Neverwinter Nights

Neverwinter Nights Enhanced.Edition "update v1.76"

Патчик версии v1.76 для игры Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced.Edition v1.75

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced.Edition update v1.76

Client Changes


  • We added a new experimental full screen shader effect: Sharpen. It’s disabled by default, so you have to go into Options, Advanced Effects to try it out.
  • MacOS now defaults to “Desktop” style fullscreen mode (Borderless Fullscreen). This allows you to switch spaces. To make use of it on existing setups, set FullScreenDesktopMode=1 in nwn.ini.
  • The name generator tables for all races (including custom) are now configurable in racialtypes.2da.
  • We turned Depth Of Field off by default (only for new installs). This will be re-enabled once it works better in conversations.
  • The SSAO FBO has been updated to use 25% fewer GPU cycles.


  • We addressed one of the major crashes people were seeing on Intel GPUs. Matters should now be much improved for some players, however we are continuing to work on Intel-related issues.
  • The high contrast shader has been tweaked so that the fog colour is not impacted anymore.
  • Issues with playing Premium Modules in multiplayer have been addressed.
  • We fixed a resource management issue when entering areas; resulting in crashes on area load screens.
  • Loading save games now works with encrypted premium module saves.
  • We fixed where object visual transforms would not apply immediately when spawning or loading objects into an area.
  • Text bubbles now move alongside any applied visual transforms.
  • Some people were seeing “Could not translate address” when attempting to connect to servers, especially when attempting to connect via icon shortcuts. This has been fixed.
  • Area Transitions clickable state is now sent to clients indiscriminately, which previously resulted in them turning into the wrong colour, hiding them from DMs, and making transitioning harder.
  • We’re making it so that door boxes now again don’t have a highlight when mousing over them. (This was a very sneaky regression introduced by making the script call SetTransitionTarget work).
  • We fixed a crash when area of effect VFXes would attempt to animate in an area that was just unloaded on the client.
  • We fixed a game crash that happened in updating a creature without a valid animation base.
  • The chat window sizes now load properly for all users.
  • We allow server admins to disable relay functionality if they so desire. (nwnplayer.ini: “Network Relays Enabled”)
  • We fixed a game crash while updating the appearance of a creature without a valid body appearance.
  • The game client doesn’t hang or crash anymore when receiving a very large data packet; such as character files, area data, or DM palettes.
  • We fixed the game hanging or lagging when no audio device is available.
  • We fixed a crash when a dedicated server would save a game, where a logged-out player was in Defensive Stance mode.
  • We fixed a crash when exiting from a module with HAKs loaded.
  • The UI scale for Dialogues with scroll bars has been fixed.
  • We excluded localhost ( from ever being relayed in order to fix a confusing error message for users.

Content Creation Changes


  • Script Compiler: We now allow escaping backslashes (“\\”).
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