American McGee



This is by way of an easy entry to the game. Practise your movements and combat.

There are large red tongue-like things throughout the game, which seem harmless.

Alice is at the bottom of the shaft. Move forward into the village and approach a

few strange men with glowing crystals strapped to their backs. None of the house

doors will open. The Cheshire Cat tells you to 'ride the wind' so you run and

jump over the water through the Thermal, a rising air current, over to the next

man. If you need some height from a Thermal, just jump into it not through it.

Whenever you jump anywhere, the longer you keep the keys pressed the farther you

go. To jump up high and move forward, jump first for maximum height then hit the

W key. Continue along the tunnel and collect some META-ESSENCE (will be referred

to as 'ME') and the VORPAL-BLADE knife by walking right up to them. The Vorpal

Blade is the only weapon with no drain on your Will.

You will see the White Rabbit shrink and go through a small hole, but you don't

follow him, you can't. You are attacked by a CARD-GUARD (will be referred to as

a 'CG'). There are four types (suits) of CGs. The Clubs just have a Pike. The

Diamonds also have a long-range Card weapon. The Spades can throw Grenades. The

Hearts can throw Homing Grenades. Kill this one with a few swipes of the knife

and collect his ME. Continue into the tunnel and in the next chamber, keep to the

left path. The planks by the 'Buz Saw Mill' sign are for coming up if you fall.

Jump and climb up the wall in front of the house with the rotating steaming pipes

where the Cat appears, and jump over to the entrance to the 'Yur Mine' and enter.


Enter the chamber and walk out onto the wooden platform. You need to get to the

wooden walkway opposite with a small figure on it, over to the right. It's

possible to jump but why not practise your VINE swinging and climbing. The secret

is to jump at the vine and release the jump (space) key to make Alice grab the

vine. Climb with 'Enter', descend with 'F', swing with 'W' and 'S', jump

with 'Space'. Swing and jump over to the small figure of the old Gnome. He will

help you if you help him. Follow the tunnel, picking up any ME and Sanity lying

about, and take the lift to a cart-ride to the next chamber. Kill the CG and get

the ME and your new weapon, the CARDS.

Enter the door to the CG Compound and go up the stairs. Try out your new weapon

on the 3 CGs in the room at the top and get the Rough Diamond Key. Left-click

fires a single card or stream as long as its pressed, right-click fires a small

spreading salvo. Go up the stairs and through the door and the VORTEX Exit


You'll use a lot of these Vortex doors during the game. A Vortex you can enter is

a green colour. The other side, which you can't re-enter, is a reddish orange.

In the next chamber you must get to the other side and follow the Gnome through

the Vortex exit. You can practise your new combat weapon skills and your Vine

expertise, or you can just run for it. With a few careful jumps you should

sustain little damage. Don't stand still for too long, the CGs are experts with

the Card weapon.

You take an aircraft ride with the Gnome to the next part of the journey.


Fortress of Doors

You're on a ledge outside the walls. Turn round and around the corner is a CG.

Kill him and jump to the floating rocky islands to get the Large Will if you need

it. Come straight back to avoid missiles from the CG on the ramparts. Go back

round the corner (clockwise) and enter through a hole in the wall. Turn right and

follow the ledge to a doorway in the wall on your right. Don't bother trying to

get to the school building floating in the middle; it's locked.

You come into a small courtyard with some stairs opposite, leading to a broken

wooden floor and a zigzag walkway to a new Vortex door. In this courtyard you

will meet your first SCREAMING-BANSHEES (will be referred to as SBs, some people

call them BOOJUMS). These fly about screaming and are dangerous and hard to kill

at this stage in the game. They send shrieking blasts that can injure you and

knock you over an edge. The thrown knife works best. In this case it's best to

just run for the stairs and walkway, having saved first of course. As they hurl

their blasts, the floor gets more and more damaged, so it gets harder. There's a

large ME in an alcove to the left of where you come into the chamber.

If you fall through the holes in the floor, you will find yourself back at the

entry to the area. If you are killed by your enemies you will have to reload to

your last save. I call this restarting 'puzzle rules' as it seems to occur where

you are expected to fail many times, especially in puzzle areas.

Beyond the Wall

You enter a large complex stone courtyard, which is really just one large chamber

with thick stone wall piers jutting out into it. There are several CGs in here.

Don't fight them yet unless you're cornered, just run about to end up in the

centre by a raised block with a RAGEBOX on it. When you activate a Ragebox, Alice

becomes like a maniac with super strength and killing ability. It doesn't last

long so you want to get as many enemies around as you can before you activate it.

In this case kill 6 CGs. You can just run for the door but the CGs will still be

here later on.

Enter the large wooden door diagonally opposite the corner where you came in. You

go through several doors and come out onto a ledge with a whirlwind blowing all

sorts of debris about, including pieces of the floor. There are two fixed floor

pieces between your ledge and the distant Vortex, which is your way out.

Wait until the floor pieces make up a square extension to your ledge and quick-

save, then move forward to the left front edge. When two pieces have broken off

from behind you and made a platform, jump over to get to the first of the

islands. Repeat this to get to the second island. Repeat again to get to the

other side.

If you stand and watch the repeating pattern before you start, or on the islands,

it will help. Quick-save on each island. Puzzle rules apply. As you get to the

other side, 2 SBs appear behind you and follow you to the next area.

Save again, you have to fight and it's not easy. Run down the spiral stairs on

the left, and in the room below, go round to the right and shelter behind the

large pillar.

They attack one at a time. Use the throwing knife, and the closer the enemy, the

greater the damage. When they are dead you must use the levers to open some doors

in the castle opposite. There are 3 levers and the Cat says that the order is

critical. This works, right-left-centre. Pulling the single lever on the first

floor resets the lower floor levers if you got it wrong. When you do it

correctly, all the levers disappear and you see the doors open again. Go back up

to the first floor and start to cross the chequered floor to the castle opposite.

It automatically extends in front of you to get you over. You have to take care

of the 2 CGs first before you are free to enter. Inside is another CG, then you

can enter the Vortex door.

