Scarface: The World is Yours v1.2 AU


Патч версии 1.2 вносит в игру следующие изменения:

- Fixed a very rarely occurring bug where Tony cannot get into a vehicle after death reset.
- Fixed a DirectX resource crash bug that occurred with certain video card drivers.
- Fixed a bug that caused a decor item being held in the mansion to disappear.
- Fixed a bug where pressing 'X' during the tutorial could lock up the keyboard.
- Fixed Display Options not saving correctly.
- Fixed a soundcard crash on system without a compatible soundcard or DirectSound.
- Fixed a bug where Tony is stuck in a spin.
- Added additional safety checks for unknown controllers.
- Added an option to reset the controller back to the default configuration.

- Improved image streaming problems in the exotics menu.
- Sped up loading and saving of profiles.
- Changed default resolution to 800x600.

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