Hunter: Call of the Wild "Update 1.1&1.11"

Update 1.11:
Crashfix for bringing up the scoreboard in multiplayer (affects specific languages)
Items are now unlocked when you exceed the requirements. Please be sure to obtain experience points for
your character / weapon level to update, so that the changes can take effect.

Update v1.1
Major fixes:

Added cool-down timer to animal warning calls
Animal warning call probability is now affected by animal difficulty
Adjusted how easily animals can hear you when walking through grass and bushes in Layton Lake District
Adjusted vegetation sound volumes in Layton Lake District
Reworked player progression - less cost and faster unlocks
Resolved issue with side mission Sommer #2

User Interface:
Fix for hunting stands that can’t be interacted with

Improved performance after tracking a large number of clues

Fix for multiplayer crashes related to Multiplayer menu

Minor fixes:

Fix for menu music not playing
Improved sound mix for UI
Improved sound mix for Black Bear
Improved sound mix for music in outposts
Added jumping sounds for player character

Improved animal spawn points to avoid tight positions for pathfinding
Fix for "Active Skill" tutorial would not play until restarting the game
Heart rate is now affected when jumping
Improved clue system for need zones
Added glint effect on collectables
Improvements to navigation mesh
Fix for female foxes awarding negative score
Fix for non-climbable ladders
Fix for HunterMate showing missions from the previously visited reserve

Fix for revolver exit animation
Fix for occasionally misaligned muzzle flash when using quickshot
Improved scope behaviour while aiming and walking
Improved Lever Action Rifle animations
Improved shotgun reload animation (displaying wrong bullet count)
Improved animations for compound bow
Fixed so that performing an action will never lock the player into place (firing,
aiming, reloading etc.)
Tweaked scatter for hipshot and fixed some issues with scatter in aim

User Interface:

Removed leaving reserve warning message after loading reserve
Fixed bug where attaching ammo would hide item details
Improving readability of codex pages, slow down scrolling text
Added game logo to main menu
Improved Key binding UI and fixed issue with double clicking
Removed “Reserve Selection” text
Added camera as bindable key
Added “Use Skill” as bindable key
Added numpad as bindable keys
Fix for audio clue HUD never being shown again after having it visible and entering the menu
Changing the “buy” button in the store to “owned” after purchase
Inventory updates quicker after making changes in the storage
Improved display of available amount of currency
Added warning prompt when starting a new game
Re-enabled HUD when using the camera
Fix for weapon rewards not showing
Improved Storage screen usability
Fixed “night time” in codex vs. mission conditions (night time starts at 19:00)
Artifacts are now added to the Codex page when picked up
Mouse sensitivity now works as intended
Toggling “Mission System” in settings now works as intended

Fix for network collectables competing with regular collectables
Disabled changing reserve in Multiplayer

Addressed memory leaks
Slightly improved performance of water reflections


Fix for appearing underwater when changing position (loading screen)
Multiple fixes regarding spawn point and camera sequences
Fix for critter related crash
Collision fixes in Layton Lake District
Missing shaders added
Various mission fixes
Crashfix when switching reserve
Various fixes for floating props
Crashfix when switching between single and multiplayer games
Improved string jump animations of animals
Removed breathing animation on dead animals
Various localization fixes
Improved water reflections
Fixed broken glint effect while it’s raining
Rain drops are now properly occluded by structures
Added particle effects while walking through foliage
Fix for animals running in place in certain animations
Fixed bug in volumetric fog that would cause it to be wrongly occluded by vegetation

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