As you enter the next chamber, the floor breaks up and forms a floating moving

staircase of floor segments. Puzzle rules apply. It's fairly easy to jump from

piece to piece up to the next Vortex door. In the next chamber you find yourself

on the tops of the pier walls of the chamber with the Ragebox. The first problem

is that there are 2 SBs attacking you. Take them on and replenish with some ME on

the far wall. If you fall to the ground, you can get back up because the plinth

that the Ragebox was on is now a rising and lowering platform, but you may have

more enemies to deal with. There are 3 floating doors at the end of 3 walls. They

all seem to have a Vortex to the next area when they open.

Skool Daze

You are on the ramparts with the floating school inside. Kill the first CG at

long range and head for the second. Two SBs come to attack as well. If you are

short of ME, you can jump down over the wall to the left and pick up some at the

end of the ledge, if you didn't use it earlier. You can get back up by climbing

the rocks in the corner. You can stay and fight or you can run along the rampart

until you reach an open window in the school building on the left. Fighting from

the end turret helps. At the Cat's advice, climb onto the wall and jump over to

enter the window.

You are in the school. Ignore the harmless insane child and go through the large

door into the main hall. Don't fight the CGs, just run left to go into the large

door to the theatre where you meet the Gnome again. He tells you to go to the

library and consult the Book of Bizarre Things. Later you see him open the way in

for you.

Fight the 2 CGs who enter, or dodge them and run back to the main hall. Kill the

3 CGs if you can. Go left up the stairs and you should see a new weapon across a

gap on the landing. Use the fireplace to jump over to it and you have gained the

CROQUET MALLET, a powerful club with a good right-click long-range fiery-ball

device. Try it out.

On the right landing is the door to the Library. Go in and turn left. There's a

CG on your left. As you go into the main library, kill 3 more CGs. Go left in the

centre of the room to find a Magic Book that flies off. Then go back and turn

right to go up the spiral pillar staircase lift to the next floor. Go left to

find another Book. The Cat tells you to keep going up.

Don't fight any more CGs than you have to, there are a lot of them. Take the

right one of the two slopes and turn right at the top. Kill the CG and find

another Book. Take the large platform lift up again and after killing a CG find

one final Book. The Books form floating stepping stones to a large alcove. Save

first then try the steps to the final large Book of Bizarre Things, which you

climb over. Alice pushes the Book to the ground to open it. Go back down the new

book stairs, killing any CGs who attack, and go on down to read the opened Book

to find out which ingredients you need for the shrinking spell. You don't need to

remember them if you follow this walkthrough.

Skool's Out

As you enter another large hall, once again ignore the enemies and run left to

exit through a large door. Go down the stairs and use the Large ME under the

stairs if you need it. Run and jump over to the ledge with a new weapon for you;

the DEMON DICE. As soon as you have them you will be attacked by 2 SBs. Jump back

over to the stairs and when you are near the top use the dice on the SBs. Your

Green Demon should kill them for you. There's an element of luck, as with any

dice, it doesn't always work. Never use the dice when you're alone or the Demon

will attack you, though you can fight back. Your enemies can kill the Demon if

they're strong enough.

Go back through the door into the hall. There are several CGs and SBs and this is

another time to run and fight later. You can go right, to the 1st Grayd

Gymnasium, but why not have a look round and clear the enemies from some of the

upper rooms.

Go up the stairs and turn left, avoiding the CG, and enter the large doors.

Inside are 3 more CGs and perhaps a SB as well. Jump over them and run into the

2nd Grayd room at the far end. This is the Laboratory. Now you can turn and fight

them one at a time either through the doorway, or tempt them into the room, one

at a time.

When they're all dead go out of the room into the hallway and take either of the

two side-doors (they both go to the same place) to another hallway and kill 2

more CGs. Go into the 3d Grade Room at the end. Kill 2 more CGs.

If you missed the Mallet weapon before, here is another chance to pick it up or

boost your weapon and Will. Go through into the next room and kill 2 CGs and a

SB. You can't do any more here at the moment, but by all means have a good look

round. Note the poppy seeds.

Return to the ground floor in the main hall. The 3d Grayd room is at the top

landing with no stairs; the 2nd Grayd room is on the middle landing with the

stairs. You can fight the remaining CGs and SBs or run for the Gymnasium through

the doors marked 1st Grayd, with the hearts. Kill any CGs and operate the lever

in the alcove on the left. There's a large ME in the other one. Steps will unfold

from the wall-bars.

Go to the top of the left side of the steps, turn round, and jump onto the broken

beam. Walk along the beams, avoiding the swinging lights, to where the Gnome is

waiting. 3 SBs fly in, so use the Ragebox to see them off. You see the Gnome in

the Lab, so go back there, fighting or avoiding the 2 more SBs in the hall with

the stairs to the 2nd Grayd.

Two CGs are attacking the Gnome in the Lab, so take care of them. Take the flask

with the Jumbo Grow Potion from the cupboard and return to the 3d Grayd and the

Poppy Seeds. You will meet several CGs and SBs on the way, but by now you should

have developed a fighting and running strategy. Pour the Potion on the Poppy

Seeds and when the plant has grown, pick it and return once more to the Lab.

The Gnome makes your final Shrinking Potion and leaves you a Star Key to enter

the Observatory. Leave with both through the Vortex door to return to the first

of the large school halls with the central staircases. There are 2 CGs in the

hall. Go up the stairs, turning right to the Library. In the main library hall

you will fight 3 more SBs before using the spiral column lift back up to the next


This time take the left slope to the next floor up, dealing with several CGs on

the way. Turn left at the top of the slope and go through the doorway to a lift

which is operated by the Star Key. You enter the Observatory and have to kill

some more CGs before you can go up the broken stairs to the telescope platform.

You will see a cut-scene where Alice drinks the Potion, shrinks, and jumps

through a Vortex to the next area.


Pool of Tears

Alice is on a hillside with some small live mobile Boulders that are harmless

fun, try pushing them. You see a cut-scene of some large ants pushing a rock over

the cliff top and blocking a pathway through the cliff face; the only way is up.

Down the hillside, on the left by a notice warning of falling rocks, jump over to

the ledge and start up the slope. Jump over the gaps. Each time you see a short

scene of the ants pushing a rock over onto the path, you should have time to take

avoiding action, either by standing still or jumping back over the previous gap

or two. Use the quick-save frequently, after each success. Try to ignore the

HELICOPTER BEETLES (I will refer to them as HBs as they sound like helicopters)

they will only deplete your will. They drop bombs but they're only really

accurate when you stand still too long.

