Star Wars Galaxies: Hints (English)


Never worry about cloning and insurance

Instead of cloning and insuring your Star Wars Galaxies items, do the following.

Hit the bank before you log out, and deposit everything in your inventory until you are down to your bare underwear. Exit your bank and type /logout. When you log on next time, you will be exactly where you were, with all your items in the bank. Do this every two times you get cloned (using the "new player exemption") and you will never lose an item.

144 hotkeys

The bar at the top is for your funciton keys. You can drag it open so you have 24 boxes instead of one. And whether you have 12 or 24 showing, you have six rows of these, which you can scroll through by pressing [Ctrl] + [Tab]. If you have multiple skill, set the special moves of each separate profession on its own bar. For example, if you have four professions, this will leave you with an extra two for the socials/emotes/macros.

Thought bubble

To make yourself think instead of talk, type /think . Your text will appear as a thought bubble instead of speech bubble.

Yelling and shouting

Type either /yell or /shout before what you want to say. It will be yelled or shouted, and can be heard by more people in the chat window (people that are farther away).

Tell command

You can communicate with anyone in Star Wars Galaxies game directly, no matter how far apart you are from them by typing /tell . Note: The part of the command does not have to be their complete name. You can use their first name or part of it. Note: This is also useful in determining if someone not on your friends list is logged on. Use /tell and the game will let you know if they are not logged in.

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