Neverwinter Nights


Neverwinter Nights 1.26


Новый патч для Neverwinter Nights под номером 1.26. Cсылка на него в самом низу.
Патчи с предыдущих версий вы можете взять тут.

Список изменений:
Fixed the AC application bug where AC changes through spells and feats weren't being applied, but were being removed. Please note: Stoneskin and Greater Stoneskin are not supposed to change your AC.

Fixed a crash using Direct Connect on LAN server page.

Fixed a GameSpy chat crash

Double-clicking in chat once again will start sending a private message.

Supressed a To Hit roll when casting healing spells. This To Hit roll was only for using healing to attack hostile undead.

Changed default chat mode to Talk.

Made a fix for barter panel text - some of it was not being clipped properly.

Fixed the history page so it will show servers on same IPs but different ports.

Fixed an issue with the save game screen and NWN module names not showing up as translated.

Fixed the player list multiple selection bug.

Fixed it so that campaign hints do not show up in user created modules.

Direct connecting as a DM now properly prompts for the DM password. The text was missing before.

Changed the default sort column on the Buddy List to server name instead of player name. This just looks better as it packs all offline servers together.

Fixed an display issue with connecting to a server loaded from a save game and displaying the wrong character information.

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При начале установеи патча 1-26 пишет unable locate game folder и выкидывает :(((