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Патч The Guild 2 - Pirates of The European Seas v2.1


Патч-аддон. Добавляет новые квесты, а также исправляет кучу мелких ошибок, повышает стабильность.

Русификация патча The Guild 2 -Pirates of The European Seas v2.1

New Features:
Group Management
Use this measure to add a family member to a group, or to remove
one from the group.

Wearing Accessories
From now on you can wear jewellery and garments in order to
improve favour with other characters, analgous to 'Perfume'.
If a piece of jewellery or clothing is in a character's
inventory, it also appears in the character's measures list and
can be worn simply by clicking with the mouse.

Building: Wedding Chapel
Anyone who wants to get married can still do so quite publicly
on the street. But those for whom that is too public can choose
a ceremony in the wedding chapel. This takes longer and costs
money, but it is an unforgettable moment for the happy couple
and provides both with a wealth of experience.
In addition, an engagement ring to offer one's intended in a
courtship can be purchased from an orphan in the wedding chapel.
The engagement ring then produces great progress in the courting
You can also adopt orphans here, if you are already married.
For the latter measures, bear in mind that the orphans can only
be encountered during the day.

Building: Guild House
In the guild house, you can fulfill contracts for the guild,
which earns fame. The guild will either want to purchase special
items - for which you can purchase construction plans - or
offer a travelling job, during which a character spends some
time on a journey. For both types of contract, there is money
and a variable amount of fame to be earned. You can also purchase
an alderman's chain which works like high-quality jewellery for
its wearer. The favour bonus is further influenced by the guild
fame of the wearer, if a guild master or even alderman.

Guild Master
Every guild house names a guildmaster for each of the four
character classes: Patron, Tradesman, Scholar, and Rogue.
The election takes place between 5 and 6 AM starting in the
second round. You are automatically enroled for the election,
if you own a business in your character class. The selection
criteria for a guild master position are the number and level
of all of your businesses in the class, and the fame of the
character in the guild. Before a new selection takes place in
the subsequent round, every guild master receives one fame
Guild masters can purchase deliveries of raw materials from
cities which are not on the map. Guild masters pay a lower
price for alderman's chains and manufacturing instructions.

The alderman is the highest representative of the Hanseatic
League in a region. Thus, there can be only one alderman for
each map. All guild masters on the map who are at least
noted (level 2) and whose family is at least known (level 1)
are eleigible. The selection takes place between 12 noon and
1 PM starting in the third round.
Aldermen can use all of the measures of the guild master,
has more luck with deliveries of raw materials, and must pay
far less money for them. In addition, alderman's chins and
manufacturinginstructions cost them very little money.

View guild reputation
With this, you can view the fame of a character in the
local guild and the fame of the family in the Hanseatic
League. In addition, this is where you can learn if the
character is guild master or alderman.

Fame Character Family
unknown Level 0 0 0
known Level 1 1-5 1-20
noted Level 2 6-10 21-50
respected Level 3 11-15 51-100
sought-after Level 4 16-20 101-200
famous Level 5 21-? 201-?

When a married couple conceive a child - that is, not adopt -
1/4 of the parents' guild fame is passed on to the child.

Illnesses in the city
With this, you can view the illnesses in the city. The measure
appears in a hospital which you own, and lists the medicines
in the building's warehouse in addition to the cases of
illness in the city.

The New Maps:
- Duchy of Calenberg
- Hanover
- Shadows over Rabenstein (Duel map)

The Duel Map (Shadows over Rabenstein):
Here, two players can play against each other.
The following can be set with the difficulty level:
- Experience points at the start of the game
- Title at the start of the game
- Level of the residence at the start of the game
- Wealth at the start of the game


Fixed Bugs
- An error in group administration which could crash the game
in the network when a character was kidnapped has been fixed
- A variety of raw materials which are important for the products
of individual businesses are now generated in the marketplace
at the beginning of the game and during the game. As a result,
initial bottlenecks in the raw material supply should be minimised
- The selection of the difficulty level at the beginning of the game
now has more influence on the behaviour of the AI and the course
of the game
- In duels, there was a particle effect error which could end
the duel scene early under certain circumstances
- The wrong text appeared when a poisoned well was purified with
'Holy Water'
- The 'Notice Board' now distracts characters from their activities
less often
- It is no longer possible to interrupt important actions with the
measure 'Give cake'
- Characters listening to a fiery speech received the wrong tooltip
for the current measure
- The folder 'Shots' was not automatically created during installation
of the game, preventing screen shots from being taken from the
running game (Print key)
- The ability 'Peacemaker' has been integrated for Catholic churches
- The message 'You notice a lovely fragrance' no longer appears when
a character smells perfume and is influenced by it
- 'Perfume' only worked once on a character
- Building improvements which provide talent bonuseswere not affecting
employees who were hired after the improvement was added
- The measure 'Hold a feast' did not end correctly
- Not enough storage slots were available in levels 2 and 3 of the
- There were not enough storage slots in the higher alchemist levels
- In the tutorial, the wrong text was entered in the mission book
during repair
- If you wanted to threaten someone during a council meeting, the
wrong text could be displayed
- If the city increased a town level during a council meeting, the
town hall and everyone present could be blocked
- Robbers could extort protection money from watchtowers
- If a demand for protection money was rejected, buildings could not
be extorted for protection money again
- The measure 'Gain believers' had an error when handled by the AI
- You could no longer directly hire employees
- Pathfinding and collision problems in the following maps have been
fixed: Newark_small, Lyon, Lyon_3s, Hanse, and Northsea


Known Bugs
- No driver is displayed on some carts
- Some background noises on the maps are incorrect or do not play at
- Some characters sit next to chairs and benches
- Characters and carts merge with buildings and are thus difficult or
impossible to click with the mouse
- The wedding chapel does not have a symbol on the overview map
- The new maps do not have wild animals


Notes for Windows Vista Users
To run The Guild 2 v2.1, your computer should have 2 GB
of RAM. We recommend 3 GB of RAM.

Tests have shown that deactivating the Windows Vista user account
management can contribute to increased stability of The Guild 2
under Vista.
To do this, deactivate the user account management under
Control Panels\User Accounts\User Accounts before installing The Guild 2.

!!! This modification should only be performed by experienced users. !!!

Deactivating the User Account Control can make your computer more
susceptible to harmful software. JoWooD assumes no responsibility
or liability for problems or damages resulting from this.

Hints for Notebook Users
Please note that a fully DX9 graphics card with at least 128 MB of
video RAM is needed to run The Guild 2. Please bear in mind that
mobile solutions often do not offer the same performance as their
desktop versions. Because of the associated reduction of RAM and the
lower speed, shared memory systems are not suited for playing
The Guild 2.

Hints for multiplayer games
The version number of your copy of The Guild 2 will not change
after the installation of the patch. Therefore, before a
multi-player game, make sure that all players have installed the
patch, otherwise the game may suddenly crash. The same is true for
mods û only absolutely identical versions are suitable for
multi-player games.

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