At the top there are three giant SOLDIER ANTS (I will refer to them as SAs) that

fire muskets, and will throw Alice high in the air if she gets too close. Some

SAs are more dangerous with better weapons, depending on rank. Use the long-range

Mallet weapon. Kill them and replenish your strength.

Follow the river upstream until you meet the Mock-Turtle. He tells you that if

you help him get his shell back from the Duchess, he will tell you where the

Caterpillar is, who will help you find the White Rabbit. He then jumps onto a

floating leaf and floats off downstream. Jump onto one of your own and follow


In the deeper water there are numerous savage fish, probably the SNARK, which

should be avoided if possible. If you stand about on the water's edge, they will

spit at you.You can easily kill the Snark with one swipe of the knife if you go

underwater, but there is a risk of drowning. Whenever Alice enters the water, the

weapon she's holding changes to the knife as that is all she can use. When she

gets out, it changes back to whatever she had before she went in.

Try and stay in the middle of the leaf, facing forward. You can be knocked off or

injured by sharp objects hanging over the water. Try to dodge them, but keep

the 'Walk' key pressed or you will fall off the leaf. The leaf will enter a small

pool with a medium ME over some low branches. As the leaf passes under the

branches, jump up, collecting the ME and land back on the leaf. As you approach

another stream, you see the Mock-Turtle and his leaf just ahead of you. You both

go over a small waterfall, so you should run and jump to land on his leaf with

him, otherwise you will end up in the water. You may have to try this several

times so save first. You continue on to another low branch with more ME; jump

again or you will be swept off. Try to ignore all attacks from SAs and HBs during

the trip, and save frequently.

If you do end up in the water, keep moving downstream and don't drown by keeping

the Jump key pressed. Climb out at the first bit of low bank and jump back onto a

passing leaf. There is some large ME on a bank to the right.

Eventually you will see the Mock-Turtle again, shortly before you have to grab a

hanging Vine as your leaf goes over a deadly waterfall. If you are in the water

at this point, keep to the left and climb out onto a rocky bank. This may be the

best tactic anyway. You can jump from here to the vine. Climb halfway up the Vine

and swing and jump to the path above the left bank.

Follow the path away from the river and you will see the Mock-Turtle leaving on

another leaf. Take the next one to appear and follow him over the waterfall.

Hollow Hideaway

You are on the right bank of a river. Follow it round the corner and kill the 2

SAs at long range with the Mallet and Fire-balls. Replenish with available ME.

Continue on the right bank to fight 2 more SAs. There are also HBs trying to bomb

you from time to time. Ignore them as long as you keep moving.

When you can't go any further, jump across to the far rock using the two

convenient lily pad leaves. If you fall into this water a giant Snark eats you,

every time.

Round the next corner, the only way to go is to walk out along the fallen branch

and step down onto yet another floating leaf. There are 3 hanging spikes to

avoid. Staying on the leaf, dodge right, then left, then right. The leaf comes in

close to the left bank where you jump back to dry land. Go left and use the lily

pad to jump over the gap.

There are several SAs up on the hill, as well as a Large ME under a large KILLER

MUSHROOM (will refer to these as KMs). It's a trap by a killer carnivorous fungus

with the power to draw Alice towards it if she gets too close, and it has a

poisonous spore cloud weapon. It's worth going up to it to see it eating her.

If you keep using a weapon while you are being eaten, you can kill it but with a

big cost in Sanity. If you want to kill it from a safe distance, you must first

activate it by going close, but its quick. If you jump about, you can get the ME

and get away again.

There are also giant ROSES that spit thorns like machine-gun bullets. Use the

Mallet fireballs.

Save, then go over the hill, to the right of where you jumped to the bank. After

killing 2 more SAs and another Rose, go to the water's edge and get on another

floating leaf and set off downstream again. After a short way you will see some

lily pads on the right. Use them to jump over to the bank, or you will end up in

a killer whirlpool.

Up the bank, which has torches on poles, there are 2 more SAs. As you approach

the house you meet a worker Frog who lets you in after a chat.

Just Desserts

This is the first 'Boss' fight. You enter a large kitchen with a central raised

and lidded well with a new weapon for you in the centre. Jump up and claim the

JACKBOMB weapon. Unfortunately this also brings the DUCHESS into the room.

She is a formidable opponent with a long-range Pepper weapon and an unfortunate

short range one; she eats you - but not all at once. Keep out of her way by

dodging around the central well and use long-range weapons. Replenish your

strength with the small MEs dotted round the room. I found that the new weapon

was more dangerous to me in the confined space, so I used the Mallet. The dice

wouldn't work here, even though the Pentagram would display.

When she is dead, she sneezes her head off, the Frog and the Mock-Turtle re-

appear and you end up jumping into the well.

Wholly Morel Ground

Follow the Mock-Turtle as though you were flying using the mouse and the 'AWD'

keys. Keep close behind him in the bubble stream to keep breathing. If you get

off course, it's not fatal, just catch up again. If you loose Sanity you can

replenish from ME on the way. The Mock-Turtle weaves about quite a bit to give

you time to deviate a little. Avoid the various traps, they are fairly obvious

but the slightest touch from falling boulders will kill you. Bubble jets can blow

you up against roof spikes. You may have to stop and kill some Snark, but there

is still time to catch up again. You can use the quick-save under-water. After

you've finished the level, try it again in God mode and explore the whole area to

see the treasures and some odd fish.


Dry Landing

You talk to the Mock-Turtle who makes you an honorary reptile, which means that

you can swim underwater a little better, but you can still drown. Try it out

later. All through this level you are bombed by the HBs again. They seem to come

in threes. If you have plenty of Will, try to shoot them down. It's easier to

just keep moving unless they are very close and you can get their ME when killed.

Two Mallet fireballs for each should do it.

Follow the path a short way and kill a SA. After a few seconds, another appears

on the far left bank. Kill him now at long range. Jump into the water and kill a

Snark with your knife, then jump onto the lily pad. Climb up the vine and jump to

the bank.

