Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines "Фанатский патч улучшающий игру"

Описание и инструкции

Оригинальное название: Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines Unofficial Patch

Версия файла: 10.3

Фанатский патч для игры это - масштабный апдейт для Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines, который включает в себя множество исправлений. Вы можете выбрать разные комплекты исправлений для игры — базовый вариант устраняет ошибки и возвращает минимум контента, вырезанного из оригинала, а Plus добавляет множество нового. Новое обновление решило массу технических проблем — исправлены неполадки со звуком и музыкой. Кроме этого, авторы доработали диалоговые реплики и концовку Шабаша. 

Установка: запустите инсталлятор и следуйте его инструкциям, укажите путь к игре и выберите комплект исправлений.

Автор: Wesp5

Список изменений

  • Спойлер
    • Made magic projectile of fatguys do aggravated damage like Ming's.
    • +Corrected plus and basic Arthur lines and fixed Gimble phone bug.
    • +Added Unofficial Patch contributors to credits and restored basic.
    • +Fixed note in tattoo parlor and teleporting of Confession dancer.
    • +Removed Humanity gain of serial killer if you kill him afterwards.
    • +Swapped Colt Anaconda and Desert Eagle damage and added .38 kick.
    • +Improved Sabbat ending and choice dialogues, thanks burgermeister.
    • +Made Obfuscator appear after warehouse and adjusted maximal ammo.
    • Disabled plus lines of Bertram, Jack, Heather, Carson and LaCroix.
    • Erased Coffee Shop and Smoke Shop door handles from hub in basic.
    • Fixed Tommy fix and restored several weapons parameters for basic.
    • Removed seminude prostitute from SM again and from Chinatown too.
    • Restored beachhouse PC difficulty and locked Tung's tank in basic.
    • Improved elevator display and climbing back in vent at SM clinic.
    • Fixed map holes outside Ocean House and lowered ghost music there.
    • Corrected overlapping music and several portals at the warehouse.
    • Covered trigger texture inside Ocean House and removed a laughter.
    • Fixed warrens door, restored whispers and removed rats for basic.
    • Moved Club Confession's restroom and fixed cash register lighting.
    • Corrected Romero leaving and unlocked Red Spot backdoor in basic.
    • Fixed minor issue in hospital and removed cops on Dane screenshot.
    • Removed Larry's floats in basic patch and made them less in plus.
    • Unlocked junkyard kennels for basic and removed Sin Bin plus logs.
    • Fixed LOD effect in Chinatown hub and improved the Giovanni well.
    • Restored visibly vanishing Gary and removed zombie fleeing sounds.
    • Swapped blade and thrower and restored two ghouls to Hallowbrook.
    • Removed King's Way cat sounds and Blood Hunt heli sounds in basic.
    • Hid a wall hole during taxi ride and removed all special letters.
    • Corrected ModDev Guide detail and updated SDK, thanks to Psycho-A.
    • Restored basic dialogue popup and Ocean House Malkavian whispers.
    • Fixed a hitman problem and removed some unnecessary SM hub blocks.
    • Swapped pictures of restored Ocean House and Halloween newspaper.
    • Removed plus Hallowbrook sound and warehouse intro music in basic.
    • Fixed combat music on blood hunt map and duplicated Therese line.
    • Removed plus inspection in the Tattoo Shop and sound for clothing.
    • Corrected reel to reel at Grout's mansion and stuck museum guard.
    • Fixed distraction of Giovanni backdoor guard and minor map issues.
    • Restored three Heather lines, two Lily lines, and subtitle names.
    • Fixed hit blood spatters and thin bloods leaving beachhouse beach.
    • Repaired model, texture, sign and sound details, thanks Psycho-A.
    • Fixed wrong stalker voices and a dead NPC hearable at beach house.
    • Corrected payphone and Giovanni spirit models, thanks to DDLullu.
    • Repaired Venture Tower elevator, portals and Giovanni zombie trap.
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