Unreal II: The Awakening - FAQ/Walkthrough (English)


By Grant "Rampage" Newby


A. Introduction

B. Version History and Dates

C. Story

D. Main Characters

E. Weapons and How To Use Them

F. Bad Guys and How To Kill Them

G. Walkthrough

H. Cool Stuff

I. Shout Outs and Slag Offs

J. Contact Me (Please?)


A. Introduction


This is my first ever FAQ/Walkthrough and this is only because I bought this

game yesterday and finished it earlier today. Probably helps that over 36 hours

I have spent 18 hours playing it. And it's Good. Very Good. To put it simply,

this game rocks. It kicks ass. It is the Mutts Nuts, the Bee Knees and the

Skaarj's Fingernails. If you're reading this before you buy it, stop reading

and start spending. It'll be the best money you've ever spent. I Promise.


B. Version History and Dates


13/02/2003 03:32

V1.0. Started the Walkthrough at 3:15am. God I hate having insomnia. It sucks.

Did the layout and a few other bits and bobs, like this bit, and the

introduction. Got a load of pictures as well. Probably won't use them in this,

but they may end up on Unreal 2 HQ shortly. Check it out. Got as far as the

Alien Weapons section. Fell asleep about 6:30am. Rampage out.

13/02/2003 20:29

V1.01 What happened to TV? When did it all go so bad? Still, gives me a chance

to do some more on my Walkthrough. Finished off the Alien weapons section and

did the Bad Guys section. Going to start on the Walkthrough soon. Probably

later tonight. Rampage out.

14/02/2003 01:06

V1.02 I hate Dutch football (or Soccer, if you're American). Yes, I'm moaning

about TV again. Started on the Walkthrough. Did the Introduction level and the

first two proper levels, plus the first half of Hell. May do some more

tomorrow, unless C&C: Generals takes over my life. No guarantees. Rampage out.

21/02/2003 00:33

V1.03 Didn't get C&C Generals in the end, but found the joy of Morrowind

instead. Some serious hours are gonna go on that. Anyway, I'm still awake, and

chances are for the rest of the night. Managed to finish off Hell,

unfortunately I forgot to save it last time, and had to do the whole level

again. It was tiring but, still quite enjoyable. I just hate the damn spiders.

Rampage out.

21/02/2003 10:37

V1.04 I can't feel my face. This sucks. Wrote the guide for Acheron from

memory, as its one of my favourite levels. Might go and play the Severnaya

level now and possibly write it up afterwards. Depends if I can arsed or not.

Probably not. Rampage out.

22/02/2003 22:36

V1.05 Watching CSI and Law & Order. Excellent programming for a change. Luckily

I can pay attention and type at the same time. Wrote up the Sulferon level from

memory of

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