As you go round the next corner, kill the Rose on the far bank, then follow the

path behind the waterfall and up the bank and jump onto the Jump Mushroom. You

should end up on a vine but it's a bit unpredictable, so always save first. The

direction of the mushroom jump depends on which part of the curved surface you


Turn round and swing-jump over to the path with the White Rabbit. As he leaves,

follow him over the hill to a huge giant tree and jump over to the large flat

fungi with a vine on the other side. There is a SA on the far side of the chasm,

so try to kill him from here with the Cards before you swing over. Swing over and

proceed down the path, which has several Roses, SAs, and HBs of course. It pays

to pick up all the ME you can see, even if you have to climb for it.

Continue up over the hill and turn left. Kill the Rose and the far SA. If you now

use your Mallet anti-aircraft device on the HBs it will make life easier. Jump

down to the Rose's ledge then use a vine, or risk the Jump Mushrooms, to get to

the SA's ledge.

Go through a small opening to a new area with a vine and Jump Mushrooms. Climb

the vine and swing and jump, using the Mushroom, up to some high fungus ledges

with a Ragebox on top. You can use this to get through the next bit.

As soon as Alice is mad with Rage, turn and run and jump to the far fungus ledge

with some ME, then turn right and jump to the next ledge. Pick up the 2 small

Will and kill the SA. Without pausing, run along the path and kill the Rose and

another SA. When Alice is mad with Rage always get in close with hand weapons for

best results. Continue to a chasm with a bridge and Jump Mushrooms. The bridge

collapses before you can use it. Take out the HBs then use the Mushrooms to jump

to a small ledge to the right of the bigger one with a KM and a Rose, which you

can now kill.

The KM guards a Jackbomb weapon that you should get as a booster if you got it

earlier. It will also boost your Will. You can ignore it, if you prefer, and

climb the rock behind you to proceed along the path.

Over the next rise is a canyon with a vine. Swing over to the fungus ledge and

climb another vine. There is a SA waiting at the next ledge. Deal with him, then

go round the corner and take care of some more HBs. Don't fall in the rapids or

you will be swept downstream, over several waterfalls, and back to the pool at

the beginning of this level. If you do, there's a new Vortex behind the small

waterfall to get you back to the ledge with the SA.

Step left out from behind the rock and kill the Rose on the right bank, then jump

to the mid-stream rock, then jump to the right bank where the Rose was. Kill the

Rose on the left bank, then jump to two of the three rocks and then over to the

left bank. If you go further, a Snark will jump up and spit at you. Keep away

from the water's edge, and keep moving until you're at the end of the level.

Herbaceous Border

At the end of the cut-scene, the White Rabbit has been squashed underfoot by what

seems to be a skinny giant who later turns out to be the MAD HATTER (MH). The

Mock-Turtle and the Cat urge you to continue. You can shoot down the usual HBs,

and if you hang around and explore the dead-end right path, you will have to deal

with a SA and a lion-tailed whiskered SCORPION. These have a habit of burrowing

into the ground and re-appearing and they seem to have to be killed twice. Best

to take the left path, kill the Rose, and go down the rabbit-hole.

You come to the first cavern (A) with 2 Thermals over to the other side. Ignore

the SA high up on a ledge. If you fall into the acid lake, which all the caverns

have, jump out quickly onto the ledge and climb the vine. You come to a Y fork

junction. Save here and explore. Both tunnels lead to a complex of caverns with

bridges, thermals, vines, jump mushrooms, and lakes of acid at the bottom.

The left one leads to a cavern (B) with a bridge, which is immediately destroyed

by the MH stamping on the surface. Use the Jump Mushroom on the left to get up to

a higher bridge to a Mallet weapon. If you already have the weapon, these pickups

boost the weapon and your Will. Follow the tunnel through cavern (C) to the next

cavern (D). At the lake level in (B) is a large ledge with a KM. You can get back

up again. All caverns are well worth exploring, using everything, just for the

fun of it.

The right fork at the Y takes you to cavern (C) with a bridge leading to a

central island. There's 2 SAs who will keep shooting if you don't kill them. When

on the island the MH again destroys the bridges so you have to use the Jump

Mushroom up to a high ledge on the right, then jump down to the tunnel out.

While in cavern (C) if you get to the tunnel where the higher SA was, it leads

back to cavern (A) on the high ledge. The different exit tunnel from here to the

surface has a KM that you'll have to kill or sneak past. On the surface, if you

go to the right you will come back to the original rabbit-hole entrance.

When you get to cavern (D) go to the centre and use the thermal to get to the

first vine. Swing to the second and then swing to the ledges. The pickup beside

the Cat is a Cards weapon power-up. Take the tunnel back to the surface.

On the bottom of cavern (D) is another KM guarding some GRASSHOPPER TEA, the

speed and agility booster. Try it.

At the surface, after you get the Cards power-up, go left and after doing some

anti-aircraft shooting, jump to the vine and climb and swing to the fungus ledge

with the ME. Kill the Rose and the Scorpions and head along the path to another

rabbit-hole. Go down to end the level.

Rolling Stones

The HBs drop a huge stone ball into the tunnel behind you. There is nowhere to

hide so you must run down the tunnel. You can keep well ahead of it. When you

come to a cavern with Jump Mushrooms, jump to the one on the right and keep

moving and jumping to the other side. Carry straight on over the spindly bone

bridge and keep going.

Don't stop, the ball won't, until you have crossed an ice-covered lake. The ball

falls through the ice. Don't be tempted to dodge into the little alcove on the

left just before the lake, or you will have the problem of crossing the broken

ice. A little further on, a hole appears in the ground and, one way or another,

you fall through to the next level.

Icy Reception

Practise Alice's movements on the ice. Jumping, and running, ends in a slide

unless checked with a backwards or sideways step. Walking helps but many surfaces

have a chamfered sloping edge so she can slip off instead of stopping. Some

surfaces are only a little slippery and some are dry rock.

At the tunnel exit, go over the rocks on the right and jump to another tunnel

entrance. Stay on the lighter area near the edge or you will trigger another

rolling stone. From there walk back over the narrow pathway to collect the

ICEWAND weapon. It's possible to jump down to here, and back up. But why not

carry on down the path, jumping over the gap caused by the rock-fall, and jump

over to the right near the ME. Climb the slippery rocks, noting the ice encased

SA. At the top, jump back to the rocks where you started, and on to the second

tunnel entrance again.

