- on rare occasions traveler asked for rumor and wanted to talk about hidden treasures, might replay in a not usual way
- rare random window's title when player use TAB during combat
- the option to increase morale at the tavern doesn't takes prisoners into account
- pretenders acting as kings won't offer to join player's faction
- player talks with Red Brotherhood's ransom broker -> he/she has troops to offer ->  he/she describes offer -> player access reports (by keys shortcuts or by clicking NPC picture) -> player switches between all tabs then return to the dialog window -> no options to choose from, no way to leave window except ALT+F4  
- passage hall -> courtyard in: Taloncrag Castle, Evasolde castle 
- Haringoth Castle siege AI
- Silveredge Keep wooden ramp between roof and tower
- Uhnun enemy's spawn point
- Singal added siege's chest
- cleaned "a bit" Elacrai siege scene
- Ravenstern ladder
- Jatu Mask Helm head clipping
- player sent companion for a RTR mission -> companion returns -> player has "rewards troops" in the party already -> "rewards troops" won't be added
- improved interaction between Kaverra and Vanskerries
- Stag Armour not showing in one of the POP's achievements - replaced with Fierdsvain Noble Surcoat
- when enemy decides to "sally out", all player's long ranged units will receive only up to 5 projectiles; before some items were omitted
- exploit: player besiege fief -> player's archers has no ammo left -> player falls in purpose to avoid standard retreat penalties -> player's archers replenish ammo -> player restarts siege -> ...
- after successful siege caravans, faction KO patrols and village patrols were not transferred to the player faction
- added Elacrai to the killcount exception list
- if "Horse Archers AI" is enabled to all and during the battle player gives order "follow me" or "hold position", horse archers won't move towards the map's edge
- corrected pop_standguard_long animation
- fixed rgl_log Sword_clash_26.flac, Sword_clash_27.flac, fl_pistol.WAV warnings / not playing on Linux systems (case sensitive)

- removed Sheriff's tree from the Others page
- player can specify titles of his/her noble vassals, both men and women 
- info about NPC's wealth, soldier fit and ideal army size won't be displayed for player and kingdoms ladies
- added "Fix POP" camp menu (cheats needs to be enabled):  "Fix '0 morale food' & 'negative enterprise income' & 'no CKO items'"
- added confirmation to the pre-battle "Surrender" option 
- Village Elder may sell up to 9 cows in one transaction 
- added option (with confirmation) to release all Noldor prisoners from player's party
3. Reduced chance (as compared to the 3.9.1 patch) to loot Gold Bar, Noldor Trade Goods and Various Loot (party looting skill 0-14 -> probability 2.7-15.2%, max 1 of each could be added)
4. NPC
- enabled "firearms" proficiency; both elixirs will raise it
- Donavan - increased "firearms" proficiency
- Quartermaster Kailin may have in stock two new items
- removed unnecessary items from stewards inventories
5. HERO NPCs (e.g. mercenary captains)
- will be spawned with full health 
- Kadan Bahadur Khan won't hire Sheik Shalavan as mercenary
- news that Inquisition armies arrived has different colour (green -> light gold)
- swapped map icons between Eyegrim and his patrols
- knighthood order:
-- Valkyries and Krakens - changed primary bounty enemies from "party template sea_raiders" to "faction vanskerry" in order to account raiding armies towards progress
-- if player is doing the order challenge quest, then rewards troops from companions' RTR missions won't join current (knights & sergeants) player's party straightaway (they will be added to the main forces).  
-- the bounty quest - "bounty points" given after each battle are proportional to the player contribution (party strength); bringing low number or/and quality units to aid strong friends in a fight will yield very few "bounty points" (minimum 1)
- rewards of the guildmaster's track down bandits quest are proportional to the player contribution (party strength) in the final battle (when targeted enemy is defeated; minimum 100 gold and 100 xp)
- "offer protection to Caravan Master" - increased gold and xp reward (min-max 5-1160 -> 60-2480) to be more in line with similar quest given by Guildmaster
7. Noldor gets similar bonus if player initiate or join fight against them and autoresolve
8. Character creation, "former knight" background - added the post 3.611 orders to the possible -5 starting relations with player
9. Infantry's idle stances should look a bit more natural
- put additional safety layer to the pay day routine
- Windholm: Unicorn Plate and Dragonspine Axe -> Kraken Shield and Trident
- there is a high chance (80%-85%) that items in chests will get random positive modifiers (when the new game is initialized) 

1. Barclay:
- renamed all units to follow original creators' design,
- ranged unit:
-- replaced Siege Crossbow with musket
-- replaced both Great Helms (closed) with  Steel Helms with Feathers (open)
2. Empire Crossbowman one Heavy Board Shield -> Board Shield
3. Veccavi Bloodsworn Guard and Knight Ornate Leather Boots -> Silver & Gold Greaves
4. Seeress get guaranteed "helmet"

- optimized and retextured: Phoenix Barbutte, Phoenix Knight Barbutte (added optional models with smaller plumage - doesn't restrict archers vision too much), both Adventurers Helmets
- 8 helmets which uses "rhodok_helmets" material (e.g. Barclay Great Helmet): reduced "bumpiness", metal matches better other commonly used iron armours
- Immortals received more unique helmet design
- added two Veccavian helmets
- added unique Seeress "helmet"
- new one for Veccavi Knight (called Veccavian Plate) 
- current Veccavian Plate renamed to the Witch Armor
- minor corrections to the female versions of Stag/Unicorn/Falcon Plate
- recoloured Immortal and Mortal armors, Mortal shield  
- redone both armors used by Barclay men
- changed colour of the Serpent Breastplate over Chainmail to be in line with other Snake equipment
- fixed Empire Great Sword's tip
- added "musket" (base on arquebus) and bullets (in a small bag), corresponding fire/reload/stance animations, way to unlock for CKO;

- Supreme Asp Helm body armour 0->2 value 9500->10000
- Asp Helm body armour 0->1
- changed modifiers of cloth/leather outfits to the more appropriate ones 

- Caba`drin "Custom Player Kingdom Vassal Titles" (adapted for POP)
- Llew "Flintlock Firearms OSP" (Arquebus mesh simplified for POP)
- Psiphoon "musket reload animation" (shortened for POP)

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