Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint "OST part 2"

Кол-во / длительность треков: 25 / 1:05:13

Качество: 44100Hz, 256Kbps, stereo

Композитор: Alain Johannes / Alessandro Cortini / Norm Block

Жанр: Electronica, Ethnic, Industrial

Трек лист:


26_Quantum Impact
27_Quiet Watchers
28_Raining Fire
29_Resist and Protect
31_Secrets of Golem Island
32_Sentinels on Patrol
33_Showdown at Howard Airfield
35_Splinter Hell
36_Standing Vigilant
37_Sunset in Liberty City
38_Terra Incognita
39_The Arrow
40_The Future Is Now
41_The Goliath
42_The Hunt Begins
43_The Long Road
44_The Promised Land
45_To Live Another Day
47_Walk with the Wolves
48_Whispers of the Silent Mountain
49_Winds in the Misty Ridge
50_Wonders of Auroa
51_World 20

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