There's a cut-scene showing another stone ball arriving, so run up the tunnel,

avoiding the falling rocks, and as you come to the exit go into a small alcove on

the left and let the ball pass. Kill the HBs and pick up the weapon booster on

the left.

Go round the path to the right until you can use the two Thermals to cross the


You find and talk to the CATERPILLAR who says that you must confront the

Centipede, in the Fungiferous Forest, and nibble his Mushroom of Life. Your

mission is to kill the Red Queen of Hearts to restore Wonderland. He creates a

Vortex for you.

Fungiferous Flora

You're in a cavern with many KMs. Behind the left pillar is a DARKENED LOOKING

GLASS that makes Alice invisible for about 15 seconds. Use it and run past all

the KMs and SAs and through the left side of a Snark filled pool under the rock

face on the left. You should have just enough time to get past the KM on the

other side, keeping well to the left. Kill the Rose and a Scorpion.

There's a Demon Dice power-up in a cave above the rocks on your right. The Dice

will now summon a bigger Demon but it uses up more Will. Your way is barred by

two more KMs that can be dispatched, with care, using the Jackbomb. Go down the


Jump down into the small chamber. In the next large one are several SAs and HBs.

If you keep back and throw in the Dice, you can watch the Demons wiping them out

for you. Anyway, you are captured and brought to fight the CENTIPEDE.

Centipede's Sanctum

The Mushroom of life is on the central rock. The Centipede is slow moving but

hard to kill. He spits green poisonous slime and small ant creatures that can

bite but are short lived and easy to kill with the knife. They won't follow you

onto the ledge that runs around the edge of the arena. They soon die and are a

source of short-lived ME.

Because the Centipede is so vicious you need full Sanity and Will when you start

the fight; best to bring it with you.

Keep as close to his front as you can. If you have your back to a high wall, he

comes in close to your front and doesn't use his long-range weapons. A good place

is against the wall under the entry tunnel. Your only problem is when he decides

to bite Alice, but it takes several bites to kill her.

Each time he rears up he exposes his only vulnerable spot, the sore-looking red

blob underneath, and for just a moment so don't waste energy. Use short blasts of

the Icewand, then when all the Will is gone throw the knife, or you can use only

the knife. It does work, if not the first time. Bombs are hopelessly inaccurate

and the Dice won't work. It is possible to recharge with the ME if you move fast

and dodge about.

When he's dead, the large stalactites in the roof fall down making rock steps up

to the central rock with the Mushroom. There's a Grasshopper Tea behind the big

rock in the middle of the outer lower ledge. If you haven't used it before, you

can also use this to jump up, on the side away from the Mushroom. Alice eats some

Mushroom and goes on to the next level.

Caterpillar's Plot (1st time)

The Cat tells you that there is only one path to the endgame. Kill the 3 red IMP

DEVILS (will be referred to as Imps) then make your way to the central rock with

the new weapon on top. It's the Jaberwock's EYESTAFF weapon, or to be more

precise a part of it. You see a portcullis lowered in the tunnel gateway. The

Imps are easily killed with short bursts of the Icewand at close range.

There are 4 ways out of this area. The far left one is the entrance to the

Jaberwock's Lair and is closed for now. The far right one is to the Majestic

Maze, which we will come back to later. You take the left one of the middle two,

to the Oracle. If you go close to the small lava pools, a LAVA MONSTER comes out

of each one. They're slow and easily killed with the Jackbomb or the Icewand.

There are also LAVA SNARK Fish in the rivers of lava, and they can spit fire at


Another new enemy, the GHOSTLY VAMPIRE (will be referred to as GVs) is waiting in

the tunnel. Throw in a Jackbomb when he appears, or get closer and use the

Icewand. As you exit the tunnel, kill an Imp and a SB, ignoring the 2 CGs over

the top, and turn left.

Kill 3 more SBs and listen to the ORACLE. It tells you that you have to kill the

Jaberwock and it can only be done with the complete Eyestaff.

Go back through the tunnel and turn left down the narrow path in the rocks,

killing 2 more SBs. You also kill your first CHESS PIECE, a red Pawn. There are a

number of them hopping about on a stepped path up. Short bursts of the Icewand

close in works very well on them. Don't let them get too close, they pack a nasty

kick, delivered with a little 'Eeek'. Kill the 2 CGs at the top. If you find this

tricky, there's a Darkened Looking Glass under the first steps. Look around the

nooks and crevices for some ME and Will power-ups. If you fall through any of the

deep holes, you're dead.

At the next area kill the first 2 red Pawns, then kill the CG above the wall on

your left and mop up any remaining Pawns before taking the Vortex exit.


Pale Realm

You're in a world of chess and chess pieces. Red are your enemies and you are an

honorary white so they are your friends. I found that the Icewand worked well on

all the pieces here if you stay close in. The combat is so easy that I'll ignore

it. Go over to the white Bishop who turns Alice into a Bishop to cross a puzzle

chessboard. It's pretty simple, just remember that a Bishop moves diagonally and

look ahead for the roof spikes and the floor holes.

In the Town Square head for the Town Hall steps. By the Town Hall locked doors,

take the larger side-doors near the barrels, take the lift up to the next floor

and go through the right door and along the veranda. Go slowly round the corner

and watch out for the Spike Trap. The spikes run diagonally and move down the

corridor in a sequence, so time it right and run through. Cross the footbridge

and turn right through the doors. Go up the steps, stopping to get the Cards

power-up, and through another door to a balcony with a lever. This opens a door

in the Town Square guarded by a white Rook (Castle). Jump back down and go

through it. Help the Rook fight off an attack and cross the bridge, noting the

waterwheel on the right. If you fall or jump into the water, you can jump out

opposite the wheel, by the bridge. Mop up all the opposition and the large doors

on the left, guarded by a white Knight, will open to another of those easy floor

puzzles. Remember a Knight moves 2 squares forward and 1 sideways.

Go up the steps and turn right to enter a small door. Go up the stairs to a room

with a Jackbomb power-up and a cracked wall behind the barrels. If you break the

wall you can jump to a difficult ME. If you don't, take the far door and you come

to a small tower room with another lever that starts the waterwheel and raises

the water level.

