Stronghold 2


Патч Stronghold 2 v1.4+v1.4.1 (EN/EU)


Патч добавляет рендеринг теней в реальном времени, bloom, anti-aliasing (сглаживание) и анизотропную фильтрацию.

Stronghold 2 v1.4.1 fixes :

* Blank games and duplicate games no longer appear in the multiplayer lobby.
* Disbanded troops now appear from the playerтАЩs hovels. If no hovels are placed peasants will appear outside the keep.
* Troops placed in stockpiles can now be targeted by enemy players.
* Stone quarries can now be placed on both
Island Hopping and Rocky Island free build maps.
* A player can no longer open and close their gatehouse once it has been captured by the enemy.
* Sally ports now appear hidden to enemy players.
* Fixed issue when dismounting units so that the animation only plays once, preventing them from
crossing inaccessible terrain.
* Fixed issue so that the Lord can no longer attack buildings from a distance using the тАЬReturn to Civic DutiesтА� button in the keep interface panel.
* Archers can no longer use braziers when standing on level ground next to a wall with a brazier.
* Fixed issue with knights being unable to mount horse if
they moved while the horse was en route.
* Fixed issue in which wrong weapons were selected when going to the weapons panel in the market by clicking on the Armoury interface panel.
* Fixed issue in which monks would not go to the monastery when it was placed in certain rotations.
* Fixed a multiplayer issue in which turning off food consumption would cause the game to go out-of-sync.
* Fixed a multiplayer issue in which Herons could cause an out of sync.
* Great Britain map has been re-balanced.

Stronghold 2 v1.4 fixes :


* Various multiplayer gameplay optimizations
* Real-Time Shadows, Bloom, Anisotropic Filtering and Anti-aliasing implemented.
* Map transfer in multiplayer lobby implemented.

Game Balancing

* Fire ballistae no longer auto fire, and targets must be selected manually (does not apply to tower mounted ballistae)

Bug Fixes

* Fixed multiple troops pushing ladders off walls repeatedly.
* Fixed bug which allowed tower mounted siege equipment to be built whilst an enemy was in close proximity.
* Auto-scrolling chat in multiplayer game lobby now fixed.
* Fixed exploit where food could be sold repeatedly during periods of latency in multiplayer games.
* Various other bug and
crash fixes

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А где но-сд взять для 1.4.1? :-(


с размерчиком то подогрели вместо написанных 11 оказалось 124 метра


Ага там не 11 метров а 124


это с 1.4 -> 1.4.1 11метрова


И пофиг. Нужно скачать


из всех ссылок работает тока одна самая верхняя v1.4 (,


new dlalv 22.04.09 18:24 из всех ссылок работает тока одна самая верхняя v1.4 (, у меня все ссылки работают


Чё за вата?Я Русский живу в России,а это тупая программа тупит и базарит что только Русский чел может скачать.Кто нибудь подскажите что нужно сделать чтобы я смог скачать патч 1.4.1 .


у меня также, качай с неограниченой скоростью


а там носд в комплекте? там


у меня качает вроде неплохо. 34 кб/с но с размером кидают канешна