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Planescape: Torment 10.12.1999

Infinity Explorer

Удобный редактор ресурсов Planescape Torment и ещё нескольких игр на движке Infinity. Файл ReadMe:

Infinity Explorer 0.8pre


Written by Dmitry Jemerov <yole@yole.ru>

Homepage: infexp.sourceforge.net

Infinity Explorer is a game data browser for games built with the BioWare

Infinity Engine. It supports four games using that engine, namely

Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows

of Amn.

This release is the last version of Infinity Explorer to be ever released

by me. It is unfinished and untested, but it contains several new features

that I developed after the release of the version 0.75. The main reason for

this release is constant pinging by Jason Compton, so thank him if you

find it useful.

The current version of Infinity Explorer can display the following types of

game data:

* Dialogs (*.DLG);

* AI scripts (*.BSC);

* Static graphics (*.MOS, *.BMP);

* Animations (*.BAM);

* Area maps (*.MAP);

* Area contents (*.ARE);

* Text data files (*.INI, *.2DA, *.IDS);

* Creatures (*.CRE);

* Items (*.ITM);

* Spells (*.SPL);

* User interface screens (*.CHU);

* World maps (*.WMP);

* Store files (*.STO);

* Savegames;

* Planescape: Torment quests.

Infinity Explorer supports exporting graphics to the following formats:

* Windows Bitmap (*.BMP);

* Animated GIF (*.GIF);

* JPEG (*.JPG).

Infinity Explorer is written in Delphi 7 and distributed under GNU General

Public License. This means that the full source code of the program is

available for download.

The Infinity Engine File Format Hacking Project


by Eddy L O Jansson, Petr Zahradnik and Jed Wing is a great source of

information about the internals of Infinity Engine. Much of the information

I used when developing Infinity Explorer comes from that site.

What's New in Infinity Explorer 1.80


[+] Viewing saved games.

[+] Viewing spawn points in the area viewer.

[+] Viewing area variables in the area viewer.

[+] Viewing store files (*.sto).

[+] Viewing CRE files stored in the AREA files of saved games.

[+] Support for Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter.

[+] Support for Icewind Dale 2 (AREA, ITM, SPL, script files are

currently supported).

[+] Support for viewing external AREA, CHUI, WMAP and DLG files.

[+] Display of weapon proficiencies in the CRE viewer.

[+] Display of the character state flags, fatigue and intoxication

in the CRE viewer.

[+] Added support for a list of recent games in the "Open game"

dialog. Paths to games installed on the computer are automatically

added to the list.

[+] Infinity Explorer can now automatically load files that are

present in the override directory but not listed in CHITIN.KEY

when such files are referenced from other files. Such files

are commonly used in game mods.

[+] It is now possible to export characters from saved games to CRE


[+] Support for multiple world maps in the same game.

[+] StrRef's in dialog action and condition scripts are now

highlighted as links, and clicking them invokes the StrRef


[+] Display of weights, phrase and response indexes in the dialog


[-] Correct order of classes is shown for dual-class characters.

[-] The StrRef lookup dialog now correctly shows texts with lines

separated with LF characters.

[-] The "Save current file" action was sometimes enabled when there

was no actual current file, and invoking the action produced

unpredictable results.

[-] Search for code found the code only in one script file, and did

not process further occurrences. Now the search processes all

occurrences correctly.

[-] Hyperlinks in the last line of a script were not highlighted


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