Go back down and jump into the water and climb out onto a small landing with a

small ME, at the far end away from the waterwheel. This was inaccessible before.

Go through the doors to end the level.


The combat using the Icewand is as easy as the previous level, so I'll ignore it.

In the large courtyard, go up the steps and through the large doors. You see the

White Queen being dragged off by a red piece raiding party. Enter and make your

way to the throne room and talk with the White King who gives you a Pawn. Follow

the left Rook and jump through the Vortex exit.

Checkmate in Red

You find yourself in what appears to be a red copy of the white town with the

canal and waterwheel, but there are no open doors. Jump over the left side of the

bridge and swim into an opening on the left with bubbles and MEs. Climb the rope

and make your way, through a room with a power-up, until you see a cut-scene of

the White Queen having her head cut off by the guillotine. Along the corridor and

after some steps and a door, you come to a square hole in the floor and jump


Cross the drawbridge to the chessboard courtyard and the RED KING, who is more of

a challenge so do a save as soon as you arrive. Keep moving but don't fall off.

When he is dead you see a cut-scene where Alice changes the Pawn she was given

into a new White Queen, but is knocked out by the Mad Hatter. You arrive at the

next level.

Mirror Image

Mirror Maze - The combat gets a bit harder again. You are in a crazy-house world

of corridors and huge mirrors. It's just a rectangular maze with some corners

made as tunnels to aid navigation. You start in a hallway with two raised alcoves

containing a Ragebox and some ME. You can climb and jump up using the angled

beams on the wall, but leave them for now unless you're desperate for a health

boost. You can start in either direction, as it's one complex circular route. As

you progress you will meet some ONE WHEELED ROBOTS (will refer to them as WRs)

who crash out through the mirror walls at certain points. Long range they throw

Homing Grenades that do a lot of damage. Try different weapons on them. I found

that the Jackbomb and the Demon Dice worked best, but even the knife will

eventually kill them. You also meet some GVs. Notice that the Dice, now three,

can now summon up a much bigger and nastier Demon, but not every time you try.

The bigger the Demon, the more Will it uses up.

After each successful kill, look in the space behind the broken mirror for ME,

and in one space you will find a new weapon, the JACKS. These turn out to be the

most effective weapon against most of the enemies, and for only a small drain on

your Will reserves. Try them out. They work best when the enemy is targeted.

Just keep going and kill off any enemies, it's not as extensive as it first

seems. If they gang up on you, and you can lead them back near the starting hall,

use the Ragebox. Then in one corner, halfway round the maze on the far side,

you'll see a clock mechanism behind a broken mirror. Jump through the works onto

a ledge with a wall-clock and a transparent wall. Break the wall-clock and you

can see, through the unbreakable transparent wall, a new round tunnel has

appeared. Get round there by jumping back and keep going left, then face the

tubular tunnel. If you haven't yet found the new Jacks weapon, turn round 180deg.

and the mirror at the far end has a WR and the Jacks.

Ignoring enemies, the shortest route to the clock is to leave the start in the

corridor on the Ragebox side of the hall. At the end turn right and go through

the tunnel. Go through another tunnel and ignoring the tunnel straight ahead,

turn right. The mirror with the clock mechanism behind it is the second on your


Jump over the gap into the tubular tunnel and kill the GV at the far end. Don't

walk out of the end just yet because the tunnel is rotating 90deg. to line up

with two new corridors which are part of the Asylum Maze.

The Asylum Maze - Whichever way you go in, you enter one of the two corridors

with padded cells, each with two inmates, a ventilator, and a clock. One cell in

one of the corridors has a broken ventilator and broken clock! High on the

corridor walls you will see some white lamps that turn out to be new enemies, the

SPIDERS. They bite and fire a hazy web that confuses their prey. When you reach a

certain place in the corridor they come down, several at a time, to attack you.

Keep moving and jumping to avoid them, you can even take refuge in a cell but

they will follow you but it keeps them away from your back. The Icewand and the

Jacks work well. Get rid of them all. Through the doors at the end you will meet

another SB and plenty of his pals, as well as some more GVs. Save here.

Outside, you have to make your way over tilting floor sections to a room and

doors at the top. Some sections have a sideways tilt and some are fore-and-aft.

The secret is to try to stay near the axle, if you get well off-centre the tilt

can throw you off. Jumping helps by keeping your weight off the floor. It's made

worse by the numerous enemies. I found it best to keep moving until I was on a

small fixed section, then fight with the Jacks at close range. Use the tilt of

the floor to get you up to the top room opposite the tower room where several

inmates are roaming about. Only quick-save when you know that you are safe for a

few minutes. The top room is a padded cell with an open door and a broken clock!

The top room seems to serve no real purpose, but it's a refuge and a clue!

You can jump from here to the roof of the tower to get the Ragebox or the large

ME, using the floating roman numerals, but you don't have to. When you use the

other corridor, you find the same layout but the mirror image.

At the end of the last tilting section is a large door and inside is another, but

it's locked. You may notice that the ventilation pipes come through the walls

near this last door! It's the same whichever way you come, just a different door.

Go back and jump down to the corridors again. In one of the corridors is the cell

with the broken clock but now the door is open! It's trying to tell you

something. In the last level, the way out was revealed by breaking a clock so

this is the same. Go into each cell in both corridors and break the clocks. One

or two well-aimed Cards will do it. When all the clocks are broken, you see the

locked doors opening so get back up there. There will be some more enemies about.

The Windy Chamber - This chamber has a raised walkway above an acid pool where

survival time is short but you can get back up using some vines. There are strong

draughts, from the breathing of three huge mechanical faces that will suck you

over the edge, so be prepared and watch the mouths. Kill the WR in the centre and

the SB who comes to help him and walk down the narrow path beside the three

swinging cylinder sections. You have to use these to get across.

On the far side is a WR who hasn't seen you yet. If he does he will throw homing

grenades and life becomes difficult. Kill him at long range, or to get his full

ME jump over to the third cylinder and throw the Jacks. Jump quickly over to

where he was standing, then go down the path to the door.

