Icewind Dale 2

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Great trainer!!!

Related with NWN:
In Icewind Dale 2 I found it is easy to beak 30lvl cap by means of hex-editing (simply finding the current level and exp.points and decreasing them) so you can multi-class in both(or more) classes to 30th lvl in each class respectivelly(but not higher) Can someone help me and point out to some trainer or where to edit my character so it can multiclass beyond 20th level in total For example Aribeth is at the end of single player mission 20lvl Paladin/16lvl Cleric. Is it possible for player character to reach sth like that. Tnx in advance

P.S. I would appreciate answers in English or if in Russian in latinic letters (i'm using pine on unix so cyrillic may look like jibberish(dunno if it has code page for it))