Inside, you go straight into a battle with TWEEDLE-DUM and TWEEDLE-DEE so save

before you enter. If injured they split up into many smaller versions of

themselves. I found it easiest with the alternative Jackbomb, but keep moving.

Afterwards Alice talks to the Mad Hatter and the level ends.


Crazed Clockwork

Go through the doorway and kill the SB with the Jacks as usual. Ignore the large

clock and jump over to the door on the right. If you fall, puzzle rules apply,

but not everywhere in this level. There's a lot of acid about. There's also a lot

of Spiders that are easily killed with the Icewand but it uses a lot of Will so

keep it topped up.

Go down the steps to a tower with two corridors to two levers; pull them both.

They open a door and bring a rotating gear wheel into the centre of the tower.

Use this to get across the gap and jump over to the alcove with the ME. Go

through the door and up the steps to a doorway. There's a Grasshopper Tea under

the stairs but you don't really need to use it.

There are stepping-stones, but some are just floating and will sink into the

acid. The Cat tells you to look in the mirror, which helps. Use the footprints to

jump carefully and pull the lever, then jump to the far door which will close

behind you.

All the doors are locked but if you go left, all the way along the corridor,

there's a room with a hole in the floor. Jump down through it, and go through the

door into the Mad Hatter's experimental laboratory. You meet the March Hare and

the Dormouse but you can't help them so just pull the lever. You see a cut-scene

where the barred way up again is opened, and the Mad Hatter opens the door with

the outsize key. Get up there, killing some WRs, and through that door.

Take the steps down and up to a door to a room, and talk with the Gryphon in a

cage. Go back out and take the steps to the right door. This door only opens

after you talk to the Gryphon. There are several Spiders but you shouldn't need

the Ragebox opposite the Gryphon's door. Cross the bridge and enter the Vortex.

You find yourself on the Tea Party table with 4 large cups. Each cup has a sugar

lump floating in the hot tea, which is like acid. You have to climb up, or bounce

on the chairs, and jump onto the sugar lumps to sink them. When you have done

them all, the clock at the other end of the table opens as you approach to reveal

the Vortex exit.

The cups are guarded by Spiders on the chairbacks, but you can easily kill them

from below. Stay close to the cups and the Spiders don't come down, so just throw

the knife or the Jacks until they're dead. You are now in the clock's works

again. Pull the lever to make the time 6 o'clock and take the next Vortex out.

About Face

Cross the bridge to another 'Boss' fight arena where you can fall over the edge

and die. Note the clock that keeps chiming. Save first. When you pick up the 3d

piece of the Eyestaff, the Mad Hatter jumps down from above the entrance. Several

weapons work well so try them out, but above all keep moving; sideways is best

but don't fall off. There seems to be several rounds to this fight, timed by the

chimes of the clock. When the MH has had enough, 2 WRs take over, so kill them or

avoid them until the end of their round. This alternates until the MH blows his

own head off as he dies.

When all are dead, use the clock weights to ride up and pick up the DEADTIME

WATCH. This can freeze all movement except Alice for about 15 seconds, but it can

only be used once per level. There's a large ME on an outside ledge through

either small doors. Exit via the Vortex Portal. The Gryphon is released and vows

to help.


Burning Curiosity

The Gryphon gives you a lift to the Jaberwock's Lair. There's a lot more lava

with Lava Snark spitting lava at you if you get close. It sets Alice on fire and

costs much Sanity as well as knocking her off balance while jumping.

Kill about 6 Imps with the Icewand, they're so easy that I won't mention them

again. They're only a problem because when you stop to kill them you are

vulnerable to a Snark attack. Jump across the rocks in the lava and go up the

rocky path on the far side. At the top you meet 2 JABBER SPAWN (will refer to

them as JSs); they are the Jaberwock's helpers. They are easily killed with the

Jacks or the Jackbomb. You shouldn't need the Ragebox on the far rock. Try out

the new Deadtime Watch somewhere on this level, but you can only use it once each

level. It stops all movement except Alice.

Go down the slope into the cave and kill 2 SBs before crossing some lava and

climbing up to a small cave on the right with 2 more JSs. Ignore the 3 ME on the

right hand wall, you'll end up in the lava. It's now a jumping exercise, so save


Climb over the rocks and jump to the left side, then jump back over to the right

to get the Jacks Weapon power-up, and don't dawdle or the Lava Snark will get

you. Immediately turn and jump over the rocks to the end of this broken path and

climb up.

Continue along the lava river, using the rocks to get from bank to bank to make

progress. Save often as the Snark is deadly accurate with it's spitting.

Halfway along this section there is a JS firing at you from the left bank. At the

end of the river, on the right, is a cave entrance, guarded by 2 SBs and a GV.

You can ignore the Ragebox over to the left. Enter the cave and talk to the

Oracle again, who turns out to be the Caterpillar. Alice starts to understand why

she is there, and why she must kill the Jaberwock and the Queen of Hearts.

Climb up the rocky cliff, following the route shown by the MEs. At the top you

see another lava-dominated area. Save.

You can go left, but all that's there is a large ME and a JS, so go right. Jump

across and climb the rock straight in front, then come back down and start rock

jumping again, making your way along the lava river as before.

At the end, climb the rock ledges - first on the right then jumping over to the

left - until you are just below the top with the building and a JS, which you can

kill before you climb up. There are 2 more JS round the corner. Enter Alice's

burning house.

Jaberwock's Lair

The JABERWOCK taunts Alice then tries to kill her. It's another 'Boss' fight.

The only weapon that can kill it is the Eyestaff, but it is still not complete as

it's missing the all-important Eye. So you can't kill it, but as the fight gets

underway several JSs come to help, and you can kill them quite easily, with the

Jacks for example.

When they're dead the battle is over and the Jaberwock escapes, but not before

the Gryphon tears out one of its eyes to complete the Eyestaff. Pick it up to end

the level.

Caterpillars Plot (2nd time)

You're outside the barred entrance to the Jaberwock's Lair. Round to the left is

HUMPTY DUMPTY sitting on a wall, or a rock. He doesn't say or do much except

point to a protruding stone in the wall on his left. Pushing it in opens a gap in

the wall down by the blocked tunnel to the Oracle's cave. It's the doorway to

pick up the BLUNDERBUSS weapon. It is your most powerful weapon but as it uses

the full Will reservoir, it should only be used in emergency.

As you go over to the last remaining passage from this area, the Majestic Maze,

you may have to fight some more GVs and another Lava Monster. There are the usual

SBs and CGs in the passage. There are more Spades and Hearts CGs from now on so

they get more of a challenge. When you get to the blank wall at the end, break it

open with the Eyestaff. You need a lot of Will.


This section consists of three easy mazes, each leading to a tricky tower.

Majestic Maze

You are entering a small maze of hedges, walls and tunnels, with lots of CGs,

JSs, GVs, and SBs. It's just a matter of working your way through and killing all

in your way. Save after each successful kill. If you repeat any part of the

route, the enemies will re-spawn each time. This is the shortest route but not

the only one.

Turn left and follow the path up the slope killing the 2 CGs. At the next T-

junction, go right and kill the JS and 2 CGs. Continue to the T-junction just

after a Ragebox. Use it to help you kill a JS, 2 GVs, and a SB. Go left here down

to a tunnel entrance.

In the tunnel you must kill 6 CGs. As long as you take them on 1 or 2 at a time

and replenish with their ME it's not too bad. Don't go left in the tunnel, go

straight on turning left at the end and down the slope to fight 2 JSs. After

leaving the tunnel you come to another T-junction with a Vortex Portal, but this

is for coming out, not entering. Kill the SB and the GV and turn left. At the

next left turn there are 3 CGs and a JS.

You go through a short tunnel and have a tough fight with 4 CGs and 4 SBs. Then

go through the next tunnel entrance to an open gate that closes when a child

steps off the plinth he was standing on and runs into a Vortex on the right.

Don't follow him or you will come out of the Vortex that we saw earlier, and have

to fight lots of enemies all over again.

Stand on the plinth and you see the gates open. As you get off to go through,

they shut again. Time to use the Deadtime Watch to prevent movement while you are

standing on the plinth with the gates open, then you can walk through to the

first tower.

Airborne Terror

You're inside the first tower. This is an exercise in riding Thermals. Keep Alice

centred in the Thermals with the A,W,S,D keys or she will float out and fall to

her death in the lava below. It helps to adjust your viewing angle so that you

are looking down on Alice a little more. No sooner do you start, than you keep

getting attacked by SBs, luckily only while you are on the wooden walkways.

Jump across two gaps to the walkway that winds up the wall to near the top.

Resist the urge to go over to the Vortex, it's not your way out, it's your entry

portal. Instead you must work your way along the row of Thermals on your right

stretching across the tower and going round to the left. Look out for the Stone

Faces, on the left wall, that blow at intervals and will send you into the lava.

Just pause and hover to let them blow first then continue. Just go slowly and


At the other side, go up to the top and repeat the whole thing again with a new

line of Thermals, but this time the blowing comes from the right wall. On the far

side is the Vortex to end the level.

Mystifying Madness

This is another hedge, wall, and tunnel maze. This time it consists of three

levels, one above the other. The lower one is mostly water-filled tunnels. The

upper one is on the tops of the hedges and walls. The combat is the same as in

the previous hedge maze.

Go up the steps and turn right at the T-junction. Fight your way into the tunnels

until you come to a larger space with 2 JSs and an open grate in the ground.

Inside is water.

Alice needs air fairly regularly to keep breathing, so keep moving only pausing

to kill any Snark with a single swipe with the knife. If she badly needs health,

she can come back for the ME. She has to find bubbles of air, or a spot with a

breathable surface.

With your back to the way you came in, jump into the water. Descend to the bottom

and go straight ahead into a rocky tunnel with some bubbles, not into the round

pipe. Go on again to some bigger bubbles near a white diamond lantern and enter a

crevice on the bottom. Continue to a large pool area with rocks and a beach with

5 MEs behind a large rock on the right. Jump out.

Any time when Alice is near water and you see a Snark jump, or even if you see

the target rings in the water, throw the Jacks; they usually kill it.

While you're in the water, you may see an entrance to a tunnel, but avoid it for

now, it's blocked further along inside.

Clamber up the rocks and jump over the water to the rocks on the right with the

large ME at the back. At this range you shouldn't alarm the CGs on the far side.

When they walk off down a tunnel, jump over onto the platform. Kill the CGs and

pull the lever at the end of their tunnel. This opens the tunnel below, but also

cuts off your return and releases 2 WRs. Go back and turn into another tunnel to

a chamber with 2 CGs and a spiral metal staircase. Make your way up, all the way

back to the underground pool area and enter the now-open tunnel under the


Kill some Snark and use the bubbles to get to the open grate and the large ME.

Swim upwards to come out at the top of the three levels.

At the T-junction, kill the enemies on the right but go to the left. If you keep

going to the left you will find another Darkened Looking Glass. With Alice now

invisible, run back keeping left again, across a small stone bridge, to a gate

with a lever. When you pull the lever you can see the open Vortex on the level

below. You will have to jump down to get to it, but not here as this gate is

still locked.

If you jump down round the corner by the lever, go right, right again, then left.

You may have to fight some more enemies to get there, or you could consider using

the Watch.

Water logged

You're in the second tower, which is a water tower. The green liquid is harmless

water but there are still lots of Snark in it. You need to swim quite a lot, so

kill all the Snark in each area before you explore.

The large tub things are the ends of water pipes, which are remotely opened by

swing-like platform switches that Alice must stand on. This raises the water

level each time and the pipe ends are kept open by the floats attached to the

lids. The pipes provide the route onwards.

From the start, turn right and walk into a second area through the passage. Get

into the water and swim to the far end and under a low arch on the left and

surface by the first platform switch. The water rises bringing more Snark.

Return to the first area and swim into the opened pipe, through the holes in the

mesh layers, and along the tunnel. At the T-junction, turn right to get some air

bubbles. Go towards the fan, keeping well away from it, and turn left. You come

out above the entry Vortex near the second platform switch. Stand on it and fight

some more Snark.

Swim to the now open pipe at the far end and swim in. This one is longer so stop

at each set of bubbles. At the T-junction turn right for a breather. There are 3

strong fans, one below, one on the right, and one straight ahead, so swim near

the roof and to the left. Around the corner, go straight on and down for another
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